Thread: The last few times i smoked weed I have had nosebleeds

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    The last few times i smoked weed I have had nosebleeds 
    5 to 10 minutes after first hit i get this weird feeling like something in my nose is to loose then i get a nosebleed and not a normal one a really pungent horrible one ive tried different strains different smoking methods has anyone got this with the weed they are smoking I need to know asap obviously I can't go doctors because its ilegal but im scared to even smoke weed anymore.
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    Lol what are you, 12? The doctors couldn't care less what you do unless say you harmed someone else or they were absolutely sure you were about to harm someone else. Even in that case, the hospital isn't giving out your address to every cop that comes. They'd put out a BOL for your description and then you'd be forgotten the next day.
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    Is this before, during or after Codeine, Valium or a failed Codeine Extraction with god knows what?

    If you consistently get nosebleeds when smoking (and you mention this has happened the last couple of times you blazed) then....

    -you could be developing an allergy to it.
    -perhaps your blood pressure is skyrocketing.
    -Your mucus membranes are drying out and you are just prone to nasal bleeding.

    In any event, why the hell are you seeking medical advice from the internet? Go see a doctor and forget about the cops. You said you were 20 - so if a doctor violates your privacy you are old to enough to seek, retain and use a lawyer to, you know sue.

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