Hey Everyone. Love this site but have never started a thread. I am a regular heroin user, usually fent lately. I've been injecting in my hands for years. They're finally blown out and I need to find somewhere else. When I use my arms, I miss (anyone have any good advice on taking care of a nasty miss? No infection thus far, just need it to go down quickly) and I'm tired of the pain. I tried to IM a shot last night after stabbing for a hour trying to find a vein. I used a 28g 1/2 inch rig. Not sure If i hit the right muscle bc this morning its sore. No knots. Also last night I wasn't sure if I really felt it? That may be bc everything around here is cut or bc I didnt do it correctly. I've also heard about plugging heroin? My veins are shot and I'm too thick to find any in my legs ect. Need a new way to consume my religion (sad but true).
Plz help!