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Thread: Okay to take an Adderall right now?

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    Okay to take an Adderall right now?

    Can I take an Adderall 20mg XR at 8pm? I know it will probably make me not sleep for a while, just wondering how bad it might be. Never had before. I have a very fast metabolism, most pain killers take a lot to work and only work for a short time. So maybe similar for Adderall, I don't know. Have any of you tried it this late in the day before? I already don't sleep hardly at all. Went to sleep at 6am last night (technically this morning) and woke up at 8am. So will it hurt me to take one or what?

    Reason why I want to is cause I've waiting for a VERY long time to get any possible solutions to my issues, and I'm extremely drained and depressed right now... honestly, if this doesn't work to some sort of degree.... I don't even know what I'll do. I'm just completely done with the issues I've been having and I need a solution ASAP.

    I was finally prescribed 20mg Adderall XR (30 pills) as well as 20mg Prozac (30 pills). What can I do to get some sort of IMMEDIATE relief of my issues, I'm at the end of my rope (or the start of the rope loop, I guess). Advice is appreciated.

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    I also have a few other prescriptions for back pain too which didn't seem to do anything, including Flexeril 10mg, Lexapro 10mg (for depression, didn't make any difference), and Naproxen 500mg. I have taken 1000mg Naproxen and 30mg Flexeril at once and it does nothing for pain, doesn't even make me a bit drowsy. I have a very fast metabolism so Opiates don't work unless a lot is taken, and they only work for a short time. I had 9 shots of alcohol (I don't drink, but I tried it for the first and probably last time this year) within an hour and barely felt anything. So my metabolism makes basically everything do almost nothing to me. It's becoming frustrating to have no relief whatsoever from anything... and I don't know what to do because I'm trying to be as safe as possible but nothing is working for me at all. Someone throw me a line here...

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    Given prozac may be a strong inhibitor of p450 cyp2d6 it could slow your metabolism of amphetamine. Define ok. If you take it you may very well have trouble sleeping. But if your prescribed it i mean the difference between any side effects if you took it at say 8 am tommorow vs now is possibly not being able to sleep.

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    So if I take it now, do you think I might sleep by like... 2am - 4am or so? I mean, I don't really have anything going on tomorrow anyway until 8pm. So I guess I could sleep later if my body will let me. I'll just take it cause I can't wait any longer. I need to see if this is going to do something for me or just be more of nothing. How long for it to start working? And what should I feel, or how will I notice it's done something? And if it doesn't do enough, can I take 2 the next time I try it?

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    If your script is one tablet per day take one tablet per day. Trust me i was suicidal even attempted suicide and had to learn to walk again. And, honestly adderall is one of the greatest things in my life. But, you got to respect it because with something so potent it can either greatly improve your life or greatly mess up your life. I just take my dose everyday exactly as prescribed. Especially if your severely depressed because the last thing you want is severe ups and downs when you run out of pills. It should peak at roughly 8 hours but thats how i love it. Its like a slow build up instead of instant but if youve never had it youll prob notice it way sooner. I wouldnt expect to go to bed if its ten where u are like here until 10am to 2 pm

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    Better stick to a morning dose. Usually doctors prescribe a dose for the morning and a dose for the noon or afternoon. Not recommended to take after a certain point (I think you can read that in the paper which comes along the medication) and doctors normally should tell the patient which hour the latest possible time is to take the medication.
    At least for ADHS patients. Narcolepsy is another level and might be the only reason to take it later than afternoon.

    XR tablets work for quite a while so if you take it at 8 am you might sleep at 1 or 2 am if you are lucky. But it could very well be 4 or 6 am.

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    Thanks guys, we'll see how it performs. Anything I should take to sleep? Or just let it happen when it happens? Any tips on getting to sleep?

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    personally,, a low dose helps me sleep better, 20-30 mg helps me be on point, more than that is a comfy buzz.. IMO, if 10mg doesnt make you sleepy, i dont see why it is needed.....

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