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Thread: Mixing Codeine, Valium and alcohol

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    Mixing Codeine, Valium and alcohol

    Hey guys,

    just wondering.... my friend of a friend don't normally take valium but has been prescribed over the years his tolerance is about 15mg which will make really relaxed. This morning he smoked a point of ice and took 30mg over the course of 8 hours. He hasn't any valium for about 10 hours now. This afternoon swim had about 6 beers over two hours ago. He felt pretty drowsy so after he smoked another half a point. He can smoke 5 points a day with no qualms. My question is because swim loves a bit of codeine, his normal dose (meth or no meth) is about 180-210mg, would he be right in maybe taking 10mg diazepam and 90mg codeine (he heard halving the doses works) even though he's had those beers and diazepam (valium) at those times. He's itching for some codeine but doesn't want to die from too many depressants.

    Thanks in advance


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    We don't usually do the 'friend of a friend'/SWIM/whatever thing here - everyone knows it is you...

    You should avoid poly-drug use like this; using meth, alcohol, diazepam and codeine in a single day is really more than necessary. That said, I know it can be a little too tempting at times and at least you are trying to be safer about it by reducing your dose. I don't think dosing 90mg of codeine later should be too problematic, but given you already consumed 30mg of diazepam and some beers I would avoid adding additional diazepam to the mix.

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