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Thread: Benzedrex - experienced - like adderall

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    a fore warning to those wanting to give this a go for the first time

    When I tried benzedrex, I cut them up in 3 pieces and shallowed. Within a hour or so I felt the come up, mild euphoria, and some tactile sensations I guess. Thats when it went down hill, I started to have a headache that felt like blood is rushing through the veins in my head, pulsing if you will. than the vomit, puked everything in my stomache out and than bile. the negative effects lasted 4+ hrs
    When I looked in the mirror the next day my face had red tiny red dots almost everywhere

    Not sure if its due to a allergic reaction to the chem or the cotton. but just a little warning might save some people from entering hell and back

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    The oil of menthol in there and in particular the lavender can act as allergens.

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    Those affects might also be due to Propylhex's vasoconstrictive properties..?

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    Could be true.
    Well, compare to ephedrine (which is of course garbage).
    Perhaps the problem is that people go with such high doses of P.H. that they overshoot into the ridiculously adrenergic zone. Neophytes beginning with two inhalers (or an extract thereof) appear far more often than those who start with 1/2 of one (which I think is far more appropriate).

    Also, IIRC, amphetamine-type stimulants can trigger H1 receptors in and of themselves.


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    what on earth is benzedrex?

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    You might wish to check out "wikipedia"--it's a rather useful resource for general purpose information:

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    a lot of people keep talking about the negative side effects but with a little bit of planning most of the bad side effects can be reduced or eliminated. first, the taste can be eliminated by wrapping the pieces of cotton with food, i use fruit by the foot. also, if the lavender burps are causing problems then just chew a piece of gum, it really helps. I sometimes get headaches but they go away as soon as i take some Excedrin. when i take benzedrex i also take 2 pepto bismal tablets to help soothe my stomach. the last thing to remember is to EAT SOMETHING. no matter how hard it is to do this it makes a huge difference when you come down. i know that everyone reacts differently to benzedrex but following these tips make it a much more enjoyable experience.

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    I tried some yesterday, I got my paws on a small amount.
    Impressive, but my tolerance wouldn't let it do anything.
    It seems only methamphetamine and dexamphetamine (pure dex) do anything for me now.
    If I didn't have a gargantuan tolerance (which i'm quite far from proud of : /) to amphetamine I'd imagine benzamphetamine would be average for me.

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    Hey guys I was thinking of trying one of these bad boys can i still buy them at walgreens?? Also, what would someone consider a "safe dose"? I am kinda sensitive to adderall in a way that it makes my heart beat way too fast no matter how much I take. is this stuff a bit easier on the heart??

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    I've been considering Benzedrine for some time tow. Unfortunately it is unavailable where I reside. It seems to be a very potent stimulant much like "Benny's". Hopefully these inhalers don't meet the same fate anytime soon.

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    I just wanna say prophelhexidrine (benzedrex) is bull sjit. I have 2 inhalers here along w/ a walgreens generic levomethamphetamine inhaler. If you are experienced at taing speed this will be just slightly more euphoric than coffee. I used to do alot of crank. I started off just doing adderall and biker met (meth that was real meth but it looked like a oily chunk of powder that broke down into something that looked like coke, usually red or brown,white and even pink) This was in the nineties before ICE or tina or shards ( a certain isomer of methamphetemine) was very popular. Agter I moved i actually used to get high off of yellow jackets, mini thins and various forms of ephedrine. It didnt take long for them to stop working. I continued to take, dextroamphetamine (adderall) and crystal meth for yeaRS. Both are great drugs and once you have gone a couple rounds w/ them benzedrex and even caffeine and ritalin are pains in the ass, aren't strong enough and have too long of a comedown.

    Take my word for it,But then again I think Ritalin is bullshit so what do i know. I would never compare benzedrex to amphetamines (adderall or Crystal)

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    I did it mixed it with a good dose of phenazepam it felt nice very nice. provided excellent conversation stimulant argued some marxism too much fun. Then I drank six Corona experinced no comedown and minimal hangover. I know benzos played a large part thats why I think the only way ill be repeating is with benzos. I used the lemon extraction on 250mgs.

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    Don't ever do this drug. I'd bet my life that it's significantly TOXIC. the eye problems I experienced were hell (I'm not talking weak-ass "HPPD" - I'm talking inability to focus eyes properly for weeks). It's a dirty high, Nothing like amphetamine at all.

    There is a case report in medical literature of brain stem dysfunction following use of this drug. That says enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RatInADrainDitch View Post
    Don't ever do this drug. I'd bet my life that it's significantly TOXIC. the eye problems I experienced were hell (I'm not talking weak-ass "HPPD" - I'm talking inability to focus eyes properly for weeks). It's a dirty high, Nothing like amphetamine at all.

    There is a case report in medical literature of brain stem dysfunction following use of this drug. That says enough for me.
    Oh gosh can I have that link? I just want to be sure it's not like something that happens every time you use it or just this particular instance. I would never do this drug again, but I have used it and that freaks me out a little.

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    cant find them around here... are they kept behind the counter?

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    This is the link. What's really alarming besides the BRAINSTEM dysfunction is that they mention transient diplopia...and when I abused P-Hex I had SIGNIFICANT eye problems.

    Now, admittedly this link involves intravenous abuse, not oral. IV obviously being worse...

    BUT STILL...doesn't seem too comforting. Paraylsis of the tongue,

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    Dirty drug but when your desperate it does the trick. I did the lemon juice extraction and dropped it in pink lemonade. I was very high on phenazepam which made it more smooth I think I didn have much of a comedown but again I was on big dose of phenaz so take it with some salt.

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    I can't stress enough the importance of taking this drug in low, diluted doses. Not much is known about its oral toxicity--what we know is that it's very dangerous IV'd, so people shouldn't treat it as if it's the same as amphetamine or even meth.

    Taking a whole inhaler (or god forbid, 2 or 3) is asking for trouble. Vasoconstriction is strong with propyl, as is the potential for high blood pressure. It also seems pretty addictive for those who enjoy it and have no access to other stims (me, for example), and I've heard of people taking it daily for upwards of 30 years (see here and here). I've been a regular user for a little over a year now, which seems like small peanuts compared to these guys.

    Yes, it tastes like shit. Eating cotton is unnecessary. High doses are likely to cause severely uncomfortable effects and after-effects like migraines, projectile vomiting and a life-long aversion to lavender. It's all about how you choose to use it.

    For those who want to reduce unpleasantness, here's what I suggest:

    *Get rid of expectations. If you have a stimulant tolerance, Benzedrex will not be as euphoric or stimulating as IV meth, Adderall, etc. What it can do is banish fatigue and improve focus better than caffeine or Sudafed, which are the only other "legal" OTC stims out there. Not everyone has access to quality amphetamines, so many of the "OMG propyl is soooo effin' awesome" reports come from that crowd. I belong to this crowd.

    *Administer it right. Don't eat the cotton. I like to rip up the cotton, put it in a medium-sized glass with water and lime juice. Don't strain it out. I find that waiting a few hours to drink it lets some of the menthol go away (evaporate?), which makes it burn less. Sipping it slowly over a few days gives a steady but noticeable buzz that helps make life less tedious and enhances energy/focus without causing racing heart and off-the-chart bp. Chasing each sip with a mouthful of water or another drink and not breathing as you swallow gets rid of most of the horrid taste.

    *Don't mix it with other stims, caffeine included. This ups the ante a lot in terms of side effects, so be warned. Don't take it before running a marathon or other dumb sh*t that's likely to lead to heart attack, and stay hydrated.

    *If you follow these tips and still have a horrible time, feel free to bash propyl all ya want. So many of the negative reports come from people who over-did it in terms of dose, so don't assume one inhaler = one dose.

    Just the opinion of an experienced user.

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    It's been a long time since I had propylhexedrine. I couldn't in good conscience recommend it to anyone, but it has worked for me when I for some reason (this is rare) had a craving or a need for a stimulant. I actually find it more euphoric than amphetamine, but that may be at least in part because I've had my fill of that. I don't take propylhexedrine often because I'm generally too lazy to do it right, taking all the precautions Lady Codone has recommended. I swallow the cotton, cut up into little pieces and (if possible shoved into gelcaps). This probably accounts for at least some of the dirty vibe I get from it, but I've become more wary of stimulants lately. I've always taken the entire cotton, but I am a fairly large person with an amphetamine tolerance. Still, the experience has gotten pretty intense at times so less is probably best for most people. You sure as hell shouldn't start out with an entire inhaler.

    The intensity of the euphoria really makes me wonder about potential neurotoxicity. Be careful, kids.

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    I don't think that euphoria is a good gauge of neurotoxicity. . .
    Given p-hex's structural similarity to meth, we'd expect serotonergic release a la meth, coupled with strong adrenergic agonism, and poor but significant BBB penetration. So at equi-stimulating doses, we MIGHT see meth-like neurotoxicity. However, its propensity to cause vasoconstriction may exacerbate neurotoxicity with chronic use, restricting the flow of blood to the brain.


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    I find that taking propylhex while on fluoxetine (SSRI) causes a much more enjoyable, less edgy effect than taking it when I've quit the Prozac. The high is also prolonged by about 5-7 hours with fluoxetine. This is the opposite of MDMA, which can't even be felt when taking SSRIs. Not that any of this means anything, but just an observation from someone who goes on/off psychiatric meds periodically

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    After reading this trip report my curiosity got the best of me and I went to the drug store and picked up one of these. Mixed in lemon juice and a little orange juice and let it sit for 15 minute, strained and downed it.
    Taste isn't bad. I mean I've chugged san pedro tea and this was really nothing comparatively. Anyway dosed an hour ago and I'm buzzing pretty hard. Slight menthol discomfort in my stomach but overall very nice smooth buzz.

    Definitely gonna grab more.

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    Ugh..cut up cotton in like 10 pieces and swallowed..wasn't very strong so did another..within few hours I puked violently and couldnt keep any food down alll day..panicked that I may have intestinal blockage..slept 12 hours after taking drammamine...seem better today..never again..even the thought of how it tastes makes me gag..i may try soaking the cotton in lemon juice in the future but right now I don't even want to think about it..the label says to call poison control if injested

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    I may be dumb but when I was at the store for something else I saw it and decided to give it another go..i cut into 3 or 4 pieces and soaked in juice of one lemon for one hour..squeezed cotton against side of glass..chugged it chasing with juice...within 30 min I started feeling it with mild nausea so I took a non drowsy version of drammamine just in case...2 hours into it and I def feel it way more than when I ate the cotton..maybe the cotton inhibited absorption?

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    Third Time's The Harm: Benzedrex Harm Reduction Guide Addendum 138.

    OK. Here is a Quick screen play by Someone Who Isn't Me (SWIM). Met him at a library and he BEGGED me to post this…THE FOLLOWING IS WRITTEN BY SOMEONE ELSE WHO ISN'T ME AND IT WASN'T EVEN WRITTEN BY HIM, but he needed a computer and any way…and the stuff is HIS experience and it may or may not work for ANYONE at all!

    He has titled his masterpiece of scattered-ass shite (that probably is too long to actually post in this forum but we will soon find out):

    "Third Time's The Harm: Benzedrex Harm Reduction Guide Addendum 138."

    I agreed to post because it sounded like it will help SOMEONE. And because 138 is referencing The Misfits, obviously. And then I said his title was as cheesy as my eggs will be tomorrow morning, and work on the following commenced by him on my computer while I flew a big kite at the local park, asking passers-by "Can you believe this thing?!".

    Nothing he did here is advised or probably even true.


    Here is SWIM's first experience…es.

    Tuesday- 1 Benzedrex, high grade purple DANK, man. 2 Fosters beers (24oz each) 100 mg 5htp in AM

    He says an 800mg gel cap (emptied out some creatine for his) can be emptied and the whole friggin thing STUCK IN IT if you try. You gotta cut it up first - not just 30 pieces but like 150. Tiny, he says. Make sure to wipe off the capsule or your grubby little chemical hands will make the pill taste a little bad.

    Yes, even the area that is not dark in these things has "stuff" so don't waste cotton. Just wipe it on something and look at it shine - how do you know the Propyl is dark? Might be ALL dipped in propyl and the other shit gives it bad color.

    Nice trip. No head ache, GREAT euphoria, not a horrible comedown but SWIM was smoking about 1 gram of weed over the entire 8 hour experience (During which he built a website - that's what he does, but never that intense). Drank 2 Fosters, ate, went to sleep at around 4:00am.

    Wednesday - 2 Benzedrex, in gel caps, taken about 2 hours apart, 1 gram weed, 1/2 bottle wine...intense photoshopping session on an ad for his biz. Took 1 Ephedra (25mg with Guafenesin - Bronk Aid) at like Midnight (oh yeah, you really don't want shit to stop on this, he says so he just took whatever - don't get multiple of these little f'ers or you will down them all at once). Went from 7pm to 5:30am. The next day was really not that bad, surprisingly. Not bad at all he reiterated.

    Thursday - He smoked a little weed, got some much needed rest. All day and night.

    Tonight(Friday) - 2 Benzedrex, in gel caps, taken at once. Gram a weed. 32oz of some Natty Ice, not much drunk of it. Oh yeah, ALWAYS drinking tons of Gatorade on these.

    ------ So tonight fucked SWIM up. BIG TIME. --------

    And that is why he wanted this posted. Because he was able to come through the WORST, no, MF'r listen to him, THE WORST physical experience of his 32 years, except for when his entire body was cut off and he was only a single hair. That's another story. You can't handle the truth.

    He cannot stress the life changing pain that he experienced tonight. Right at the base of his neck and the complete back of his head. (20 reps just done now - you'll get it later…)

    He said nothing helped the headache. Time went by - maybe an hour from real bad headache to mind wrenching, call the cops or whatever you do here, sorta freaking pain. Laid down - worse, if that could be. Massaged his own neck and head…not better really at all.

    Came on about 2 hours after taking them, maybe 3 hours…basically when B hit go time in his belly…tried to eat a banana - felt like puking which he welcomed but couldn't ear more...he finally got in the shower with a huge bottle of water and decided to stay there until he either:

    A. Died
    B. Woke up in an Ambulance
    C. Woke up in Garberville, CA (which oddly happened to him on 2 occasions)

    Any way, he sat down. he is going to chug water he says to himself, and maybe even have himself a puke. So he chugs and he sits and it doesn't help. He considers the possibility of having to do something drastic...

    Then he remembers maybe his glucose was flushed out (side effect maybe he hears - he is not diabetic or anything ) and he needed sugars so he started chewing 3 pieces of Orbit gum like a mad man. Which does not list their ingredients by the way…

    But ALAS! He gets up to get the gum (left shower floor - AKA "Dopey's House" - in a woman's robe) ...and in doing so he realized life had almost become bearable - his head ache got a little less severe! He tried up and down movements in shower, touching toes, reaching up. Headache lessened SIGNIFICANTLY. He begins shadow boxing for about 25 seconds.

    Headache is GONE and BUZZ IS IN FULL EFFECT.

    This is the only reason he is here guys, for the next part, that he hopes God takes and sends to someone in need like he was.

    The secret is movement he says. Exercise of some sort. If you are having a headache in the base of your neck, back of head, then you need to start getting active, Susan.

    You need to get blood pumping in the right areas or something - SWIM doesn't know why, but it works and actually brings your buzz on like crazy. But you must keep doing it - work out (like 25lb dumbells - do 15 or 20 if your max dumb is 45) or just do toe touches and reach for the sky. DO SOMETHING ACTIVE MAN!! YOUR HEADACHE WILL GO AWAY he says. But it will return as well pretty quickly after leaving - so do light weights or activities you can maintain for a while. You will not feel like dancing if you reached the point he was in, but maybe that would work. He wishes he had a treadmill.

    Here goes a set (no BS - he is doing it...he HAS to).

    The ratio is about 1 cardio set as described = 4/5 minutes of not wanting to cry out "Oh God, SWIM is so STUPID. He has finally fucking done it." Like death style dooods.

    Moving around helps a lot, period. Just don't SIT OR LAY DOWN he warns! Do small movements if you are too… unhealthy to do drugs in the MF'ing first place! Just move.

    Chemicals SWIM has done in life - MF'ing everything really it seems from his account…been in it really heavy before with lots of crap (like splitting heavy duty time release morphine caps in half and taking them with tons of alcohal - that also scared the shit out of him)

    This post is garbled - but find the meat. You get a headache - you should work out. Drink some water. You won't die, but you will feel like it if you don't take a chance and do it.

    You know your body, listen to it he says. Do what is right for you. Probably very LIGHT EXERCISE he warns.

    SWIM thinks he may have saved himself from an aneurism or something. ...oh yeah, SWIM also chain smokes. In fact, the headache may have come on immediately following a quick sip of beer, a bowl of purps, and a cigarette. Might have got his blood moving around and that stuff hit him.

    SWIM is sure somebody will school him in why this is a bad idea - but if you are "there", you need to be "here", reading this shit. He never posts in forums but this was so monumentally profound he felt he had a gift he needed to share.

    Some final thoughts:

    - Fuck dude. First 2 times SWIM was stoked. He'd found a great, easy to get treat! Kept him focused, not a bad comedown. Little hard to stay away from though…just like all that type of stuff. So one day turned to 2 turned to 3 which could have become a lot longer…SWIM knows SWIM all too well…and now knows this stuff too.

    - 3rd time completely changed his life. No pain like that, ever.

    - He thinks that that cotton might build up in your gut, so space this out. It coulda been 5htp too…but he hit 100mg early in the day on Day One - Monday and didn't get zapped.

    Swim said Headache (Yes, Capital H) has gotten a little bit better all in all 6 hours after ingestion. But still VERY there. Like a normal bad head ache. Like calling the ambulance is definitely not going to happen any more, where as the thought was a reality earlier.

    Working out does less at this phase, but is still working. IT IS CRUCIAL IN THE MAIN ATTACK THOUGH. Stretching helps too. Just keep it moving.

    Also, he didn't ingest any element except water once the head ache hit, until now...

    Headache is now bearable he reports. Testing headache response at this time to:

    - Beer: Took a sip, probably not helping. No, no beer. More Gatorade. Now I'm out. Back to beer. Maybe not so bad.

    - Purps: Holding in now, little tingling…out. Better do some reps soon SWIM. Another toke. He Did some reps. Just feel a little more high, but no aid in headache really or potentiator effect.

    - Gatoraid and 3 new Orbit gums: Man this is a lot of gum he says…maybe this is helping. More reps. Just worked out to fatigue for the first time with 2 back to back big sets of curls and military presses. he feels good! Yes lots of gum indeed, he chews…what did it? Well probably the working out since the Headache now returns.

    No f all that stuff he says - it's simply drinking water, working out and peeing that is keeping the DEMON away. No wait, the Gatorade and gum does do something, at least placeboish because of his peripheral knowledge of that glucose flush possibility…maybe low blood sugar head ache is to blame.

    Gotta do it every 10 minutes still he says. This is 7 hours later, mind you…now he is peeing a lot

    SWIM says it's like 90% working out that helps, if not 100%. It just gives immediate results At hour 7.5, if you drink enough, he says you should start peeing like crazy and that's where he's at now…he sees the light. He truly thanks his God, for He is kind. He goes for another set.

    He is out of Gatorade, and searches Google to see if it is bad to drink jello mixed in water, which he scavenged from "normal zone" (any area outside his garage/studio). He finds it's fine, and some people use it for weight loss (2g protein per pack). He's worried about Glucose again…he goes for it.

    Drinking beer is maybe good now though…wow, his gatorade looks full again. Needs more J he says. Yuck, too much. He'll drink both. Not mixed though, because he is not gangster enough.

    It's best to not sit, and there he is sitting and writing! For the love of…oh whatever. So any way - he is doing reps every 10 minutes, but that is too long apart. Constant, slow paced exercise is probably ideal. Maybe in-between TAI CHE and kung fu fighting speed, more to the former though. Tread mill is best he says.

    So is that stuff worth it? Not for SWIM. He is more interested in Piracetam and injection of pig brain into your muscles. look it up. It's for dem smart fokes.

    SWIM feels like he will read this tomorrow and it will just say "Jack is a Dull Boy" over and over, like in that movie "Basket Case" where that guy carried his amputated-siamese twin-mutant-brother in a basket and it always ruined his dates. SWIM sucks at trivia on this shit - it was The Godfather, he corrects himself.

    His spirit of laughter returns...

    SWIM is also lucky he had the brains enough to put this together, but he is still having a horrible headache and working out to cure it. Haven't worked out in about 20 minutes…headache persists but he is getting tired of moving!! He Felt like a chump for writing that and just worked to fatigue again.

    This is NOT SUGGESTED - SWIM works out a lot and does so on DMAA regularly. Just move…feel it go away. You might have to hit a certain threshold, he says. So give it the old college try if initial efforts don't work, he adds, while noting he dropped out of 5 colleges and pays student loans for 2 or 3. No, it's 2.

    Well SWIM is going to leave now he says. I am glad. He sort of doesn't shut up and rambles on and on…He said he's going to surf the web and maybe eat later. And that he is glad he'll have weed tomorrow because he has to go to the zoo…ugh. He said bye, and thanks for the help.

    Then I said - "You have a fucking computer? Go suck balls in an alley you F'ing punk crack head!" and through a lit cigarette at his FACE. He actually vanished into thin air, or so it appeared.

    Then I realized that punk crack heads have been my friends at times in my life, and they are very nice people much of the time…that they need something. Which is always. But never the less…peace to any one offended. I just don't like the guy. And sucking balls in an alley is just straight up none of my business.

    SWIM won't say "don't do this stuff", but definitely don't cap em in such quantities so close like SWIM did. He says…Wait…if you can. There is a percentage of you that will not be able to, regardless of what you are telling yourself - so heed brothers and sisters…heed. This may happen, and you can fight it, he says.

    AGAIN, this was SWIM, not me. I just let him post this nonsense. mmmmm k?

    Republished by Benjamin The Red (BTR) - 2011

    Shit if you read this much, peep a rap, Homie:

    This is for my man movin' weight in the Street,
    Like Fat chicks with skates on their feet.
    Don't be too cavalier or you'll be bringin' the heat,
    just like my style, when I'm killing a beat.

    It's been fun childruns. Go in peace now, ya hear?

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