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Thread: Shooting a-pvp again and again

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    Shooting a-pvp again and again

    Sorry for my English. My friend and I have about 10 years amphetamine addiction (i/v), then year of remission and now (I don't know, how) we took some mephedrone, alpha-Pvp, amphetamine and finally 1,0 of alpha. And now we're shooting it every 1.5-2 hours, we have no euphoria, but side effects like audial distortions and others. I know, we're doing stupid =) but is it really dangerous?

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    yeah, it's dangerous.

    Iv drug use has a number of serious risk associated with it - from vein damage to infections (endocarditis etc). shooting up as regularly as you are increases these risks, as well as vein damage.
    collapsed veins can ber pretty serious, so make sure you rotate injection sites.

    a-pvp is also pretty notorious for causing psychosis. be careful, and try to get as much sleep as you can, and difficult as it may be, try to eat.

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    How much are you using in a shot?

    I dont know how much is a usual shot as dont know about this chemical but redosing that often isnt really the best idea.

    What do you know about this drug? What effects is it meant to have? Are you expecting it to be exactly like meth as it wouldnt likely be the same mate.

    Edit: yea shit sorry this is that flakka stuff.

    That stuff doesnt sound like fun to me, theres folks around who use it here but it does cause way too much headfuckery compared to meth or speed imo.

    The whole going into psychosis and getting into mesed up shit and trouble/physical danger is the worry .

    Best to not keep going with it and give it a rest for a while.
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    Well in their defense it's just pyrovalerone. Not really different than Welbutrin in terms of sinister-stuff associated with Florida.

    And it's ten times more potent at inhibiting dopamine reuptake than cocaine, at least in a dish. It has a similar half-life too.

    So you'll redose like cocaine and go a little nuts from all the dopamine, stay wide-awake, not eat and hallucinate a little. Not quite as bad, but still bad, with the adrenaline, so you'll still grind your teeth and have trouble with your plumbing.

    But it's got nothing to do with serotonin, unlike cocaine. Maybe that makes cocaine seem fun longer? Maybe that's the part that makes you sociable, and want to write screenplays.

    Anyway, it's as bad for you as a raging coke bender, so you need to shut it down, now that its not fun anyway.

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