Thread: Can I crush cold tablets and take them sublingually?

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    Can I crush cold tablets and take them sublingually? 
    I usually take cold tablets with pseudoephedrine daily but my tolerance has become so high.

    Can I crush them and take them sublingually for better efficacy?

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    You are trying to get high off psuedo? Why even bother with this?

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    You could try it but I don't think it would make much of a difference since you have a high tolerance.

    What you can do is take a break from pseudo and when you use again, you might feel it more.

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    Is this for real? Imagine the amount of gunk you'd have to hold under your tongue to achieve a decent dose.

    Also, regardless of the sheer amount of powder involved, the tablet binders and fillers would surely impede absorption.

    Sublingual might be a viable ROA for pure pseudoephedrine, but not crushed tablets...
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    I swear to fucking god....some of the gaping fucking idiots that post here.....

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