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    We have been around since 1999-ish, and as such, we have collected over time some epic threads - some timeliness, some capturing the moment exceptionally well. We take these most awesome threads from the various forums and put them in a special place we call Best of Bluelight. For November we will be featuring some of this forum's most popular threads. Who knows, maybe someday one of your threads will be there as well!

    We will highlight other gems here in the feature forum thread.

    Let's start off with one of the most well known topics of the drug-related internet: Can you fax acid?

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      Marbre1102 -
      I've been reading and posting on bluelight for many years as well. Thank you for being here. BUT I do find the format very confusing. For instance I wanted to read methadone related posts and it's hard to find the most recent. All i see is shit from 2012 etc. Reddit is alot easier to navigate. Maybe you can look into this