Thread: Marijuana - First Time - first time getting high - what the fuck happened to me?

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    Marijuana - First Time - first time getting high - what the fuck happened to me? 
    Back in may I smoked what I thought to be weed (though post taking it I am convinced it was something else). I had smoked it before but never really got high and I would get frustrated due to the fact that everyone always talked about weed and I couldn?t understand the fuss. So I took two or three big hits, waited a couple minutes and felt nothing. I then took another few hits and waited. It hit me like a fucking locomotive. I was sitting on a bench with my friend and suddenly I felt like I was watching us smoke from a bird?s eye view and we were like cartoon characters. I then started to freak out a little bit and had a full scale panic attack. However, there was one very specific part of the experience that sticks with me. I suddenly felt like reality was shrinking around me, it continued to shrink down to one specific point. Upon reaching this point I felt like I understood the entire universe.

    I interpreted it to mean either my entire existence is an illusion or we (the human race) along with the rest of the universe is one source of energy. I have since been battling with depersonalisation and derealisation but no matter how much I tell myself ?It was just drugs?, can?t help but wonder if actually I am not mentally ill but rather I have unlocked the secret of the universe. I then felt like I was being tested for some sort of alien experiment.

    Can anyone shed some light?

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    Sounds like you got a mad buzz!! Dont worry it sounds pretty on par with cannabis. I used to smoke daily for 10 years and it started giving me really bad anxiety. Next time dont take so many hits, take a small hit every 10 to 20mins until u start to feel good. Also dont smoke out of a bong or bowl, i find joints to be the best "calm" body high out of all the methods.if your in a legal state try to find a good Indica strain, they are the best for a calm happy high
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    Sounds like my first time getting properly baked lol, I was waking through the town with my friend in birds eye view just laughing for like 15 mins, also funny that we did look like cartoon characters So yes it was weed you smoked you just got extremely stoned.
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    Yeah.. exact same thing happened to me. I smoked weed probably 12 times without feeling it... then the first time it hit me it felt like an acid/mushroom trip. At that point, I had already done acid and mushrooms so I knew what they felt like. I doubt it was laced.
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    I find your lack of knowledge in the domain of drugs rather amusing, youngster.
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    You were very high on THC.
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    Sounds a lot like my first few times getting properly baked. I've had multiple 'first times' because I've taken a lot of long breaks over the years. Each one of those first times has been very intense for sure.
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    Haha, yeah, early weed experiences are really, really intense. Some of my most intense drug experiences are the first times I got stoned, especially the very first.
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    I agree with everyone else, you got really high because it hit you properly for the frist time and its caused extreme anxiety and maybe a panic attack by the sounds of it. This should all pass after you get used to if you decide to keep smoking 😊😊
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    Weed can be just as intense as a psychedelic (cause it technically is a mild one), and boy can I relate. Try smoking weed after having a super crazy. You won’t be able to not freak out for months in my experience. Every proper stoner has a story like this.
    Good shit though
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    Sounds like weed to me, my first time getting high was an accident because I was left with pot brownies. I didn't know what they were so I ate 3 brownies while my friends were gone, over 300 mg for my first time and I was time traveling for hours!! 😂
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    Some of that sounded a bit like Salvia Divinorum or perhaps one of those horrible "Spice"-type weed substitutes, although people do have some pretty unique and strange experiences from cannabis... especially new users.
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