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    Drinking tends to greatly magnify certain aspects of THC... Everyone knows about the spins, but combine that with very little tolerance and experience with weed and your night is fucked. Nothing like projectile vomiting to make a bad trip worse...
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    Yes, I have complete faith that you're telling the truth.
    My first ever proper weed experience I was having these blackouts that felt like about a minute each, I would have dreams of me spinning around on stage sitting down with a large audience watching me from the darkness (these blackouts only lasted the length of each blink of my eyes). It was about 10 minutes into it and it felt like it was 7 hours.
    Just the other day I was walking around town stoned and I felt a dead girl scream and run towards me before grabbing me to pull me away from the road - making me jump, and feel like a complete moron for freaking out in public when nothing happened.
    Other times (vaporizing fairly small amounts of ganja) I had heard full walking and seen a white ghost walk past the bathroom.
    I can trip out hard from weed, and I love it to death.

    The secret is to know you're safe and it'll go away soon enough. Ghosts can't physically harm you. Fear also doesn't freak me out (as weird as that sounds). Fear (anxiety, paranoia and adrenaline) itself is just another drug to wade through and experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hoopyfrood View Post
    ^ I always think people are talking about me when I'm stoned. Alwaaays socially paranoid.

    same. it causes me sometimes not to talk at all for fear of being judged. which of course sometimes makes peple judge me. i only do it with close friends or on e because of thta
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    So its been three and a half months since my bad "marajuana trip" experience. I was out with some people last night, and had three shots, went to a club for about 3 hours, and got back to the house about 4 hours after I had drank. Never once did I even feel tipsy, and with the time that had passed, I most surely was sobered up nearly entirely. We went back to the house and they got out a water bong. Since my last experience was with a gravity bong, and I've smoked once or twice out of a regular bong (multiple hits) I figured I could take a single hit. So I took about a half hit, and didn't even clear the chamber. After about 20 minutes suddenly I started feeling a bit sketched out. I started getting really paranoid, and having intense recurring thoughts of the last trip, and I started panicking wondering how I got that high again off of a small hit. I was walking around and some everyone was talking in the kitchen and I started to get paranoid and decided, based on what happened the last time, I needed to just get away from everyone to avoid another bad situation. I got in my car and started to drive home. What should have been a 10 minute drive lasted for what seemed an hour, I was the only one on the road, just miles and miles of green lights, and every time I thought I was almost near, I wasn't even close yet. I was paranoid about hitting someone and getting pulled over by a cop. I kept re-assuring myself that it was just a bad trip and if i just stopped trying to figure out what was going on and analyzing it, I kept feeling less and less high.

    I then broke down again, called both of my parents at 4 in the morning, and basically completely told them everything in my life that they didn't know about (not that i do much of anything bad really) and told them I was super high (I've been living by myself for over a year across the country from them). I told them all the things that I have done that stressed me out and everything, and they were sounding super worried. In the morning, my dad called and said I was sounding near-suicidal, which makes no sense, because I never get suicidal thoughts, although I was having a hard time aligning what they said I was saying vs what I remembered. Long story short, I guess I have a better relationship with my parents, but I am giving up weed for ever. I know it may have been just two bad trips, but its a miracle I'm alive right now from the drive home alone, and if I was really breaking down as bad as they made it sound like i was. I had to keep checking my phone every few minutes to make sure time was still moving, and at times i would think minutes had passed, and it was still on the same minute. I even thought time was going to start going in reverse, but I just kept telling myself that that didn't actually make sense, and things would straighten out in time.

    I don't know how I could have had such a bad trip again off of such a single hit off a bong, and I'm pretty sure this wasn't laced either, but if it wasn't some sort of sign that I'm just not made to smoke weed, I don't know what is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostsoul.On.E View Post
    sounds like you had more than weed. maybe she slipped you some lsd. or maybe it was a dream.
    It's also possible that the cannabis triggered an underlying mental health issue. The hallucinations, delusions and thought processes that he describes are reminiscent of a psychotic episode related to schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia. Cannabis is notorious for exasperating underlying mental health issues and amplifying existing symptoms. Based off of around 10 years experience of interacting with persons suffering from mental illness, the OP's experiences seem typical of persons with mental health diagnoses who smoke cannabis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emperorofusa View Post
    It's also possible that the cannabis triggered an underlying mental health issue. The hallucinations, delusions and thought processes that he describes are reminiscent of a psychotic episode related to schizoaffective disorder or schizophrenia. Cannabis is notorious for exasperating underlying mental health issues and amplifying existing symptoms. Based off of around 10 years experience of interacting with persons suffering from mental illness, the OP's experiences seem typical of persons with mental health diagnoses who smoke cannabis.
    I'm interested in where you got this information. From what I've read on psychiatric researches is that people who smoke marijuana regularly are more likely to have mental health disorders later in life. Out of personal experience, I have a very good ability to control myself and think rationally, but now even under small doses of marijuana, I can't control myself, I can't think rationally whatsover, I get insanely paranoid even though I have nothing to be paranoid about. And my brain overanalyzes EVERYTHING I see or feel to the point where none of it makes any real sense whatsoever. I don't think weed necessarily will bring out any hints of a mental disorder, as weed itself inhibits normal brain activity. I don't know for sure, but from personal experience I can say that weed has very negative effects on me, and I can't smoke it, but when sober, I'm totally normal.
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    i also had a bad experience with weed last time i smoked. It was terrible, I'm 16 and i was at my bf house, we were on the balcony with his friend. The curtains were halfway down so his friend could take a watch while we blazed. I was in my fourth hit when his mom walks into the room, his friend is telling us but it took us a few seconds to understand he wasn't joking. When her feet are visible through the curtains we freak out and my boyfriend tosses the bong out of the window, it lands god-knows-where but fortunately not on the covered pool. We had cigarretes in our hands and pretended to be smoking that and his mom opens the balcony door and starts accusing my bf of liar because he told he quitted smoking. We were just hoping she would close the door. By that moment i start laughing at my friend describing how close that was but then she barges into the room again and calls for me, i start shaking, my eyes are red and i look like a mess, i was a beginner so i didn't know how to fake my high. I say that i'll be right there and run to the bathroom, wash my face, nose, hands, and by that moment i was trembling so bad. I was paranoid, i left the bathroom shaking and started talking really fast, I felt cold and it was just terrible. I don't know why i reacted this way, maybe because i was a beginner but I spent the next 2 hours trembling on a sunday at my bf house, it was already midnight and by now I'm pretty sure his family hates me for "influenced" my bf back to cigarets even though i was kind of influenced by him. It was terrible to feel so scared, i had dreams of my mom finding out through urine test and of my stepdad smelling the weed because of my hair when i got home. I just hoped i would have the amazing experience people who love weed have.
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    Gee whiz kids are so weird about smoking pot. Yeah it has mild halucinogenic properties, but the main cause for bad experiences seem to center around worying about parents finding out about marijuana usage. When my parents asked me if I was smoking pot I usually said yeah what of it. If you are so worried about geting caught I suggest you wait till your an adult or stop worrying as the whole point of smoking pot is to not worry. Its not some grand majic thing. Honestly it likes most drugs and life, which is that it is what you make of it.
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    Yes I have experienced that before and it was exactly the felt like nothing existed and you are just a feels like u are in hell and u never coming out,I hated it and I almost killed myself when I was experiencing the trip.
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    It seems crazy that people who experience these bad pot 'trips' smoke it again. If something so clearly doesn't agree with you why carry on. It's like being allergic to nuts but still eating them because other people say their nice....
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    Quote Originally Posted by badtrip View Post
    I had a very similar, but worse experience two nights ago and have been googling all day and have not found a case as severe as mine. I was out at a party and had about 4 or 5 drinks, and smoked a few puffs of hookah. All in all i was just pretty tipsy. I was in the kitchen as some guys were making a 2 litre bottle gravity bong, and roasted 2 bowls immediately in it. I asked what the hell that was, and naturally I was granted the candidate for the first hit, since I never have tried it before. Now I've only smoked weed a few times in my life, and the worst I've ever heard of getting too high is someone just passing out. I've been very high one other time in my life and just passed out and was hyper aware of all my senses for a couple hours, while being half passed out.

    This time was a whole different story. Immediately after blowing the smoke out, I knew something was wrong. I immediately started to feel dizzy and not quite right. Within 2 minutes everything became extremely hazy, and I started to tweak out, my friend trying to calm me down and say I was just really high. I said okay, I'll be fine I just need to sleep. What happned next after I went upstairs, something set me off and suddenly I started to spaz out upstairs. I was tripping so hard I thought I had just killed myself and for the following 5 hours, I WAS dead, and spiraling through hell, occasionally coming back to reality just as a tease before sucking me back into what I remember being the most excruciating, never ending pain. Anybody that came to talk to me looked like a demon from hell and it only got worse. I started screaming and becoming very aggressive and saying things that people thought I was possessed (I am a very chill guy normally and even when heavily intoxicated of just beer, will never get violent) I hardly remember most of it, I just knew that I was dead, and saw my whole life play out like a movie and I continued to spiral down into hell. I thought my whole life was just a joke because I was actually in hell, and my life never even existed. After about 5 hours of this I fell asleep for maybe an hour after having the peak of my attacks where I thought I hit rock bottom of the pits of hell and saw the face of satan laughing at me as I writhered in pain. When I finally woke, the bathroom light immediately switched off and I was sitting in a pitch black room. I knew either I was completely dead now, or that I finally returned from the trip. I fumbled to the lightswitch and once it turned on, I sat there wondering if it were real or not. I walked over to the couch and passed out for a few more hours and when I woke and couldn't find my house keys, I started to trip again (with that over-analytical effect of weed) thinking that I wasn't really back or alive and how perfectly wrong everything was in my life at that moment for me to really exist. I drove over to my best friends house and was talking with him and his wife and was still tripping mentally (no longer visually). I couldn't comprehend reality and was just waiting for to snap back into the hellish trip just like it happened the night before where I would come back to reality for moments then get sucked back out. My friend drove me back to my place and the whole rest of the day was a haze, and I was tripping all day, still unsure if I was alive or not. I was questioning everything about my entire life until I finally came out of it today, almost 36 hours later. Things finally make sense and I realize I am most surely alive.

    Now, my friend from the party was almost positive that it was not laced weed, just very potent, and enhanced efficiency with the gravity bong. Perhaps I was just hallucinating and tripping really bad, the weed was laced, or possibly with the combination I had, experienced a near death experience. I have no idea, all I know is that it was truly the most frightening experience of my life, and one I hope never to have again. I left out a lot of the other things i thought and felt but I could probably write a book on the ordeal. None of this is made up, and according to the other people there, it was worse than I have described it. So either I had tho worst weed trip of anyone in the world, or I have yet to come across a similar story. Either way, maybe you guys will at least enjoy my story hah!
    This same shit happened to me bro. Minus the devil face, our stories are almost identical. I was just falling through what i thought was hell and my life was a joke. The thing is, its been almost a month and im still freaking out and getting flashbacks. Im still not sure life is real. I don't know what to do. Will this ever go away? I keep telling people but no one seems to understand. They just look at me like im some crazy pot head but im not. It was only like the 4th time ive ever smoked. Its really driven me crazy and i need help.
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    I've never had a bad high or a "Trip" on weed. I usually just get the regular head or body high or both. I've never hallucinated, I just giggle and think and space out. I'm sorry you experienced this, however I think it may have been the state of mind you were in before you smoked it, if not it may have been laced. If you go into smoking weed with a negative mindset, chances are you may not enjoy it as much as if you go into it like "Yeah, this is gonna make me feel good. I'm gonna have a good time."
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfromcali32 View Post
    this happened when i was a teenager back in 1993. i still remember it like t was yesterday. i was 15 years old and had only smoked pot a few times before. i had just moved to my dad's house and his girlfriend was a total pothead. so the first day i move there i ask his girlfirend if i could smoke some pot. she says yeah. so in the morning we smoke a joint. it doesnt do much to me. then a few hours later we go down to the beach and score some weed. we smoke it right there on the beach, hidden of course. again it doesn't do much to me. then around 7pm a guy comes around our pad with some pot. this was my 3rd time smoking that day and i was a newby. so this last joint i say screw it and went balls out. took like 10 long hits of it. then i had the munchies bad. my moms girlfriend makes us quessadillas to eat. and everything is funny as hell, i laughing at everything. then the pot guy leaves and its just me and her in the living room. my dad is asleep in the back. well around 8pm i go lay down and start to fall asleep in front of the tv. i nod off and suddenly i'm in a time warp going a million miles per hour through the galaxy (ever see that movie STARGATE). then i get up and something is definitaely wrong. its like i wasn't there. time has slowed down to a crawl, a minute seemed like 2 life times. getting deja vu like a mtherfcker. everything happening 1,000 times over and over and over. i began freaking. i go into the bathroom and suddenly its like i'm being flushed down the toilet. then i realize that i don't exist. life as we know it isn't. i'm and eveything is "nothing". then i'm in another universe 1,000,000,000,000 miles a way from earth. my mind and body ain't one. they have split up. my moms girlfriend tries calming me down to no avail, i yell to her to call 911. i have visions of me in straightjacket in a psych ward at the hospital. she decides not to call 911, instead gives me cold medicine to make me drowsy. she goes and wakes my dad in the back room. i lay down on the couch and my dad comes out and tries to calm me. and as he is, he begins turning into a horned devil about to engulf me in his evil. then everything goes black black black. all together this "bad trip" lasted about 30 minutes. i wake up 2 hours later and am a bit better and i'm off to sleep again. then i wake up the next day fine trying not to think about the previous night to hell.
    Did you ever have this experience again? Did it cause later anxiety? When all this was occurring in your mind did your body do crazy out of control things like run or scream or babble?
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    Well if this is the worst bad trip you ever had and its all the way in 1993 then cheers mate, really. Whatever is your worst is your worst so I'm not putting you down but my worst was an accidental overdose of 300mg oral MDPV (they gave me the wrong RC), and it involved a wild trip in a speeding ambulance, and lying on a stretcher in the ER, hyperventilating with all my might, holding my fathers hand while pissing myself and saying my goodbyes to him and begging the doctor to sedate me unconscious even if that meant it would kill me, to deliver me from the onslaught of inhuman suffering. He refused, and I lived, to the amazement of all involved. That was in 2011, I still cringe physically when I think back about it, about the intensity of the anguish but especially about what I put my father and his second wife through. My dad said: "never in my life have I seen someone so afraid" and hes been in the military and seen people die. I don't care about the humiliation of peeing like a fountain on the stretcher and the nurses having to constantly change my sheets. I could afford to announce I had to pee, or spend energy on peeing in the designated bottle, I was hyperventilating for hours with all my strength and every speck of my consciousness was focussed on making me SURVIVE IT. Every bit of my Ki was focussed on making me survive, I willingly let my urine flow as nothing else mattered than making it out of that ER room alive. You should know, I am a heart patient who had a majhor heart attack and who is on pills and who by error of my RC merchant took 300mg of MXE to the dome - after a 24 hour binge on half a gram of 6-APB, and I LIVED. THANK YOU JESUS. During the 6-APB I felt so good that I let Jesus into my heart for the first time, and hours later that heart survived the equivalent of 60 cups of coffee in one gulp. That was my darkest hour, and it was nothing short of a miracle. If you're an atheist you probably shrug this off as coincidental, but I believe it is significant, it was my "conversion miracle". (I'm not a christian in the strict sense but I did deepen my sprituality on the binge before the OD.

    The worst thing about your bad trip was fear itself. Fear is the biggest enemy you will face on this planet. You were tested in your half hour ordeal and you passed this test. Do you feel in retrospect that the bad trip you had made you stronger?
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    nono, guys. this can definitely happen. i've heard stories like this from numerous people before. unfortunately, that's not how pot ever affected me!

    Sounds like good times, eh?
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    Man, that blows! I've had "bad trips" on everything from acid to 2-FMA to 4-HO-MET, but nothing came close to my worst pot trips. You truly feel like you're dying, which also happens with some psychedelics...but the anxiety is never as bad as pot for me. With bad psych trips it's more like "Oh, so this is what dying feels like. Bummer." Too much weed is a one-way ticket to Hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkt View Post
    what the hell is a pot trip ?
    Lmao what I was thinkin exactly
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    Super scary experience! Glad you're okay and well though. Unfortunately, bad trips stick with ya in your memory
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    The only bad trips I ever had were from weed.

    The worst was the first time I got properly stoned. I had tried it once before and this guy had absolutely beautiful nuggets, some of the best weed I have ever seen, and I took two rips off a large bong, completely clearing it both times. All of a sudden I couldn't take it. Time stopped. I still remember my walk down the dorm hallway back to my room, it felt like a multi hour ordeal, and my vision was in strobe mode, and I felt like I was watching a movie from inside my head. If I had known What to expect, it would have been awesome, but I was ill prepared. Everything was off. My buddy, who I really barely knew at that point was a nice guy and walked with me, and chilled watching aqua teen while I wondered if I was gonna die on my bed. ATHF has always had strange sinister overtones since then.
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    That happened to me yesterday! Since I'm a newbie at cannabis yesterday I took like 15 long hits cuz I wanted to get really high but let me tell u it was the worst feeling in my life. At first I felt normal high but after like 5 minutes it hit me. I felt so bad my head felt nauseous. I had the munches right away so as I was pouring myself a bowl if chips I was like nope I can't do this. I went straight to my room and threw myself in the bed and tried to sleep but after a few minutes I got up to get that bowl of chips. Once I got to the kitchen I felt paranoid as fuck everything seemed to scare me I felt so much anxiety I couldn't even stand right my whole body was shaking and I remember trying to eat a cheeto and for some reason I got scared to a new extreme level. I went straight to bed and lay there like if I were dead for like 3 hours when I got up it wasn't as bad but at least I could have tolerated it. Anyways I'm not so sure If I should do it again because it felt like a living hell I wasn't even aware of time...
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    I've got strong hallucinations on weed as well on a few occasions, most times it was a bad trip, I had audio hallucinations (hearing other languages in my mother tongue), open-eyed visuals (morphing faces, stop-motion exactly like what is described on DXM, massive trails, etc.), very detailed 3D closed-eye visuals, time dilation... everytime it was on a very strong dose or in particular circumstances, like extreme physical fatigue.
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    That was not just weed, there was probably some PCP in that joint. Not LSD, that wouldn't work to put it in a joint and the effects you describe also sound more like an extreme dissassociation than psychedelia.
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    It's incredibly uncommon for PCP to be laced into weed, unless it's on purpose with people who are aware of it, because PCP costs extra money so there's no incentive for someone to do it and sell it to people unknowingly. That's an urban legend for the most part, though of course it has happened. But it usually happens when someone gets some on purpose and then shares it without telling their friends/smoking partners (because some people suck like that). MANY people report these types of experiences from strong doses of marijuana, I have had incredibly powerful and at times frightening experiences on weed, although my reaction was always "wow, I can't believe this is possible, I want to do it again!"

    I used to have visual and audio hallucinations every time I smoked. I would feel like I was falling through space at a million miles per hour and like I was buzzing with a violent energy. My vision would strobe and frame and I would see an empty void behind the corners of my vision. The visual hallucinations would include colored orbs, purple and other colored lines cross-crossing, and extreme visual snow. The audio hallucinations would include peoples' voices (sounding like they were coming from the other room or across the house or something, I could sometimes make out what they were saying and sometimes not). I'd have extremely weird and intense thoughts. I loved all of this though, I thought it was so interesting even though it was sometimes a little hard to take.

    The only time I really had bad experiences on weed was during a period of time a few months into heavily smoking, my first marijuana winter... for about a month I would always uncontrollably imagine being impaled or dismembered, and it was so vivid I would feel the sensations, without the pain. It would make me really uncomfortable and freaked out because I'd be sitting there in the car with my friends and then sudden;y imagine, say, a long, paper-thin spike coming through the window and spearing me through the eyeball, and slowly working its way through the back of my head, and I'd feel that terrible sensation. After a month that stopped and it's never happened again.

    These days I never hallucinate from weed and I smoke it pretty regularly, that was really just the first year or so. Lately I haven't had any of my own but I smoke it probably 3 times a week on average.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottd420 View Post
    Wow, that is pretty crazy. I'm glad you are okay and didn't end up calling 911. I've always wanted more profound and intense effects from sativa strains--well all strains in general, but that sounds a bit too intense. Just curious, do you still smoke at all?
    I agree, I think he smoked a high Sativa strain, and being he had not smoked much in his life prior, that could have done it! Sometimes people underestimate Sativa strains, the good ones can make your heart race and then that leads to the person kinda freaking out thinking that it is laced with something. Personally, I love Sativa strains! I am not an Indica strain fan, unless of course that is the only type strain available at the time.
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