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    Becoming a Psychedelic Therapist 

    Assuming the clinical/therapeutic use of psychedelics becomes legal or more widely used what types of people would be licensed to administer the therapy? An md, psychiatrist, lcsw?
    I'm interested in performing psychedelic therapy and want to know the necessary background/training/degree necessary.

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    Getting to the point ...
    Noble endeavor, and I wish you luck with it. This MAPS forum is likely the best place for the right answer, but given the low traffic it has (we'll be merging some forums to increase traffic), I'm going to bounce this thru a few other forums to hopefully get more eyes on it that can help. In the meantime, we do have a MEGA thread from our professional/educational section that may be of help (though a lot of it may be outdated, I have to admit).

    Buckle up, taking the thread on a bounce thru MAPS > PD > LAVA > MAPS
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    Wow! It's amazing how many really interesting hits I got from a Google search for "psychedelic therapist training." Here are just a few:

    I think this forum (MAPS CPRM) is perfect for your thread. Great to have you with us!
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