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Thread: Aus Events Guidelines *UPDATED 26 Feb 08*

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    Earth Aus Events Guidelines *UPDATED 26 Feb 08*

    Please make sure you read and understand the following guidelines for the Aus Events Forum, and refer to the Updated Date to see if any changes have been made:

    Before you post in the Aus Events Forum please ensure that the subject you are posting about is directly related to an event, party or meetup taking place in this region.
    If your post does not relate to a specific party, event or meetup then please post in the APPROPRIATE FORUM!

    If your post DOES relate to an event, please have a look down the forum index page BEFORE you post. If there is already a thread for the event DO NOT start another one. It will be closed or if it is not in the right section of BL the moderators will move it leaving a moved tag so people can still find it.

    If there is not already a thread for the event, please follow the following guidelines……


    1. DO NOT discuss drugs in this forum.
    Discussion about how off your head you were, what drugs you plan to take, what drugs you plan to buy, what drugs your friends are going to take etc. will NOT be tolerated.
    Your post will be edited and you will be warned.

    2. DO NOT post information about private house parties of any sort in this forum.
    Please use e-mail, icq or instant messenger to contact people you would like to invite to private gatherings rather than posting about them here. Threads relating to private parties will be closed and removed immediately. This is for your own safety, as we do frequent a drug website.

    3. When starting a thread:

    - Make sure that you list in the subject title:

    * The city it is taking place in
    * The name of the event
    * The date
    * The venue (if available, if not add “TBA”)
    Example : [SYD] Field Day – Jan 1st – Domain
    And Please put the city first!

    Note: Once a title has been posted it cannot be updated by the member. If a title needs updating, please contact a Mod to do it for you.

    Include in the body of your post as much information as possible. ie. Dj’s, ticket price, set times, where to buy tickets, venue info, a link to the event’s website etc. If you have an IMG of the flyer then that is suitable to add to your post.

    Do not use unnecessary amounts of supersize or coloured text in the body of your thread, this clutters the text and makes event details difficult to read.

    4. When to post a thread.
    For major events and tours, one thread can be started when tickets go on sale. Threads are to be tagged with [TOUR] and then details as above
    Example: [TOUR] - Daft Punk - Dec 13-22 - National
    State specific threads can be started 8 weeks out from the event to post set times and meet-up details where required.
    For one off major events like Field Day, Summadayze or Rainbow Serpent, threads may also be started when tickets go on sale.

    For all other events, 6 weeks is a good time frame.

    For weekly club nights one thread can be updated weekly. Please discuss this with the forum Mods and they will help you set up and maintain your thread.

    5. Thread Contents.
    Please keep social chitchat to a minimum. Aus Events are all about just that, Events. Try and keep the chat event related.

    6. Ticket Re-Selling and Profiting From Ticket Re-Sales:
    While we understand that circumstances do arise where just MAYBE tickets need to be re-sold to another person...try not to exploit the fact that large parties/events/gigs sell out by hiking up the initial ticket cost to make a profit.

    If you ARE re-selling tickets, for WHATEVER reasons there are some rules to follow. .

    Please include the following information in your “ticket for sale post”:
    1: the reason why it is being re-sold
    2: how much you bought it for and how much you are wanting for it
    3: the location/suburb of where the ticket it located

    A simple post of “ticket for sale. Pm me for more info” Is no longer acceptable and you will be asked to include more information.


    "If you require a ticket for a sold out gig etc feel free to post a 'ticket wanted' post in the thread of the particular event."

    ALSO remember that re-selling and profiting from ticket re-sales is illegal (which is why 99% of most tickets are non-transferable or not for re-sale...)

    7. Reviews.
    Mods will now access a thread and update the Title to include REVIEWS once an event has passed. Please do not start a new thread.

    8. The BLUA (Bluelight User Agreement) is still valid in this forum, please respect that. If you are not familiar with the Bluelight User Agreement, please go and familiarise yourself

    Please make an effort. To those of you that DO make the effort again and again...

    Should you have a problem with, or require clarification of these guidelines please contact one of the forum moderators:


    Happy Posting!!!
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    Updated 30th Novemeber 2005

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    Updated 6th January 2006.

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    Updated 6th March 2006

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    Updated 16th May 2006.

    I added a link to the Bluelight User Agreement which all users should be familiar with. If you are a greenlighter especially, go and read or re-read it!

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    Updated September 7, 2006

    I added some info about what to include in your thread and what constitues a large festival.

    I also inserted links to PM each moderator.

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    Updated June 16th 07

    Added in new section on ticket sales/re-silling/profiting from ticket re-sales.

    Also edited mod email links

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    Updated 23 Sept 07

    Updated section 4 re: threads for major events/tours

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    Updated 26 Feb 08

    Edited mod contact details

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