Thread: Trying to find a mysterious CBD/THC concentrate oil called Neurostrains S-VH-TR

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    Trying to find a mysterious CBD/THC concentrate oil called Neurostrains S-VH-TR 
    Hello fellow enlightened. I tried this CBD/THC that is superiorly strong and one of the best mellow highs can be experienced while under its influence. My really good friend/roomie has cataleptic seizures that he can potentially die from. However, my friend uses these oils medicinally. One's called "Neurostrains S-VH-TR" which is a concentrated hybrid THC/CBD extract just like the other S-VH-BD variety. The "-TR" however, is much more THC based I think because it gets you face-melting high accompanied with the perfect amount of mellowing. The "-BD" is much more like a regular CBD oil but it also has THC. It really helps with anxiety and I think that's one of the intended effects from the THC because it creates Euphoria but it does have psycotropic THC, so it definitely has euphoric properties as well. Anyhow, this product is great and I want to find some for my self but can't find any information on it anywhere on the internet. Its possibly a small independent brand that is as well know as others but it definitely should known. Please comment if you know anything about!
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    If this is a shill post it's really weird.
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