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    First time Morphine advice 
    Hi all,

    Need some advice! Don?t worry, I?m not getting into opiates, but a mate left 4 ?Zomorph 10mg extended release? capsules at mine. Told me I could have them as it wasn?t really his cup of tea. He said he sniffed half a cap and gouched out hard..

    Not fussed on them, but if I was to give it a whirl in the future, what dose would you suggest? I have no opiate tolerance, but do my fair share of codeine many years ago. Was due to an injury however.

    I have mild asthma, is that an issue for strong opiates? I?m obviously aware that alcohol/ benzos and morphine is a no go.


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    Take one and empty the beads out. Crush the beads up with the back of a spoon and eat the powder. This will be IR morphine, Wait an hour and if you don't feel anything try one more but no more than 2. No point in snorting the powder as the BA isn't really improved. You could try plugging the powder (after mixing with water obviously). I find it unlikely that your friend managed to get high from snorting only 5mg though but I suppose it's possible.
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    Fucking shite high unfortunately. Just gives you a headache and nausea.

    10mg of morphine slow release has about the same kick as one co-codamol 8/500 tablet.
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    Morphine imo is lovely but sadly has a low oral BA. You definitely want to crush those up to make them IR. Since they're only 10mg I'd start with two and see how you feel. If you're not where you need to be redose as appropriate.

    Keep in mind though oral morphine only gives you around 20% of the actual dose.

    It's a shame you don't have the Oramorph liquid. Sip slowly on that and you get a real nice high. The fact you can just sip it offsets the low BA.
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