Has anyone transitioned from Heroin to Suboxone to Kratom in a short period of time?

I'm a Heroin addict. I've been on Suboxone since the start of the year, but I found I can still get high on Heroin even on 20mg Suboxone, so I've been on a merry go round for a while. My most recent transition back to Suboxone (over the weekend) was unplanned (delays in receiving my H).

It was rough as guts. 3 days of puking my guts out until the Subs finally worked.

Anyway, I had 20mg Sub Fri, Sat, Sun, then 4mg Monday (all before 9am). Since Monday I've been taking 5-6 Grams of Kratom per day, along with some Xanax and Armodafinil.

I haven't noticed a hint of withdrawal.....yet. I've also never withdrawn Suboxone without going onto Heroin at the same time so I have no idea how long Sub actually holds me for. I've accidentally missed a day here or there with no ill effects though.

How many days do I need to wait before I can determine whether the Kratom is holding me? Anyone know?

As a side note, even if Subs are blocking the opiate effects of the Kratom, it's giving me a nice almost weak coke like buzz (energy, confidence, self esteem).