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    How to seperate MDMA from cut 
    So I have some MDMA Powder which I cut with brown sugar awhile back.. And I'm wondering how id be able to seperate the two.. I want to try smoking the mdma out of a meth pipe so I'm not really trying to smoke brown sugar, so are there any methods to separating mdma and brown sugar (Both powder forms)
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    You can try washing it. Not sure if sugar would be washed out as well but you can try. Here is a guide which will show you the steps needed to perform a wash
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    Normally I'd help someone in your situation but you fully deserve to consume your mdma cut up. Maybe next time you'll think twice before trying to sell bunk product that no one ends up buying. Karma is real my friend, there's a reason it never got moved and now your here asking this question.

    Just eat it compensating for the cut you added.

    Also mdma doesn't smoke for shit, it's a waste truly.

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    It is people like you that have made me really bitter in general about this type of lifestyle and the people you got to deal with it
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    The only reason you would cut MDMA with brown sugar is if you were ripping people off. You just wouldn't do that to your own stash. So have a taste of your own medicine and see what others have to put up with.
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    cutting mdma and then trying to uncut it in order to... smoke it

    username checks out
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