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Thread: Methaqualone - First Time - Tried Methaqualone (Quaaludes, 700mg); K.O.'d

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    Methaqualone - First Time - Tried Methaqualone (Quaaludes, 700mg); K.O.'d

    Hello bluelight,
    After about 3 years of complete abstinence of bluelight and drugs in general (except weed and alcohol) I decided to dabble a little with combos again,
    including a very fetishized, euphoric drug that is supposed to give a kick ass high ...
    so I though I'd write a trip review as a come-back.

    A pretty rare substance, a barbiturate-like downer, known from Wolf of Wall Street, which the older folks from that era seemed to be in very fond memories of them, almost romanticizing them, because of their complete absence and their nostalgic memories of using this drug in the 60's and 70's.
    First I was skeptical if I was getting the real deal, after all it has been pulled off the market since the 80's. Yet, my contact is a very secretive integrated chemist, who most definitely has the abilities to synthesize and access this vanished euphorant, in its freebase form. (Obviously not fake pressed pills or Lemmo 714s)

    Anyways, I kit tested and had weighed the received substance of 1000mg of Methaqualone.
    Prior to this evening I was coming down off of a 1-day meth binge and was somewhat spun, wired and looking forward for a downing, euphoric drug to feel the bliss and fall asleep to later in the day.

    So, I weighed out exactly 300mgs of it (a supposedly medium dose), took it orally and it kicked in after about 10-15minutes on an empty stomach. The high crept on me like a subtle GHB high, and became gradually stronger over time.

    Main effects felt after 30-60mins of intake:

    • Feeling extremely disinhibited (almost in the sense of complacency, not caring about anything at all, feeling like disclosing anything personal without regrets.)
    • Decent muscle relaxation, slackness, inertia, jellyfish-like loose limbs
    • Heavy sedation, body high, enhanced tactile sensations, stretching, cuddling, yawning, overall comfortability
    • Music feels enhanced, very GHB like and extremely euphoric bursts of chest tingling and self-hugging occur
    • Feeling VERY giggly all the time, like a little child or like experiencing the first MDMA high
    • Coordination is fairly impaired, stumbling and bumping into walls
    • Heavily enhanced confidence, well-being and feelings of superiority towards others
    • Stimulating at higher doses (dance, energy-full rush), blissfull sleepiness at low-normal dosaeges
    • Fairly horny and sexually increased libido

    After feeling all this up to 3 hours after intake, and not having a care in the world, running and rushing outside like the grinning, stumbling idiot (that I am) and talking to random stragers outside, I regrettably made the decision to take more of this stuff (similarly how I used to redose GHB again). I assumed 200mg's more would suffice for a prolongation. After that the effects were still felt, just not as intense as before. Which somehow ended in a reckless, abusive, binge-like behavior on my side and fiending for euphoria, so I took little bumps of Meth on top and even more Quaaludes (total of 600mg now (T+4);
    I had read that re-dosing of Quaaludes is not too effective ... yet I don't have any scientific backup for this, take it with a grain of salt.)

    Fast forward: I felt perfect, blissful, content, godlike again. I could describe it is a pure mental freedom, happiness on top of a need to socialize and feeling absolutely satisfied with your surroundings. Probably caused by the overload of GABA-A neurotransmitters which this chemical is agonizing within the neurological pathways of my brain.

    Now ensuing, is something not recommended at all and not harm reductive:
    I felt like buzzing more so I lost count of how much more Methaqualone I took
    (estimatedly about 100mgs more, 700mg in total) on top of which I downed 2 Valiums with alcohol (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS considering risk of respiratory depression).

    But I have never experienced such total loss of inhibition before (probably similar to Flunitrazepam or stronger) and heavenly bursts of giggly euphoria inside of my chest from any drug (except my first time MDMA).

    I physically tried my best to put on my headphones, get some cigarettes and go outside for a smoke. My body just did not want to cooperate, I was immovable, I was so heavily sedated it was a challenge for me to stand up even.

    Needless to say, I blacked out and woke up about 16 hours later.
    I had originally planned to save the rest for an other day on another week.
    Only to Wake up, look on my table... the Quaalude baggie is empty, about 70mg is spilled on the floor and the rest of the almost 300mg has seemingly disappeared into Oblivion.

    I could never trust myself to have eaten all of it and not remember it, because I really am not such a person. Yet, I can't explain where it went.
    It was just GONE.
    Woke up feeling like shit, slight hangover and the realization: "It was too much"

    While I can't remember the end of it because I knocked myself out, I would decommendly recommend this substance if you are lucky enough to score Quaaludes (Methaqualone). It is just such a euphoric drug experience, nothing else will really come close to except for maybe high dose GHB, but even that is different.

    But be careful about the dosage/combinations and if you are going to take them with friends, try not to be too complacent.

    Oh, and other side warnings (down-sides) about using this drug:

    • It has a higher addiction potential than GHB or Benzos
    • It can knock you the FUCK out if taken too much
    • It is enormously expensive, imagine 80 bucks for a g.
    • Heavily impaired motor skills and speech impairment
    • Try not to use with Alcohol, Benzos or other downers. Weed or stimulants beforehand may be ok in small doses.

    Conclusion: This may not be my last experiment with Methaqualone, but former precautions and research IS necessary. Don't expect an intoxication like Hollywood tells you about.

    If you get your hands on this, try to really seize the moment and enjoy it for what it is, as it is a very rare and special euphoria.

    Price wise I would say, it isn't worth it regularly.
    GHB is much more cost-beneficial, even though it really isn't the same sort of high, but from what I have tried so far, it somewhat comes closest to the actual feeling of Quaaludes.

    Peace out. Stay safe.

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    No thanks. I used to have a bottle of GBL/GHB, I visited one hospital twice in the same week for overdosing. I was also taking valium with it. This was when I lived alone and was pretty carefree. It's also the reason why I'm back living with my parents and they don't want me to live alone again. The second time I was taken to the hospital, my dad drove me and I was foaming at the mouth. People should really use caution when dealing with downers such as GHB. And Quaaludes are still being made in South Africa.

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    Methaqualone sounds exceedingly pleasant. If I managed to get some, I'd definitely try it, and I hope I do one day. I definitely wouldn't combine it with benzos or alcohol though.

    I've gone through a few grams of mebroqualone, and found it pleasant but subtle... there have also been etiqualone and methylmethaqualone available... the etiqualone seems like people found it weak, and the MMQ seemed to lower the seizure threshold and was quite dangerous while still not being even remotely as good as the original methaqualone. Strange.

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    I have just been watching the first episode of Hamilton's Pharmacopeia. I think that since the methaqualone became obscure and that left a lot of information lacking. Even Googling methaqualone and bluelight shows only a little info. So I decided to post here. Nice report.

    From what I remember Rorer 714's (and 712's) were circulating around my high school in 1978. Shortly after that Lemon 714's were all the rage. I remember we would have quaalude days at school and a bunch of friends would take a pill and go to class. Instant 6 pack we called it. But they were around and available and we use to stumble around the school halls. We'd take a pill at 8:00AM and by 1:00PM we would be back to normal.

    A few years later when I lived in Houston individually wrapped Mandrax pills were available and were said to be coming up from Mexico. So back then I would use them to come down off of cocaine when I didn't want to use heroin (to be safer... yeah right). I would buy 100 at at time.

    Since then, about 30 years, I have heard nothing of this until this Vice episode. And what struck me as odd is they were being crushed and smoked by users. Now I always just took the Mandrax pills orally. To me they were as strong as about 3/4ths of a Rorer 714, so very close. I did not know they could be smoked but I wish I had known. I almost wish I had a time machine to test that out. But orally they worked fine.

    I think drugs like barbiturates and methaqualone were the reason people enjoyed sedatives. Then doctors cut those out and replaced them with benzodiazepines. You could hear the sigh of users. The party was over as far as we were concerned. But benzodiazepines were said to be overdose proof and less euphoric. Now I know for people with anxiety benzos have a euphoria for the user. For people like me they simply seem like anti seizure meds with no real recreational value except using them to come down off a psychedelic or stimulant.

    I guess this episode had me nostalgic and had me search bluelight for a big and dandy. But because they are obscure not much current info exists. I was surprised to see the usage in South Africa and the smoking concept.

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