Thread: Replacing Weed with Nicotine (Sharing my Perspective)

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    Replacing Weed with Nicotine (Sharing my Perspective) 
    Hi guys, just felt like sharing my thoughts on the topic. So I haven?t smoked weed in about three months, and because of that I?ve been having a hard time coping without it. I can?t smoke because ky job is gonna drug test everyone soon, and idk if they?re going to continue it forever. If so I may have to quit. But now I?m really finding it difficult to fill the gap, and I have a bad habit of not doing smart healthy things like working out instead. I?d rather play video games, get some jimmy Johns, and drink three or four natty ice all night. I recently decided I shouldn?t drink as much as I do, so my girlfriend and I got a Vape together, 3mg. I did that so I can still enjoy the feeling of smoking without having to smoke weed (or much worse cigarettes). I think it?s been helping a lot in that regard, but I?m confident I?m already addicted and it?s gonna be a bitch to quit. I have heard of this ?herbal blend? called Bear Blend, which I?m kinda interested in getting.
    So what?s your guys? perspective? Does anybody else here have a hard time quitting weed? If so, what did you do to cope?
    thanks guys!
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    I don't smoke weed but i used to work with lads who smoked all day every day and a few switched over to tobacco and quit a few tried and failed a few managed to quit altogether at least in work. should note they all smoked european style with Weed+tobacco in their joints.
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    Yes my mate did this to get off all drugs in prison he said the head rush from allowed him to get sleep and not think about other drugs or if that makes sense?
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    I'm not going to attempt to quit smoking weed, since it gives me many medical benefits (and its prescribed), but I quite frequently run out of weed without having been smart enough to order my next monthly purchase. On those days when I have no weed, I'll use my prescription benzo's to avoid getting overly cranky or trouble sleeping, etc.

    That's it. There is nothing else that I've found that works/helps. In any event being without weed doesn't cause withdrawals. Its just that I'd rather not be without weed.

    Cigarettes? I smoked tobacco for 3 1/2 years, but I quit that shit a long time ago.

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