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    How to stay well/ high 24/7 on Sub* 
    ( We don't SWIM here!)So I get bup renorphine to use pretty much as much as I want. But because of the ceiling-effect if you take too much you don't feel anything anymore. Have you managed to stay high daytime? What doses are you using? I am using 10+mg/day now to stay off of withdrawal effects, I used to feel effects of doses up to 4mg but anything above that pretty much hits the ceiling 24/7.I am curious about how much other people use in order to feel a slight buzz of this med 24/7? I would like to keep the dose as close to the ceiling as possible but still feel a buzz/be able to boost with 0.5-1mg to get a boost/buzz. SWIM haven't experienced with this yet but will try soon. Please also report ROA (I use s ublingual because of destroyed nose and no IV).I was thinking of maybe dropping to ~3mg/day and then boost with another 1mg when I want to get a little buzz. Any other comments on this method? What's your best methods and how does it work for you?
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    lol you gonna learn today, SWIM.
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    The Honeymoon period is over Mr. Swim.! Once you've been on bupe for a few months you don't really get a buzz. Unless you go down to a low dose of 4mg for about a week or more then dose to about 24mg. That is the only way I can get a buzz off bupe. You can get some good synergy by mixing other drugs like benydril, benzos, Adderall, just to name a few.
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    IDK if this is still the prevailing theory but last I was researching suboxone LESS would actually produce a better high. (the best highs somewhere in the 2-4 mg a day range, again by memory) Larger doses tend to have more blocking effect whether you are near the ceiling or not. Something to do with norbuprenorphine being the metabolite that causes the mu agonism and in higher doses this metabolite is blocked out by the buprenorphine itself before metabolization?...also benzos, alcohol, lyrica, Neurontin, Benadryl, basically anything that is a CNS depressant will have not a potentiating effect but a symbiotic buzz which will make it feel like your suboxone is stronger. (Warning THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND IS HOW ALMOST ALL SUBOXONE OD'S HAPPEN) also a little bit of 151, like a ML under the tongue once your dose is almost dissolved I believe showed almost a 15% increase in bioavailability. DO NOT ASK FOR SOURCES THIS IS ALL FROM MEMORY AND FEEL FREE TO TEAR ANY FACTUAL ERRORS I MADE APART, I WARN YOU NOW, THERE MAY BE ERRORS IN THIS POST>.?.ALWAYS< ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH that isn't other ppl discussing there research. As far as staying high 24/7 I think we both know that was too good of a thought to be true. Done right you can catch about an hour buzz in the morning where it feels like your heading to some opiate plateau that you never quite reach, but its satisfying enough if you have been in a low enough valley.
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