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Thread: How much Xanax is too much??

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    How much Xanax is too much??

    I once picked up my 200 x 2mg alprax and popped 15 at once (30mg!) then drove across border bought some h chased the dragon and drove home wtf!! Has anyone had that type of dose?? Side note my doc gave me a script that read 2 x 100 instead of 2 x 50 so each month I got 4 bottles of 50!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flypelican1980 View Post
    ...popped 15 at once (30mg!) then drove across border ... bought some h chased the dragon and drove ...
    Nice. I'm glad I do not have to cross any Australian roads in the near future. It is a matter of personal opinion (plus tolerance) how much 'xanax' is too much but if you want to know how much information is too much...

    Quote Originally Posted by Flypelican1980 View Post
    ...popped 15 at once (30mg!) then drove across border ... bought some h chased the dragon and drove ...
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    enough to kill a horse

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    You can never have too much xanax!

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    dealt with alprozolam extensively. which is the active ingredient in xanax.
    accidentally and stupidly somehow managed to do somewhere in between 50 and 80mg when a bag of alprozolam spilt into something I ended up drinking when I was already well not sober.
    I blacked out something wicked - first true black out I've ever experienced. I managed to cut my rib cage badly, break numerous things in my house and be a total cunt to my partner who praise everything looked after my blacked out ass and put up with me those few days.
    Yeah, I no shit had two sleeps and on the third day I sobered up. I was awake and doing things in the day time - apparently, from my partners recollection. As I literally have absolutely no recollection of those few days at all, not one bit. it's the strangest thing I've gone through.

    so imo, that's too much xanax. enough to black you out for days, and enough that it turns you from relaxed person to angry vicious cunt. Hopefully you manage to avoid a experience like this.

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    There?s a few things that come to mind when I read your question..?

    What are you trying to accomplish? Anxiety relief? Or to just plain fuck yourself up in hope of a black out, that ?could? end with you waking in a psych ward or lock up at one of our friendly fellows in blues station.....

    Too much depends on every individual. Someone taking the drug regularly, as prescribed? I?d say too much is when you go beyond your monthly script within 2 days. Leaving you with a pretty shitty 28 or so days to wait for your next script.

    The problem for individuals who are dependent is not enough. Seizures can fuck your life upside down.

    Be responsible with drugs of this class, or they?ll eventually take over your life.

    For someone with zero tolerance to alprazolam and heroin. Your asking for an overdose. Or death.

    Im hoping your subconscious didn’t write this for a dick sizing contest.....

    sorry. Only realised how old this thread is.
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