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Thread: Why do people feel that benzos potentiate opiates?

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    Why do people feel that benzos potentiate opiates?

    For me personally, benzos are the kill-all of any other drug. If I take a benzo (ativan, klono, xan) during the duration of an opiate or before I feel the opiate effects reduced greatly around 50%.

    Same with bud.. I realize I have to smoke so much more to feel the bud if I am on a benzo, even as light as ativan. For ppl who find them to potentiate opies what are you feeling?

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    Because it increases the respiratory depression to lethal levels

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    I have the same exact problem. I could be cruising all good on 90mgs of oxy and a couple Xanax totally ruins the euphoria. I think that’s why so many people die from the combo, they had a good buzz going and then popped a bar which ruins their euphoria so they go for painers or benzo and then just don’t wake up. My grandma died from a single Xanax given to her by her neighbor which was too much her her 120mgs of methadone, granted she was a small woman in poor health but that just goes to show how easy it can happened. Benzos make me gluttonous in general. When Sober I get a mini panick attack from one hit of good medical MJ but on benzos I can burn a couple grams in one night. Always wondered why it causes us to at such a way. Lowered inhibitions mixed with blurred judgement I suppose

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    Lowered inhibitions mixed with blurred judgement
    benzos definitely do that.

    i would suggest also that people think benzos enhance opiates because the combination increases the sedation of both (in dangerous ways)

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    Keif will be on in a bit to point out how remarkably safe benzos are in terms of respiratory depression, and he's right, though the combo might mean passing out despite being on fire.

    Potentiation also isn't the same thing as "two (or more) drugs that go well together". Something like an enzyme inhibitor from grapefruit juice that causes a drug to last longer is a potentiator. Two downers are just two downers, and . . . no, I'm really tired and still thought of a really bad pun, but I'm not going to use it.

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