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    (3-HO-PCP: 5mg) & (O-PCE: 7mg & 2mg) - Experienced - A Day to Remember Forever 
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    Age: 26, Weight: 140lbs (63.5kg)
    Dose: 3-HO-PCP: 5mg IM
    Dose: O-PCE: 7mg IM & a 2mg intranasal redose at around T-6:00

    My intentions for today's research is to try a lower dose of 3-HO-PCP (I've tried 10mg IM, & 15mg IM so far, with *fantastic* results) to see if it can truly be a functional party drug. 3-HO-PCP feels to me like if I get the dose just right, I will be able to function perfectly and still get some desirable effects, but that theory must be tested! My tolerance to NMDA antagonists is starting to get to a moderate level for sure, so even if this does end up being a functional dose for me; YMMV in regards to effects, and what dose may or may not be functional for you.

    My setting for today's experience will be at home, but I have a sort of goal: I want to try to play it off like I haven't taken anything. I haven't told my roommates that I was going to dose, and I'm not going to until after (they are totally cool with mind expansion-experimentation). If it all works out, and I enjoy myself, then I will try taking the same dose at an event, concert, party, special occasion, etc, to see if it can truly be a functional dissociative. Let's do this!

    3:56 - 5mg 3-HO-PCP IM
    I'm getting much more used to self administering intramuscular injections. It's so much easier than intravenous (keeping in mind that I've destroyed my veins with 3-4 years of nasty, West Coast tar heroin shots. God was I stupid.) The only thing I worry about with IM is that I might cause an infection again, but I'm being way more careful than I used to be, and am super cleanly now. Plus it's nice knowing that I'm using the needles because I want to, and choose too, and I no longer feel that I -have- to use them like I did when I was strung out on heroin.

    4:10 - Feeling good, I think I'm starting to notice the first signs of it coming on. It's really hard to quantify what I feel though. A heaviness in my head, and that strange issue with eye focusing (do you guys know what I'm talking about? Dissos make my eyes un-focus in ways that seem strange compared to stuff like MDxx that cause similar issues). It's not nystagmus, it's just a weird feeling in my eyes. If I take enough of a disso, I will get nystagmus so idk, maybe it's all the same.

    4:26 - This is nice, definitely feels functional so far (granted, I haven't attempted communication yet). I'm off baseline for sure but it is not by any means too intense, it's actually feels pretty close to what I was shooting for. I feel happy, grounded. Considering that just earlier today I was feeling rather angry, it's a nice change of pace to feel this relief. I also feel oddly stimulated. Very paradoxical when you factor in the heaviness of the head. It's amazing how much more lucid I am on this lower dose! I feel like I can express myself much easier.

    5:37 - 7mg O-PCE IM because, why not? The dose of 3-HO-PCP was completely functional, and very comfortable too. That is the perfect dose for going out and about. I had amazing conversations with my dad and we healed a lot of our problems. He also told me he has been really depressed lately, so i made him a 3mg capsule of O-PCE (he is a big guy: 310 lbs) to see if that threshold dose will help him get out of the funk he is in.

    5:44 Wow, holy shit, I'm getting slapped in the face by this O-PCE. It's certainly not as functional, much more fuzzy around the edges (if that makes sense). It must be the two synergizing with each other. But I was not expecting 7mg to do this, my ears are roaring in that classic dissociative hum that I've learned to love. You call it tinnitus, I call it the mother note! I love nitrous, and I really wish I had some right now because if I did, I could get some crazy auditory hallucinations going on. Nitrous is funny like that, ya know? I know. Whoa.

    De Ja Vu

    6:05 - Wow there it was again, it all goes back to this one transcendant nitrous experience that I had. Everytime I dissociate, especially when I feel like I'm about to leave my body, I have this deja vu feeling that brings me back to that same experience. Except this time I haven't actually left my body. It's just a feeling like I'm right on the edge. Like if I did just a little more I would be sucked so deeply into the hole that it would be legendary. BUT, I'm going to be a responsible researcher and not compulsively redose! This has been a beautiful experience and why on earth would I want to ruin it by dosing to the point that I become manic? Life is so beautiful. I'm listening to psy trance right now, but I may end up switching to dubstep/trap. Having thought loops.

    6:20 - Soooo happy I switched to dubstep! I love Psy-Trance, I really do, but for whatever reason on dissociatives I seem to prefer dubstep/trap. Maybe some of you guys can recommend some good artists/albums that go along well with the dissociative experience. One of my favorites album to listen to on a disso journey is Excisions - Virus (LP). I'm going to go take a dab and get back to jamming out!

    7:02 - I love the synergy that cannabis has with dissos. Right now, the dab I took is completely changing the feel of the experience. I'm having alice in wonderland syndrome with my extremities, one moment my hands will feel impossibly large, and the next they go back to normal and my legs and feet feel huge. And it's it's not a visual thing at all, it's just a feeling. A very odd feeling. I'm laughing so hard at the absurdity of all of this.

    It's getting more difficult to type, and at this point in the experience, I'm going to go lay down in the dark for a bit with my headphones on.

    8:50 - The music played as I was laying there meditating; and I just transcend more and more. I never felt like I left my body completely, but the mental disconnection was quite intense and allowed me to completely silence my mind and meditate.

    Incredible is all I can say... I needed that meditative experience and it was so euphoric! I felt like I became one with myself and who I truly am (which was exactly what I needed). I am left with such a loving feeling and I'm so blessed to be able to have experienced all of this.

    Even though my intention for today was just to try a low dose of 3-HO-PCP, I'm actually quite happy with my change of plans. Throwing O-PCE into the mix made this one a day I will never forget. I'm going to go outside and watch the sunset. Life is beautiful.

    Also I should note that the effects are gradually fading away. I'm going to let it happen add not give in to any urges to redose.

    9:08pm - I'm outside right now and it's already dark, I guess I forgot that by September the sun starts going down earlier and earlier. Regardless, I'm going to go for a short little walk and enjoy the fresh air of the night, will report back when I get back home.

    9:47pm - I'm back at home, chilling listening to this most lovely dubstep playlist. I feel better than I have in years, it's almost like I've had years of therapy in a very short time. This combination has been fucking stellar! I've enjoyed both drugs separately through a few different doses and ROAs, but holy shit; combining them?! To me, it's like a dream come true.

    The effects have decreased quite a bit at this point, and I have an urge to redose. Fuck it. I'll go ahead and do a 1-2mg bump of O-PCE intranasally.

    9:57pm - 2mg O-PCE split into two bumps, one in each nostril. Jamming to this endless dubstep playlist. I don't know if I was having delusions of sobriety or not, I just wasn't nearly as high as I was earlier and it was so blissful. But redosing too chase that bliss isn't good, so the chems have been given to my roomate who I trust.

    I definitely have some tolerance going on. I was using memantine quite frequently before I even got these aryls... I really should take a good month long break, but it's hard when I'm having so much fun lol.

    I've also been intermittently exercising and stretching. At no point has my motor coordination been affected badly enough that I couldn't exercise or stretch with proper form. I'm pretty sure that is only because I have such a high tolerance, and there was definitely some coordination issues during the peak of the IM O-PCE dose, and when I got up to go meditate.

    10:14pm - There is a slight increase in effects, but nothing spectacular. I can definitely tell that I'm getting manic though which I try to avoid. I really need to not redose, but it can be so hard.

    At this point I've retreated to my bed and am laying down again. I am *very* much enjoying kicking back here listening to music. This is paradise XD

    This experience almost feels like it was destined to happen, I don't know if I believe in fate or anything like that, but I'm so grateful for this experience.

    I don't really have much more to say tonight. Goodnight world!

    -The next day:
    That experience was nothing short of marvelous. It was exactly what I needed and I'm glad that it happened when it did. I'm left with an amazing afterglow and the feeling that everything is right with my life. I discovered yesterday that I like O-PCE a lot more than 3-HO-PCP (which I love, so that's saying a lot!). O-PCE is everything I could ever want in a disso. I think the 3-HO-PCP is good for times I need to be functional. After todays research, I think it would actually be pretty dope to take 3-HO-PCP in a rave/festival/concert environment. It might be the perfect fit for that. Has anyone out there tried 3-HO in that environment? If so how was it?

    I am however, disappointed in myself for redosing so much. It seems to happen with drugs that take away my inhibitions, I quit thinking about the consequences, and just act on impulse. I respect dissociatives (and other mind expanding tools) a lot, and I don't want to be using them irresponsibly.

    So, from now on, my very responsible roommate will be holding onto my stash for me and only allowing me access once a week at most. He has also been instructed to only allow one redose per session. With those guidelines in place, I won't be able to be a hedonistic glutton anymore LOL...

    I'm sure that there's plenty of other dissociative enthusiasts out there that can relate, they just feel so God damn good that it can be an easy escape. But using them recreationally can be bad, especially if you're using daily and not giving yourself time to adjust back to baseline and integrate your experiences.

    I went on one binge with these two drugs where I used daily for almost two weeks and by the end of it my tolerance was crazy high. I felt like I wasn't able to get high anymore (when in all reality I was still loaded and couldn't tell). I was determined to get high still though and I was so manic that I was acting entirely on impulse. Like an idiot I did 15mg 3-HO-PCP and 10mg O-PCE administered IM, and had one of the scariest experiences of my life.

    I don't want to write a seperate trip report, because I don't remember much of it. I went into a paranoid psychosis where I thought I could hear my roomates talking about putting me in rehab. I heard one of them say "he's just too far gone at this point." and at that point I started panicking. I locked myself in my room and had thought loop after thought loop. My heart raced through the whole experience and my blood pressure must've been through the roof because my face was very flushed. I felt a simultaneous combination of dread, depression, and fear throughout the entire experience and it was absolutely terrible.

    I was going to keep that to myself, I didn't want to embarrass myself by posting it. But I want to get it off of my chest, and what better time than now? I just had an amazing experience, and I think I've figured out how these drugs can stay in my life and not be misused.

    I hope it isn't just a pipe dream.


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    Nice report. I really want to try those 2 dissociatives.
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    Thank you brother! I really tried to put myself into this report, because the experience was just so powerful and significant to me.

    And you should try them if you are so inclined! O-PCE is a winner for sure, and 3-HO-PCP is alright, but it's definitely more chill, and not at all psychedelic or "wobbly" like 3-MeO-PCP and O-PCE. Just my $0.02, YMMV.
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    Thanks for the report, I enjoyed it! I have tried O-PCE at a low dosage by itself (just threashold) though I want to try a full dose sometime (getting random drug tested for now and it can trigger false positives for PCP), and I went through a half gram of 3-HO-PCP. I really enjoy the latter, but it was relative inconsistent. Sometimes I would get a sublime state of perfection the likes of which 3-MeO-PCP never gave me, and sometimes it was kind of weird. I prefer it to 3-MeO-PCP and it's definitely less prone to causing delusion, but I did feel it making my emotional self-control slip due to some mania when I was dosing it often for a little while.

    I actually REALLY enjoyed equal parts 3-HO-PCP and 3-MeO-PCP.
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