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    South Africa Cannabis / Dagga Forum 
    So now that the law has changed regarding the use of dagga / cannabis in South Africa let's exchange information on the subject.
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    Tell us about it, bro! What's been going on over in South Africa?
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    So it is now legal for an adult over the age of 18 to possess and use and grow cannabis (dagga in South African slag) in the privacy of their personal permanent dwelling, as the constitutional court has declared it as an invasion of privacy and that is weighs more important than the "illegal" status of the use thereof.

    It is unclear what the laws are at the moment regarding having dagga in your car, but law dictates that any motor vehicle of any sort belonging to a private individual is that person's private property also and cannot be searched without due cause, so no more paranoia about being searched by the cops when driving.

    Also the quantity that a person may have at any given moment is still hanging in the air and will still be set by the courts but as it stands now, 10-30grams of dagga can be regarded as a personal stash and therefore you can't get arrested for it. Distribution (obviously 1kg of weed would be intent to sell and not for private use) but also the laws here are not in place yet so any-fucking-thing goes at the moment.
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    Also the first openly trading South African version of an Amsterdam model coffeeshop is open in Johannesburg, inbox me for the address, they use to be 420 in Sandton but they moved and is now called Phaze. Not even the biggest potheads I know, know about this place so here it is now for all to see. More shops like these will be springing up very soon. As of now the same Amsterdam rules apply, selling is okay but the back door (where they get there dagga from) is still hush-hush.

    So happy smoking guys, oh yes 1 plant per adult per personal dwelling is the permitted amount ruled by the court.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jibult View Post
    Tell us about it, bro! What's been going on over in South Africa?
    You can actually feel the released tension country wide that this ruling has had on smokers. Videos have circulated where people smoke with police officers and also openly in public areas without prosecution. Dagga use has been so widely accepted for many years in South Africa but now it is officially not a crime anymore.

    Fuck I love sunny South Africa, drugs are cheap, cannabis is now legal and an entirely new industry is about to emerge, which will promote sustainable job-creation for many, many people in S.A.
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    This warms my heart. Congrats, S Africa!!!

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