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    Tolerance question

    I am on tylenol 3s for my back pain and i came across methadone i wad wondering what would happen after i take it, like the days after taking the methadone will codeine stop working? Will it stop forever or just for a few weeks until my brain washes the tolerance? Please help me.with this because i need the t3s for my back and i am not willing to render them useless just for one fun night. Also, is methadone any good for recreational?

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    I could be wrong, but it sounds like you don't have a large tolerance or extensive use history. That being said methadone is much stronger than codeine (Roughly 30 or so times stronger) and lasts significantly longer. As far as rendering the codeine useless; not from one time but limiting it to one time is the challenge. Contrary to what many say methadone can be very recreational and is a personal favorite of mine. You may find the side effects intolerable especially the first time you take it so start very small if you do decide to give it a try. You should also be aware that it can take up to two hours to begin feeling effects and another hour or so after that to peak, so don't redose in 20 mins if you aren't feeling effects. I could give more custom information if you provided a bit more information regarding your tolerance and use history.

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    Dr. Extract summed that up fairly well. If you were to look at it like alcohol, Codeine would be beer and Methadone 80 proof whiskey. If you drink whiskey for one or two nights you can go back to beer without too much tolerance. Drink whiskey for a week straight and beer won't do jack for awhile.

    Another mechanism that makes methadone exhibit a blocking effect to other opioids is that is has a very long half life and duration of action. When your brain is filled with a high strength opioid for long periods then tolerance builds very quickly. The use of short acting opioids means that after 4-5 hours you will return to baseline and your brain will have a chance to reset and maybe go into a light W/D before you dose again.

    Methadone saturates the MOR's and stays active till the next day when most people redose (in MMTat least), never getting the chance to purge themselves resulting in a heavy tolerance. As Dr. E mentioned, make sure you tolerate it well before moving up to a recreational dose, and even then use caution as it's powerful and lasts. Codeine will never be the same after dancing with methadone as it can be recreational if used sporadically. There's also a greater chance of ADR's, esp when used in combination with other sedatives. Stay safe and proceed slowly.

    Check out an opioid calculator* too so you know what you can start with and not knock your dick in the dirt. Opioid-Conversion-Chart *-notice, It shows that 200mg codeine = 2.5-10mg of methadone. Methadone is tricky when trying to find equipotent dosages of other opioids. Always start at the lowest conversion level and give it plenty of time to kick in before thinking about redosing.

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    If the only drug the OP does regularly is Codeine then Methadone should be used cautiously. My pain clinic switched my meds one month from Morphine Sulfate to Methadone and started my dosage at 7.5mgs a day. After many years I'm on 30 mgs a day but haven't had to increase in years and don't run out early.

    Personally, although this might go against the basics of HR, I'd rather see the OP try anything other than Methadone. While I've never increased my own dosage or overused, many MANY people do. It works wonders for pain management, you can't feel it in low dosages and it's cheap. That being said, I've read that tolerance increases quickly, and since it has a slow come up of several hours people OD the first time by thinking 10 mgs is not a lot. It is.

    Codeine to Methadone is like swallowing pills versus shooting heroin.

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