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Thread: (2C-B-FLY/20mg) - first time - the ecstatic self

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    (2C-B-FLY/20mg) - first time - the ecstatic self

    Background: I've had a lot of experience with classical psychedelics, but I hadn't taken any in about 6 months before this experience. I've been on 20mg fluoxetine daily for a couple months. I tend to be a hardhead for classical psychs both because of my extensive experience, my weight, and having been on (and off) fluoxetine for a number of years. Other substances taken during the course of this experience: cannabis (3 or 4 vaped hits), alcohol (2 drinks),

    I decided to take 15mg 2C-B-FLY for a hardcore/emo concert last night. Mindset was clear, a little anxious, and looking forward to the show. I ate a medium-sized meal, then took a 15mg dose (in pellet form) and got on the bus. I still had 5mg left for later in case I felt like redosing (I did). The bus ride to the venue was long and uneventful. Towards the end I began to feel some characteristic rushes of energy in my legs, similar to a low dose of 5-MeO-MiPT. I was also sweating a bit more than usual. I still thought at this point I wasn't going to feel much more, so by the time I got to the venue (about 90 minutes after taking my first dose) I took the other 5mg. (Irresponsible given it was my first time with the substance but it worked out fine... wouldn't do that again though.) I then had a shot of Fernet and Coke and I imagine the digestif properties of the Fernet might have speeded the absorption along a little bit.

    Socializing with strangers was easy and natural although I usually have a large amount of social anxiety. I met a friendly (and increasingly intoxicated) couple who gave me a few hits of vaped cannabis before the show and between sets, which definitely enhanced the experience. I became increasingly self-conscious to be associated with them as the show went on, though, due to their very outgoing and obviously intoxicated behavior. I don't know to what degree this was a natural and proportionate reaction to their behavior (which never got into the realm of anything actually bad or harmful, just over the top), and to what degree this was the social anxiety talking.

    Towards the beginning of the show I felt a large amount of physical energy, but this waned as the night went on (in part due to the influence of alcohol and cannabis). Music was strongly enhanced, and at many points I felt like I was going to dissolve into the sound. Increasingly as the concert went on, I lost track of the fact that I was a person in a crowd, and only perceived the band and the music. Visuals took a while to build up (at least 3 hours after ingestion) but by the last set they were very, very strong, turning the stage and instruments into a glowing rainbow vortex (it helped that the last band's show was already very visual with fog and rainbow lights). When I closed my eyes I saw intricate and immersive detailed patterns spread across my vision. At its peak, I felt a sense of unity with the crowd, the band, and the music. The raw emotion of the music felt like a shared catharsis among the entire crowd. It's honestly hard for me to find the words to describe the feelings I had at the peak, but I imagine anyone who's taken a classical psychedelic at a concert has had a similar experience.

    By the time I got home, I was more or less done, mentally speaking, with the effects of the substance, but it wasn't done with me. I took 12.5mg quetiapine to ease sleep, put some gentle psychedelic music on my headphones, and lay in bed. CEVs ranged from bizarre geometries to cartoons. This stage was entertaining but a bit exhausting and not terribly enlightening or mentally interesting. I drifted off to sleep within an hour or so, although it was difficult due to some urinary retention problems.

    I woke up the next morning a bit before 9 AM with a splitting headache and photophobia. The headache was almost certainly due at least in part to forgetting to wear or buy earplugs. This didn't subside until I ate a full meal at lunch, got some fresh air and sunlight. I'm definitely back to baseline levels of physical functioning by the time I write this report.

    My main takeaway from this experience is that none of it would have felt as transcendent without the music and community. This could have easily been a fun but totally unmemorable experience if done at home plugged in to my electronic devices. That having been said, I have got to take better care of my body when on these substances and when going to shows in general (to be fair I've felt similarly beat up after going to shows while totally sober).

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    You should check out healing mushrooms like cordyceps and Lions Mane. They work wonders for me!

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    2cb-fly --> KEITH.

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    I get headache pretty much all the time with 2C-B-Fly unless I preload with bunch of minerals and drink a lot of water, this chem heavily depletes you out of water and can easily cause heavy exhaustion due to dehydration and overheating, happened to me few times.

    I also find this chem to be extremely unpredictable when mixed with tryptamines, up to causing serious freakouts and hypertensive states, be very careful if you decide to combine it with anything and do not take more than 10mg if in combo! Nice one is 10mg 2C-B-Fly with 8mg of 4-HO-MiPT, very euphoric and different form both chems taken separately.

    Thank you for the TR, bindingaffinity!

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