Thread: How does sex on Mephedrone compare to sex on MDMA?

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    How does sex on Mephedrone compare to sex on MDMA? 
    I have done sex on mdma several time and it's good with a significant one, but also last the sleazyness....
    I have generally not so much problem with erection and in any case none with 50mg of sildenafil
    i also tried with a mix of 70%mdma and 30% MDA which makes a bit more active...also
    tried MDMA with a tiny bit of GHB...
    Never tried Meph ever though...How does that compare ? , i guess less empathy but can anyone who has try both try to explain...thanks....
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    The real "preban" mephedrone made me into a sex god, better than mdma although sex on mdma is still one of my favorite things to do
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    As this is such a subjective question I will not even attempt at answering it (I find that while e is good for the bedroom, it is better for the dancefloor and prefer amphetamine (especially following MDMA) above anything for these purposes.

    What I will say is that it is only a slight exaggeration to say that many I see would swap sex for quality meph. I am of the opinion that the UK black market for the drug died such a quick death as everyone was primed on the proper article and are still desperate for something that approaches pre ban quality.

    While its a fair question regarding personal preference, would this not be better suited to the SLR forum?
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    Everyone talks abiut how great sex is on mdma, i can see and understand why as it enhances ones emotions in an intimate way, I understand it is an amphetamine, and in my experience. Amps or meth with sex is the most fucking amazing feeling in the world, I am addicted to that combo, however, with mama, i will feel horny as fuck or will think "damn sex must be mind blowing on mdma" . truth be told, for me, I Will be absolutely horny but cant get my dick up at all!!, i can fuck like a champ on any other stimulants, from ephedra to meth to cocaine, but while I'm rolling, i can't get hard, maybe after the roll I will,be able to get the amphetamine aphrodisia. I contemplated taking Viagra with it, but i always thought mixing Viagra with mdma is dangerous...? I have mixed adderall with Viagra and I swear I thought i almost had a stroke or something as u busted too strong of a nut on it, scary shit
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    ^Theres nothing really contraindicated in terms of taking a PED5 inhibitor with MDMA. If anything it would just help with any potential hypertension issues. Also read somewhere that Sildenafil prevents MDMA induced neurotoxicity so theres a couple good reasons for it
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