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Thread: Withdrawing on Targin? WTF

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    Withdrawing on Targin? WTF

    Due to the effed up laws currently surrounding codeine, all I can get my hands on were a pack of 5 and 10mg Targin. Took a 5, and in 20 mins felt like I was withdrawing (moderately)...

    If I up the dose will it be worse, will the Naloxone just knock out any of the euphoria completely and send me into worse withdrawals?

    How I miss my CWE panadeine forte and the N+ split days 😭
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    Took 2 x 10/5 today. Good enough to tie me over.

    What's happened to BL? Yeah I'm only new, but was here years ago and it was the ultimate HR forum. So sad.

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    Not so many people post here these days, unfortunately. Though, Targin is rare enough (I have never come across it in the black market, and I used to use illicit opioids fairly regularly) that I am not sure it would have been reasonable to expect an informative answer in under 24 hours even when the forum was at its busiest.

    When I was in hospital last year, a number of people on the ward were being given Targin instead of Endone/Oxynorm. At the time I assumed this was to prevent abuse, and it wouldn't surprise me if the naloxone present in Targin stops higher doses from being effective. It seems odd for a single tablet to cause precipitated withdrawals; but, I am not an opioid addict, nor have I ever used Targin, so my opinion on the matter is not worth a great deal.

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    Endone 5mg OxyNorm 10mg and 20mg are short acting oxycodone. Targin, on the other hand, is really just an OxyContin combined with naloxone, that is the extended release form (over 12 Hours). It contains Naloxone to: a) Prevent constipation, as the naloxone binds to the opiate receptors in the gut, the smooth muscle of the intestines, so that they do not contract and cause constipation. b) to stop crushing and shooting up.
    I personally prefer the Sandoz brand of oxy over the brand name Oxy. It has not been, as they say, "reformulated"......

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