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Thread: Is this a good idea?

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    Is this a good idea?

    So I've thinking long and hard about how to score some goodies at an ER, and here's the best I got:

    My plan is to generously rub emla cream (a topical anaesthetic containing 5% lidocaine and 5% prilocaine) on my forearem, and when it's nice and numb boil about a cup of oil and pour it on it. That should get me some nice 2nd degree burns on an area large enough to warrant a visit to the ER. It's even possible it gets me hospitalized. That would surely mean some good constant IV shit.

    I'm sure there are easier ways, but frankly I'm a terrible actor (so miss me with that kidney stone shit) and I'd rather not break any bone.

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    I'm going to just say that if you're willing to burn yourself with hot oil intentionally to score pain meds, you need a different kind of help. This kind of self mutilation is a serious warning sign that something else is seriously wrong.

    I strongly advise speaking to a professional about these urges.

    I also think that it's within the confines of harm reduction if I tell you to just go get some street dope if it prevents you from deep frying your arm. You have no idea what kind of permanent nerve damage, etc you can do to yourself.

    Go get some heroin and talk to a mental health professional about what you just told us.

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    Firstly were not here to help you get drugs, and secondly with boiling oil, think more like 3rd degree burns and dealing with nerve damage for the rest of your life. This is a terrible idea, and as tombs said I think you need a different kind of help.

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    You're scum if you do this. People in the ER are actually dying. No one here will help you lie or harm yourself to score drugs from an ER. You really need to reevaluate the way to think about things and get your priorities in order. If you really are thinking like that you need to talk to a doctor about why you feel the desperation to lie to get whatever substance for whatever effect so they can find the right singular substance (poly if necessary) and help you stablize so maybe one day you can study to become an ER doctor and help people you see who are in the same position you find yourself in now... Or whatever you want to do rather than waste the time of ER doctors who could be saving someone's life just to try to score drugs that you'll just run out of again wasting their time even if they do give you anything that they could be using to save someone's life.

    Also welcome...

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    Wait... A fucking cup of boiling oil??? You'd probably melt through some muscles with that. Seriously get some fucking help. You have to be a special kind of crazy to think up something that stupidly overexcessive.

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    200 degrees celsius don't cause 3rd degree burns unless you're exposed to it for a couple or more seconds. If you pour oil fast you're not even directly exposed for 1 second. I've researched this.

    I can't afford street anything, however my medical insurance can afford hospital bills.

    And I love it how you guys thinking it's different having an accident that gets you to the ER than making one yourself. The former is caused by a physical overlook or luck, while the latter is caused by intense chemical imbalance in the brain. Do yourselves a favor and research depression and mental illnesses a bit. They're just as physical illnesses as kidney stones or cancer. They're physical changes in the structure of the brain.

    If someone is so broken that he commits suicide, his/her death is no different than someone dying to cancer. For someone to make the choice to take his/her own life something it seriously damaged in their brain. Same is true for doing other stupid stuff like cutting yourself and injuring yourself even more.

    Frankly it's a miracle I'm still alive, as many people in my situation have already killed themselves. Compared to suicide, self harm to get drugs is almost nothing. And believe me, I've tried every form of psychotherapy and medication. The only times I don't want to kill myself is when I'm high.

    Saying I'm selfish from taking hospital resources of people who "really need it" is an ignorant thing to say. It's identical (yes identical) to saying that someone who goes to the ER for physical pains is selfish. Mental pain is just as bad, and just as physical.

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    Oil has a tendency to stick to skin, especially when boiling hot. It will most definitely cause third degree burns.

    I definitely understand depression, but harming yourself to get meds isn't the answer, you need to see a psych doctor if you're having these thoughts.

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    EDIT rewritten as stimulants flow:

    Five percent topical lidocaine can't even handle stinging nettles and sunburn, it's not going to spare you from fryer oil soaking in to your now-pre-greased skin.

    You could wind up with a nasty blister that really hurts, even scarring, that the desk at the ER will triage to the bottom of the pile. People get shot and don't get ER opioids, they get stuff like ketamine that won't depress their breathing. (The continuous infusion of opioids is used with fentanyl--it's an anesthetic, folks, for making you unconscious, it's not recreational.)

    Now that I'm more awake: this is closed because we can't help you lie to medical personnel, we can't help you score drugs, and we can't evaluate plans on how to hurt yourself. It's not a moral stance on cheating taxpayers out of ER painkillers and trust me, most of us are sympathetic about the state of mental health treatment in the US.
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