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    Drug Studies: Graveyard 
    Drug Studies Graveyard
    Home to All 4yo+ Inactive Untraceable Studies

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    Demographic Surveys ($) 
    This is a collection of all the survey threads that have appeared in the last 100 days (from 16th July 2003) on the Australian Discussion forum.

    Whole Bluelight Survey: Participation is on a voluntary basis.

    Original Thread: Bluelight, Research opportunity and YOU! (EVERYONE please read)
    About this survey: "The study is funded through a grant from the National Institute of Health, and is housed at the Public Policy Research Institute at Texas A&M University. It will be completed in August 2003. The research has been reviewed and approved by Texas A&M University's Internal Review Board (IRB)."

    Australian Local Surveys: Some remuneration.

    Original Thread: Are you an occasional user of heroin? There's a study in Sydney that needs your help
    About this survey: Sydney, NSW, Australia. National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), University of NSW. Heroin users, non-daily use, 18 years or over and have used heroin at least once in the last 3 months, 20 minutes interview, completely confidential, reimburse participants $20 for their time plus travelling expenses.

    Original Thread:the IDRS hits Canberra - national research study
    About this survey: Canberra, ACT, Australia. Part of the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) survey. Regular ecstacy users, 30-40 minutes, completely confidential, reimburse participants $30 for out of pocket expenses.

    Original Thread:Hobart, Tasmania, Research Participants Required (University of Tasmania)[LINK REMOVED]
    Survey Closed: Hobart, TAS, Australia. Part of the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) survey. Regular ecstacy users, 40 minutes, completely confidential, reimburse participants $30 for out of pocket expenses.

    Original Thread:Melbourne. Help wanted for research (Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre)
    About this survey: Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Part of the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) survey. Regular party drug users, 60 minutes, completely confidential, anonymous.

    Original Thread:SURVEY: Perth: National Drug Research Institute Study on MDMA and associated drug use
    About this survey: Hobart, TAS, Australia. Part of the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS) survey. Regular ecstacy users, 30-45 minutes, completely confidential, reimburse participants $30 for their time.

    Original Thread:Get $20 bucks for answering some questions! (QLD)
    About this survey: Brisbane, QLD, Australia. QADREC study. Ecstacy users, at least once a month use for the last 6 months, 30 minute interview, completely confidential, participants reimbursed $20 and coffee.


    Edit: List cleaned up and summaries added 18-07-2003. BT
    Edit: IDRS Hobart link removed at the request of u-no 31-07-2003. BT
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    [AUS] [Sydney] Do you use ice, meth, speed or base? 
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Research participants required for confidential face-to-face survey on methamphetamine use. The survey takes between one and 1.5 hours to complete and can be carried out at a location convenient to you.

    All participants will be reimbursed $30 to cover any out-of-pocket expenses.

    If you are 16 years or over, currently use methamphetamine and are interested in participating, please call Jen (02) 9385 0272 or Erin (02) 9385 0243, of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC). You can also email us:

    For further information about NDARC go to:
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    Research: NSW Meth Users - NDARC - Earn $30 
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    Oct 1999
    Melbourne, Australia
    Research: NSW Meth Users - NDARC - Earn $30

    Do You Use Methamphetamine?
    (meth, base, speed, ice, goey, crystal, etc.)

    Research participants required for confidential face-to-face survey. Participants will be reimbursed $30 to cover travel and out-of-pocket expenses.
    If you would like more information about the project or are interested in participating please phone Erin on 93850243, Grace on 93850178 or Sarah on 93850177 at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW.
    For further information about NDARC and associated projects, visit
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    hmmm.. anyone find it odd that the average price for a point of Meth is around $30.00?
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    Thats above average everywhere i have purchased it from. But anyway, besides the point of this thread.
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    [AUS] [Sydney] Do You Use Methamphetamine? 
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    Oct 1999
    Melbourne, Australia
    Do You Use Methamphetamine? (ice, meth, speed or base?)

    Research participants required for confidential face-to-face survey, will be reimbursed $30 for out-of-pocket expenses.

    Phone David on (02) 9385 0179 at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), UNSW.

    For further information about NDARC visit
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    Oct 1999
    Melbourne, Australia
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    Hell, I have done a few bumps of that stuff...
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    ECSTASY STUDY - ADELAIDE (participants wanted) 
    Do you use ECSTASY?

    Do you use OTHER ILLICIT DRUGS excluding ecstasy?

    Are you aged 18 years or older?

    If so, you may be able to help me. I am conducting research into the effects of ecstasy on young people, and need people aged 18 years or older who use ecstasy and people who may use other drugs excluding ecstasy, to participate in my research. You will be reimbursed for your participation in the study and your involvement in the research is completely confidential.

    For more information about the study, please contact Lynlea;
    Phone: 0420 958 398

    This project is being undertaken by the Discipline Pharmacology, University of Adelaide in collaboration with Healthy Development Adelaide Research Group, University of Adelaide. This study has been approved by the Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Ethics Committee.
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    Opiate users needed to participate in internet-based survey on stress and coping 
    Hi, I am an undergraduate student at Towson University in Baltimore, MD, USA. As part of my senior thesis, I am conducting research on the types of stressful life events currently and previously experienced by users of heroin or other opiate-type drugs and the ways in which they cope with this stress-- for example, techniques used to handle or decrease stressful situations. This research will begin in November, 2007 and last through (approximately) February 2008. If you currently use heroin or any other type of opiate drug, and you are at least 18 years of age, you qualify to participate in this study. There are no other inclusion or exclusion criteria. All you have to do is follow this link and complete a short online survey. All your responses will be completely anonymous. You will not be asked any for identifying information. This survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. There is no monetary compensation. This study has been approved by Towson University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you have any questions, please e-mail me (Sarah) at or my faculty advisor, Dr. Thomas Kruggel, at Thank you so much for your time and participation!
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    Seattle, WA
    just a quick question because i'm interested- do you use yourself? anyways, im taking it right now

    edit* omg this survey is long.. beware drug users with short attention spans!
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    Bluelight Crew
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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm going to move this over to our Drug Studies forum, which is more appropriate (we've got a LOT of forums, so I can understand posting in the wrong one ).

    You might need to check the guidelines there and edit your post to include some more information - we're happy for researchers to recruit subjects here, but we do ask you to abide by a few conditions
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    Are you looking for only people on heroin + other opiates/opiods or are you looking at people who are on some sort of legal maintainence (suboxone/methadone) after being addicted to opiates/opiods? They'd still be using everyday, but it's not quite the same.
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    Either I'm doing something wrong or the link is broken, it just takes me to the surveymonkey main page and not to a specific survey.
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    Getting to the point ...
    ^^You're right, the link is broke - it points to which has the "..." in the middle where some key info is missing I'll email the OP and let them know.
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    Fixed (from previous thread).

    Best of luck with the study.
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    Thank you so much for fixing the link. Yes, the study is only for people who use heroin or other opiates not prescribed to them, not for those who are prescribed methadone or another substitute opioid. Although, if you are prescribed an opiate-based drug, but use more than you are prescribed or use heroin or another opiate along with it, you may still participate.
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    Do you want to hear from people who have previously used opiates, but no longer use?
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    [AUS] [Brisbane] Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) night life experiences 
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    Brisbane, Australia
    Hey everyone,

    My name is Simon Jackson and I am a researcher working out of Griffith University in Brisbane. I am currently trying to recruit people to complete my simple, once off, online survey that takes around 20 to 25 minutes. The survey asks you about your experiences with, and opinions of a range of topics including drug use, police behaviours, taxi lines, and the 3 am curfew along with a stack of other things. Ultimately what we are trying to evaluate is whether traditional styles of policing have been effective in reducing drug use in night clubs and bars. Of course, everything you contribute is strictly confidential in line with Griffith Universities’ ethical clearance.

    By participating in the survey you go in to the running to win some fairly reasonable prizes including: $1000 gift card, $500 gift card, and 10 movie vouchers. Additionally, whoever wins the gift cards is able to choose the stores they want to use them in. Considering we are only after 300 participants, your chances of winning are fairly good.

    The only criteria that you need to meet to participate are; that you are aged between 18 and 25** and regularly attend BRISBANE’S FORTITUDE VALLEY nightclubs.

    I think this is a very worth while study as it is very relevant to today’s climate. It gives you an opportunity to have your say on how you feel the Valley should be run and how police should work within it.

    If you want to participate please contact me on and I will give you the link. Alternatively, send me a private message on here (but my work email is preferable).

    Hope to speak to you soon,

    Simon Jackson

    **(note, we are currently looking at widening the age range so stay tuned, and don't start abusing me about being ageist )
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    Cannabis research: web survey (AUS) or in-person interview (Sydney) 
    Cannabis research

    Are you a regular cannabis user or concerned about someone’s cannabis use?

    Researchers from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre would like to talk to people in the Sydney area who regularly use cannabis, or are in treatment for cannabis use, about ways to improve cannabis treatment services. We are conducting this important study throughout 2008.

    A confidential online survey for people who are concerned about the cannabis use of a friend or family member can be accessed by following the prompts at

    Interviews can also be done in person, one-to-one. The interview takes about 30 minutes and is strictly confidential. You will be reimbursed $30 for your time and expenses. To organise an interview please contact Peter at NDARC on 9385 0269 or email
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    reducing drug use in brisbane? or reducing drug problems in brisbane
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    MAPS sponsored drugs questionnaire 
    Enquires about all aspects of drug use

    Link broken

    Came from University of Bristol, Psychiatry Unit
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    I took the survey. Seems pretty to the point and useful. I like that there was room for comments on every section. Good survey over all. Took about 20 minutes to complete.
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    Yup, nice survey. Did my bit.
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