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    NHS Diazepam being withdrawn in NI 
    I am not prescribed this but friends and relatives are being phoned by pharmacists and nurses from get this- Community Addiction Teams ( whose time might be better spent elsewhere) indeed my key worker is spending part of their time engaged in this- and told it's being withdrawn early next year.
    Some had to go to GP who confirmed same and moved them from monthly to weekly prescriptions! These people are not all misusers, some are heart patients, people with sleep disturbance and all forms of anxiety. They want to replace diazepam with PREGABILIN!!
    No professional has told me this directly but my partner and relatives were told. And that it was decided at board level and will be Trust wide.

    Anyone else affected or heard this? Is it just Northern Ireland. Or the Northern trust area. Diazepam can be a wonder drug. And as I'm just out of rehab I have seen firsthand that its the Lyrica that is the problem here not NHS Benzos.

    People will have to go elsewhere for their Diaz and here that means street "loyalist blues" pills which have killed dozens over the years.

    note to mod:I don't post much so if this is inappropriate feel free to delete.
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    Jesus fucking christ. It's one of the WHO's drugs included on the list of essential basic medications for a national medical system, specifically for its use in treating seizures. What the FUCK.

    Thats just fucking stupid as shit. They obviously haven't given the slightest bit of thought to how many NEW problems, some of them very severe, potentially landing people in hospital or worse, that going ahead with bollocks like that is going to create. A lot more than it has a cat in hell's chance of solving, thats for sure. Stupid fucking bastards.
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    There is a callousness involved- cold call from pharmacist and those who don't want to argue are cut off cold turkey.

    That is an excellent point about the WHO, thanks. I will pass that on to those who are still arguing their case with local health centres.

    As a young nurse many years ago the definition of anxiety we were told was a set of symptoms that were relieved by a dose of diazepam!! How times change.
    I have no doubt drug reps, big TVs and golfing weekends influence many decisions about prescribing but it sounds like a near blanket ban, judicial review anyone?
    Also it's under the radar nothing in media or mental health charities. I've heard nothing about this apart from the individuals and staff member who I know who are involved.
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    It's also needed as diastat, an emulsion in plastic one-dose tubes, intended for a carer to rescue someone having a seizure, by sticking it where the sun don't shine.

    A blanket ban? that is shocking, and absolutely ridiculous! it sure as shit isn't funny, because of all the people who will suffer. NOBODY will gain from an initiative such as this. Not one single person will benefit as a result of this coming to pass. But if it is allowed to do so, many people will be forced into cold turkey withdrawal, many people will suffer because they are forced to rapid-taper by some prick doctor who just resorts to fobbing off patients who point out that it is a disgusting, stupid and dangerous thing to do, by saying 'oh you'll be fine',

    This needs to be stopped, big time. I'm not irish, but still. This MUST be publicized, gotten out there so it is in people's faces, so people know about the threat and can rise against it.

    Stupid, callous, repugnant and dangerous. Get on to the likes of mental health charities, coordinate with the indiidual and staff member, start a campaign. This sounds like it needs the publicity, and urgently.

    And shit! doctors should know better, than to, regardless of their opinion or what a patient has done, even if they have outright abused benzos big time. There IS no other choice, than to continue prescribing on a temporary basis and taper down the benzo until the individual is off it. Cutting an addict off cold turkey could leave them dead, or brain damaged.
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    Do you have a source for this? I can't find any articles about it. As Limpet says, diazepam is considered an essential medicine, I doubt that it's being discontinued and I can't find news of it being rescheduled.
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    I know my doctor has been trying to get me off it for years but for years she just thought she was trying (and failing miserably) to treat anxiety and depression, well it turns out i have borderline personality disorder and have been passed along as i am broken machinery beyond her training to help....good luck to the therapist who seems to think that some good old fashionned 'talking therapy' is going to have me cured of all of a life times amount of ailments....i mean...come on...i've been taking drugs since the age of 12....i have been self medicating because fuck all that any doctor has ever tossed my way has done a damned thing.....i am literally on the brink of suicide and if that fucking therapist thinks i just need a chat i will rip his fucking head off.....err...hi guys and gals!!
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