Thread: Will the room smell??

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    Will the room smell?? 
    Of I light up a pipe and use a sploof will the room smell? I'm not paranoid about the smoke I blow out I'm afraid of the smoke that comes out if the pipe when I light up. I dont have a window all I have is a cheap fan. If I light the pipe in the fan then use a sploof should I be all good?
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    It's going to smell. The fan may help, but weed stinks. Especially if it's dank.

    You might want something to mask it, or use a vape if you can.

    I'm not even sure you'll be able to light it in the fan, as the fan may blow out your light, unless you're using a torch.
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    It's going to smell and there's nothing you can do about it.

    The great outdoors make for a pretty efficient sploof though
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    You can try a candle and a fan but there's a smell no matter what
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    In my under the stair closet recides one of my favorite household items. It's a spray flacon containing a enzymes that purportedly will devour any bothersome aromatic smell. I can confirm it works on mold smell, with some effort, stinky airborn poo particules.

    It doesn't mask the smell like some sprays do but gets rid of it. I imagine enzymes have big mouths and enormous appetite.

    Never tried it on combustion products of weed though. At least it is said to be harmless. Which is a good thing compared too ionizers which seem to have some mayor issues, Like formation of even more dangerous compounds.

    That delightfull mountain breeze, does resemble indeed the air high up or at the shore line ime.
    Chemically speaking it turned out to be a ozon generater, and O3 presumeably is reactive with all kinds of nasty stuff forming nastier stuff. But correct me if I am wrong, it was enough to scare me away from them. Does work on smoke I can tell but at what expense?
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    Buy OZIUM spray

    Shit is magic
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