Thread: Kratom + Meth - Experienced - Ended up in the ICU

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    Kratom + Meth - Experienced - Ended up in the ICU 
    I?ve been using kratom daily for 3 years and meth for over 15 yrs speratically. I must say my experience in using both at once was a near fatal decision. Kratom dehydrates me so im guessing adding meth, I proceeded to end up in icu 5 days later with liver and kidney failure. 20% chance to live. I could not remember the entire week and was shocked! This was my experience but be careful if you choose to indulge in more than one at a time.
    Had anyone experienced side affects of using kratom with stimulants?

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    Wow, no, that's the first I've heard of it! I use kratom and stimulants together all the time, albeit at lower dosages. I can't see offhand what the interaction might be, or why even extreme dehydration would cause live failure. Was dehydration what you were diagnosed with? If not, I wonder if one or the other might have been adulterated? Thanks for letting us know - the more info to make sense it of what happened, the better. I really, really hope you've pulled through!!
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    That's so strange. Pretty sure meth is primarily eliminated by the kidneys. I have read of isolated reports where kratom users end up with liver damage or even liver failure, but it seems very rare and if you've been a daily user for 3 years I'm not sure why it would suddenly happen, unless you've been causing cumulative damage and didn't realize it.

    I, too, have used stimulants with kratom many times...

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    Wow sounds dangerous. I hope it brought something to you aside from physical trauma. I mean surely it is good of you to warn people however is this going to change the way you approach such compounds would you say?

    Be well.

    As for me kratom made me as sick as a dog when I used it. I am actually glad I was drinking alcohol when I tried it as my last time doing it made me repulsed to even think of taking kratom again. Being how addicting it is I think that is a blessing. So it was my taking a copious amount combined with alcohol however I hate the mere thought of it now.

    Used responsibly I can see kratom being a powerful medicine if needed however I cannot say anything positive about methamphetamine at all.

    Edit: Pretty sure a stimulant on par with meth was in my system as I never boozed without it. Well during this phase of addiction I mean i.e. past 3 yearsish.
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