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    Ketamine 500mg IV + 2C-B 6mg IV - very experienced - 200mph on the Autobahn 
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    Hello fellow bluelighters!

    This is the 2nd of 3 experience reports I am writing today. Before anyone is getting worried about the state I am in (I am looking at you Xorkoth ), let me say that these happened over the course of 2-3 months.

    My wife went off for a short skiing trip in Switzerland over the weekend which I had known for roughly 6 weeks. As some of you may remember she fucking hates it when I do dissociatives while she is present (understandably so), but less so when I do them while she is away. It does worry her, but she knows how important those occasions are to me and let me know in advance that this would pose a chance for me to "take [my] stuff".

    I kept scheming how I could blast myself into another realm without suffering amnesia daily for the entire six weeks. The plan was to just do some 2-Oxo-PCE, but things turned out differently.

    Two days before the trip I visited a friend who is a medical doctor and had saved 120mg 2C-B for me for months. There was another anesthesiologist present who I hadn't known and who came for a visit relatively spontaneously, looking for a new job in my beautiful home town.

    He brought a large box of goodies and asked us to see if we can find anything we like in it. Needless to say my eyes first fell on a sealed package of 5 or 6 500mg vials of racemic ketamine HCl, dosed at 50mg/ml. I had not been aware that there is any med containing racemic ketamine other than the stuff used in veterinary medicine available in Germany, so I was exhilarated to receive one vial. Nearly all ketamine sold on the street is the s isomer.

    It had been roughly 5 years since I last scored some racemic ketamine. Back then I bought 15g and shot them throughout the course of 4-6 weeks, about every other day.
    Since then all I got was the s isomer whenever someone had it available by chance. I fucking hate it so much I might as well throw it in the bin. It's one of the dullest dissociatives out there. I would do an entire vial throughout the course of a few hours and basically get nothing but anesthesia from it which is the idea of separating the isomers in the first place. No religious experiences, no antidepressive effects, next to no psychedelic component.

    I had pretty much disregarded the dissociative that first got me started and which then used to have a very special place in my heart for a decade.

    Boy was I wrong. Racemic ketamine is still the king if you ask me, despite the very short duration which on the other hand makes it very practical to use unlike most dissociatives more closely resembling PCP.

    My neighbour joined me after my wife had asked him to look out for my safety. I made sure he knew I'd be gone completely and gave him a low dose of 2C-B and 2-Oxo-PCE (both taken orally), so he would enjoy himself sitting around at our place with no one to talk to.

    I loaded up the syringe with 70mg ketamine and 6mg 2C-B. This is a lot of 2C-B to mainline along with a dissociative. The two classes potentiate each other immensely. Those 6mg 2C-B alone equal to about 18-20mg oral 2C-B and I had no tolerance whatsoever. Most people find IV 2C's very unpleasant since the comeup can be rough. On top of that I prepared another 6 or 7 syringes with ketamine meant for IM use once the first shot would wear off.

    I drove my daughter to school in the morning, after which she would spend a few days at her Mum's place. A few minutes were then spent at home before I took my wife to the airport. All in all, I spent about 3 hours driving that day and went right to it immediately after coming back home. I was insanely excited and before 5 minutes had passed I was sitting on the couch with my equipment, ready to go.

    A long playlist of Ozric Tentacles was playing as background music. I usually prefer something slower like Air.

    I hit my vein, did not miss a single drop and was done with the entire process within a few seconds, leaving enough time to put the lid back on and leave all the equipment on the living room table next to me.

    It may have been the music or it may have been the 2C-B that made this trip so much faster than regular dissociative experiences. The trip basically consisted of myself travelling at lightning speed through colorful landscapes.

    Imagine the beauty of psychedelic CEVs, but instead of just seeing them you find yourself within them. It resembled the comeup of a DMT shot, after losing awareness of the surroundings, but instead of a minute it lasted hours on end. The wild phase that sends you traveling towards your destination in hyperspace.

    What stood out as remarkable was that I kept feeling I was driving a car and was actually worried I might truly be sitting in the driver's seat of a car. I kept trying to hit the breaks . Something inside me knew I was laying on the sofa, but I kept having to remind me of this fact.

    I kept redosing small shots of ketamine intramuscularly whenever I emerged. I cannot comment on the exact frequency, but I imagine 1 shot every 30-60min or so. The timing was quite perfect. When the ketamine was gone, the 2C-B trip had mostly worn off as well.

    There was no amnesia, the effects were never too intense in any way, but left nothing to be desired. The experience did not turn out to be religious, meaning it did not stimulate my spiritual side, leaving me pondering the trip for days. It was purely hedonistic and very much so. It has quenched my thirst for dissociatives for at least another 3-6 months.

    I know this is a very short description of the qualitative effects, but that's all I got for you. I've written other reports which go into more detail and so have many others. This one is meant to give you an idea what to expect from the combination of IV 2C-B and dissociatives, especially the dosages you can expect to 'work well'. You might want to go lower unless you have injected psychedelic phenethylamines before.

    If you plan to do this, be careful not to miss the vein because it can turn out to be very painful and may have you lose your vein due to inflammation which is a very painful process in itself that can take months due to a single missed shot of various substances, especially if their concentration is too high or they are toxic to the tissue. Ketamine can cause necrosis due to the vasoconstrictive -> ischemic effect it exhibits locally. I find 100mg/ml to be an ideal concentration, leaving you with a solution of near physiological osmolarity.

    I have tried a lot of drugs in combination intravenously, since I like rushes. A lot.

    Cocaine is too addictive and too expensive for my taste. It also leaves me feeling like crap on the comedown, can cause me to compulsively reposition or even draw blood, forces me to redose often, makes redosing increasingly difficult due to dehydration and tremor and poses the danger of cardiovascular issues and seizures. It's just a very dirty process.
    Most importantly, the rush leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the time it doesn't cause any rush at all.

    Hydromorphone and morphine which are easily available to me (and free of charge) are even more dangerous and rarely give me rushes on consecutive doses. I also need extremely high doses that would kill most people, despite having no tolerance to opiates. This can be worrysome. I also don't like the plateau all that much. Besides that they leave me wide awake for up to two days. Yes, I am not shitting you - for a day or more. My metabolism is very odd.

    This is why I've found the most worthwhile substances to IV:
    -Dissociates, especially 2-Oxo-PCE and racemic ketamine
    -Psychedelics, especially 2C's and DMT

    There are various combinations of above classes that give me a standout rush. Some allow me to rush for hours instead of seconds to minutes. It's become sort of an art form. They are also not as addictive and lack serious side effects or 'post-session depressions'.

    Be safe and practice good hygiene whatever you inject. Use clean syringes and needles for every shot, take time to disinfect the injection sites, never inject drawn up blood, always filter all your solutions with 220nm micron filters and if you miss or perforate a vein, abort and switch sites. You will usually be fine. Sometimes you will not be fine at all. You may lose veins or even entire limbs, you can kill yourself if you suffer an abcess followed by a sepsis. There are many more dangers and they are very much real. Be safe. The people who love you will appreciate it.

    I am gonna skip the third experience report about this weekends MDMA/2-Oxo-PCE session. I'm tired and do not feel very eloquent. Sorry if this one is a bit unstructured. I appreciate all comments. I received none for my last report (IV Zolpidem) and was hesitant to write another anytime soon.

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    Hey man, thanks for the report. Sounds like fun. I've never IVed and never will (it's my one drug line I won't cross), but all the reports of IV 2C-Xs that I've read about sound really interesting.
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    Much thanks for sharing! Enjoyed every word.
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    Awesome TR, crOOk! Felt very fresh, thank you!
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    Oh. From the title I thought this also involved motorbikes and actual Kraut-highways.
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