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Thread: Can MDMA cause heart problems?

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    Can MDMA cause heart problems?

    Hi, new here
    I know MDMA is hard on your heart but was wondering if it can trigger heart conditions?
    After taking MDMA for my 8th time (with aprox. 2 month breaks) I woke up the next day with heart pain and discomfort. The pain feels cold pinches which leave a burn, I can feel it in my heart, left shoulder, and left side of black. Pain is really an overstatement, it's more discomfort, I barely notice it but it is there even tho it's been a month since I last dropped.

    However, 3 months ago, I had an ablation on my heart, to fix tachycardia. I dropped MDMA with my heart condition and didn't notice any problems. MDMA seemed to treat my heart better than weed or even booze.
    The heart procedure was 3 months ago, and my tachycardia is all fixed up. My gp said it was fine to drink after a month so I assumed mdma would also be safe to take again but I'm having second thoughts. I'm also a highly stressed out person with alot of anxiety could that be the cause to this discomfort or has mdma ruined my heart? Also, is it safe to take mdma again? I really want to.

    Background info, 18 years old, male, very fit and healthy, social smoker, also I've always taken pure and tested MDMA.

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    All amphetamines are contraindicated with people who have heart conditions, and are also known to cause heart problems

    Anything that raises blood pressure for the length of time MDMA does should always be used with intelligence and caution

    Due to the rapid onset of tolerance and difficult after effects, most people dont abuse MDMA like they would Meth or Amphetamine to the point where it causes acute heart trouble.

    But if abused and taken often I am sure similar results will ensue, its just that depression and malaise are so apparent at that level of abuse you may forget about potential heart trouble down the road

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    I mean besides the obvious, none of us can diagnose something like this mate. If this dull pain is still there a month after it was triggered, you should discuss it with your cardiologist or GP the next time you see him/her, especially as you recently had an ablation.

    But your use of MDMA hasn't ruined your heart, no. You don't use enough to cause ruin. Do get this problem checked out before considering using it again though.

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