Thread: Drink Spiked with Psychedelics, most likely acid

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    Drink Spiked with Psychedelics, most likely acid 
    It all started when my friend invited me to a party. I decided to go because I needed to get out and enjoy life a little bit. So when we got there, it was at an apartment and I went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Well, this guy put a huge Tupperware container to my face and asked me to smell it. It smelled like normal punch would smell. I hesitated on drinking it but he kept pestering me until I did so I eventually took a sip of it so he would leave me alone. It actually tasted pretty nice.

    An hour or two passes and I smoke some weed with my friends. Well after I was finished, I started shaking uncontrollably and decided that that was the time I needed to go to bed. So I stumbled into my room on the verge of an anxiety attack. When I laid in bed, the hallucinations started. I saw a trail when I moved my hand, my phone was so bright and it was hard to see what I was reading or typing. And then I started hearing my thoughts echo and I heard everything I was thinking so vividly. At that point, I starting seeing these things that I've done in the past in full color and imagery. I had an intense anxiety attack and eventually starting having these thoughts that were on the verge of being suicidal. The rest of what I really remember is thinking that I was dying and going through a cycle of bad emotions almost.

    I've always wanted to try hallucinogens and it just sucks that last night was my first taste of it.
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    Sounds fun.. No but seriously spiking someone with mind altering drugs is one of the stupidest things to even think of doing, i wouldn't do it to my worst enemy.
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    Fuck Jesus!
    Agreed. Whatever cunt did that to you serious needs his face smashing in. Spiking someone with psychedelics is akin to brain rape. Fuckin scum...
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    What a dick. Hope you're alright.
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