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    I get drug dreams all the time but like others said the dream usually ends before I even ingest the substance. I wonder why that's such a common occurrence amongst all of us here? Does the human brain have a hard time emulating drug experiences in dreams? It's a known fact that you can't read letters and numbers properly in dreams or they will change each time you look at them. This is the best way to work out if you're dreaming so you can lucid dream. Practice checking your watch often awake and you will begin doing it in your dreams. If the numbers are all squiffy or change each time you look at them you're dreaming. Now you know you're dreaming you can control the dream state. Go fly or fuck Margot Robbie or do whatever you want.

    Anyway I digress. I wonder if our dream state can't even get words or the time right maybe it can't get drugs right either and knowing this it doesn't even try. Or maybe the brain recognises dreams as unreal to begin with so it resists trying to emulate an altered consciousness inside what is already an altered state outside of reality. Curious stuff.

    It's a psychological pricktease anyway is what it is. Just last night I had a dream where I was running about holding a giant bottle of Oramorph but I woke up before I even got to so much as sip a little.
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