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Thread: 1p-LSD + Cannabis - Experienced - In Hell for two hours

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    1p-LSD + Cannabis - Experienced - In Hell for two hours

    Let me set the scene

    It was Oct of 2017 and I was waiting for my 1plsd to arrive in the mail. Thinking it wasn't going to arrive that day I began to smoke some weed with my brother about 1 gram. Well, behold my 1plsd arrives in the mail and I decide to take it. My thinking at this time was that since it took 1plsd about an hour to kick in that my weed high would basically be done and I would be going on a nice 1pLSD trip.
    Far from the truth.
    I began to feel the effects within 15 minutes and I was fully tripping by 30 minutes. I was so confused and began to freak out. My thought process during this time was that my brain was shutting down and that was why I was confused. Kind of a silly thought but I was not in the right state of mind. I decided to lie down on my bed and close my eyes. The visuals were extremely odd. I recall seeing what I believe was earth forming then people evolving and building cities that were Romanesque then they built a more modern city and then a futuristic city. The city fell and it all started all over again. Then I saw a series of brightly colored tubes fly across my vision. They were going up and down, round and round, and were overlapping each other. Kind of like that old computer loading screen. I began to look over to my brother and say ( at least 20 times ) " Am I dying? " he would tell me I was alright and I would reply with " Are you sure? " ( again at least 20 times ) It got so bad that I almost decided to call an ambulance. My brother know I was fine took my phone away and just kept talking to me. I had him pull up where I bought the tabs so paramedics could know what I took in case I decided to call them so they know what I took. I lie there for the next two hours ( which felt like an eternity ) and suffer believing that this was it and that I had done it this time.

    Fast forward about two hours and I sit up. I say out loud.
    " Wait a minute, I am not dead! " I proceed to rejoice and go to my guitar room and play something reminiscent to Radiohead's Subterranean Homesick Alien and other songs similar in style. My guitar room is blue and while tripping it felt like I was playing while underwater with lots of happy blue shades. I play some guitar for about 30 minutes and go talk to my brother. I look at him and say " I am not dead. " He proceeds to be a smart ass and tell me that he knew that. I sit with him in his room playing an acoustic guitar singing happy little Beatles inspired songs. I go back to my room lie down and go to sleep.

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    I do not recommend the use of any cannabinoid before taking a psychedelic of this caliber, much less the dose you mentioned.
    People often underestimate cannabinoids because they use them daily but they are extremely powerful and easily tend to ruin a psychedelic trip.

    The best time to consume cananbinoids during a psychedelic trip is once you have reached the plateau or towards the end of the trip, and even then, I recommend a lot of caution and go little by little.

    Next time focus on taking 1p-lsd on its own, 350ug is no joke.
    I think your "bad trip" has been totally conditioned by the mix.


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    I know for a fact it was because of the mixture because a month later I took 300 ugs and had a great time.

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