Thread: Mdma 2 weekends on the run after 2 day festival

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    Mdma 2 weekends on the run after 2 day festival 
    Hi, so ive had a pretty heavy summer, rolled start of june, start of july(ibiza twice in 3 days) end of august(sat, sun of a festival) and now im deffo gona be rolling on 6/10/18. My question is if i decide to roll on 29/9/18 and then again a week later, is it really bad for me? I know you should leave as big a gap as possible and normally i leave a good 2/3 months. If i hadn't had such a heavy summer i probz would just do it anyway but do you think that would effect my roll? Thanks for any input xx
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    Yeah fuck that IMO. 2-3 months. Anyone who has questions like this should go read the LTC threads
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    For you.. I wouldn't suggest it. It's obvious you are having a hard time regulating your use so when encountering situations like this you need to "just say no" and wait. If you hadn't been rolling excessively all summer I'd probably have a different answer for you.

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    Yeah. IMO that’s too much. And from your post and wording it seems like you already know that it’s too much and not good for you. I’d suggest you don’t roll again for a couple of months. But if you really aren’t going to back out now, give yourself a longer break after rolling. I’d say be done for 2018. Wait for 2019.
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