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Thread: MDMA / 120 mg - The best MDMA & Night of my life (2013 Roll Report)

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    MDMA / 120 mg - The best MDMA & Night of my life (2013 Roll Report)

    I found this on my computer's archives. Thought I would share it with you guys, please no judgement.
    If some people remember the green/red question marks of 2012, they had very high quality MDMA in them.

    For those wondering, I did not quit drugs after this roll, my drug use got out of control the following months until I went to rehab.

    Ive settled my mind that 28th was the last time I would be rolling, I mean quitting on a round number #10 after nearly a year of use, ive abused this drug left and right (I've used it 3x more than the recommended annual use by its creator) and it learned me so much in my life, it gave me so much social skills and made me basically a Pick Up God. I truely beleive it made me a better person then I used to be, the epiphanies, the afterglows, the depression, the eyewiggles, the suicidal thoughts, the bliss, the halucinations, the empathy/love, the roll crushes, the CEO's, the lightshows, the Omg WOW im so floored, the pickups, the comedowns, the kisses, the lapdances, the new friends, the good vibes... the small times like these. After 10 rolls on the best MDMA of *****, I'm done for good, my tolerance sky rocketed. Its time to move on, turn the page and close the book.

    You will all wonder why exactly am I quitting it? Simply because on this roll (even if it was amazing)... the drug lost it's "magic", it doesn't feel as good as it used to the 7-8 first times. I've developed a pretty high tolerance, and I know from other users that once you reach that point... you just need to keep dosing higher and higher each time and the "magic" just isn't there.

    Lets get started with this amazing story. Truely the best night of my life (or a very close 2nd best one, sometimes less mdma is more, def not my hardest roll, prob amount the weakest I ever had but among the most fun!), perfect way to quit the drug and leave it on a great ending. Black Hat I'll put in as much details as I can this time and try to up my grammar/structure.

    I get to the venue... there's a long ass line that goes way back into the back street. Got pretty bored waiting there... the only entertaining part was that one dude that was laughing hilariously out loud while pointing his fingers at something... he was def tripping on LSD or something like damn haha. By the time I get in, I've already missed an hour of the show, now I'm kinda shitting bricks cause security is patting down everyone very seriously, but I remained cool (I had 5 E's and 6 hits of 25i) past no problem. Now, it's time to pop my last green question mark of my life. This comeup was surprisingly among the smoothest comeups I ever had, if not the best. I just waited it all out in the chill zone, on a couch, while starring in a trance like state at the dancefloor and the stage. This was truely the best Bass i ever heard in my life... Excision has an insane setup. All the way threw the comeup, I had that grin on my face, watching people jumping around and having fun, I was happy for them, it was bliss. Smile My brother happens to see me and is like "yo bro, u aight?" I was just stairring at the stages lights with my eyes wide open and getting a bit tingly, swinging myself slowly from left to right. Then somes guys with led lights pass close to me, I just can't help but stair at the lights, telling myself how beautiful and vibrant they look. Slowly I get more and more agitated, I can feel the smooth rush, I then take out my rave gloves, they are veryyy soft, now I'm near peaking and all I can do is rub the gloves all over my face slowly up and down, a complete euphoria bliss, rubbing it on my hands, my cheeks, where ever I have naked skin, it feels amazing.

    Now I get that sudden rush to get up, the bass is about to drop on god knows what song, most likely from Vaski. I go toward the dancefloor while trying to put on my gloves... I never got this rush of energy/excitement in my life, I had the biggest smile on my face ever and was getting VERY VERY hyper like YeyeYeyeYeye. I put on my gloves, lightem up, they are fanstastic bright. Im just shouting "LETssss goo! Drop it!!!!" and jumping around like a little kid. The song drops, and I just go NUTS! Dancing, raving, with some guys beside me, bro fisting pretty much anyone around me, spreading the good vibes all around me. Those dudes wanted me to stay with them haha. But fuck I was WAY to excited and overall the happiest mood I ever been into, I just started to wander around as I usually do (can't help it), so much people, I had to squeeze myself throught them I was making like vertical walls with my hands like robot dancing while making myself a way to pass.

    I end up finding a group of pretty cute brunettes... that were really fun to be around, they saw my rave gloves and just took my hands and squeezing them like "heyyy!!! " We just made a "rave circle" and I was just going wild making my flows and moves, then I got a nice hug from each 3 of them. One of them asked for a lightshow... this was my first one and I think I did pretty decent, super confident and good flow. At the end I just tickled her under-chin with two of my fingers. It happens her real name was Molly beleive it or not. So i showed her my old kandi bracelet that says "wheres molly" and my tshirt that says "DANCE". Then, as it just felt right, I just kinda made a move on her by taking her arm and moving her closer to me... she instantly gets on me and gives me a really nice lapdance... I gotta say lapdances when rolling feels incredible, especially when it's all clingy and touchy. I end up giving her my kandi necklace. Now I'm getting kinda overwhelming by all this euphoric feeling and im getting thristy, so I go get a water bottle. then I find them back, offer some gum and some slips of water. Then I just take that other girl beside and get another lap dance. She wasnt as attractive as first one, but oh well who cares when rolling hah. Then I just need to chew some gum reallly really bad, so I ask another girl close by to help me out and just put in 2 gums inside my mouth since I cant cause I had the rave gloves on my hands... so helps me out, i let her take one too... my gum pack is going empty much faster then i first thought lmao.

    Now, I don't know exactly how the night goes, there's just to much shit that happened. But I end up finding a dude with rave gloves too, was like "fuck yeah bro!!" I bonded with him super fast and deeply... I stayed with that dude for quite a while, he showed me some gloving tricks like the fingerrolls... I knew about them before but never landed one correctly... after a few tries I sucess and I was all excited that I got it haha!, hes also a beginner like me, talked bout where we bought our lights from, emazing lightshows on youtube how pro those guys are compared to us etc. Very cool and chill dude, we made "gloving battles" kinda like rap battles, when one gets bored the other one jumps in haha. His batteries were kinda low so the microlights werent as bright as mine, not even close. but still cool to get lightshows. Told him how easy it is to pickup girls after giving them a nice confident lightshow haha, he agreed. Had a good time with him. Thumbsup Then some dude that was prob buzzed just comes around and is like "yoo, you guys are awesome as hell!" and asks us a bunch of stuff about the gloves, he genuinely thought it was sick, I showed him how my microlights were 3 colored strobes (green, white, purple and red, white, orange). I was like yeh dude, you can spot me from a mile away, shit is mad bright! haha.

    I'm pretty much known as the "E-kid" at the raves lol, since I'm always there, at the same venue, rolling my ass off when there's an event, everyone thinks im pretty cool. I always get random ass dudes hmu, and be like yo dude remember me? Im like hmmm no or yeeh lol. I got invited to the 420 rave by some DJs, i might go... so tempting to roll... but i wont, ill keep up my word this time.

    I keep moving around, I'm constantly moving from a spot to another, wandering around. I go up pretty close but damn its soo damn filled up I go to the sides where there's more place. Then I go up on some kind of desk or table, there was like 4-5 ppl there, someone helps me get up but i didnt feel comfortable at all, with the security right beside me, I get back down and go a bit further back like maybe 2-3 lines worth of people. I find some little asian girl, like holy fuck she was soo small... I just like tease her and get to her height and dance/rave beside her, while saying in her ear (cause the bass was fucking loud) "your soo small!" lol. Hug her nicely and then leave and go further back.

    Now, I just wander really far back, where there's more place, find back my gloving buddy, chitchat a bit. Then I go further back and guess who i see? Yeye That asian girl I rolled/danced with at Downlink/Funtcase. She looked really sexy and attractive this time, like damnnn! Biggrin I just go up to her, like my vision just tunneled on her. Im like "heyy " She recognize me, give her a nice deep hug, then I just grab her and spin her around me while hugging her, she smiled/laughed when I put her back on the ground. Then show her my tshirt, she shows me her rave bra... cause yah thats basically all she had on, im okay? Then she wants a lightshow... so I give her probably the best lightshow I given yet (im getting better each time), thats only my 2nd but all that matters is that you have some flow, confidence and be one with the music. I also put some very fluent fingerrolls in this show, since I kinda mastered it, I can do it pretty fast and consistently, made a few impacts and gloving tricks. In all honesty, I never seen a girl looking at me that way... (except once back in highschool) her eyes just completly in genuine love, in a trance like state I can tell all she had in her mind was me. Anyways, hah, I just grab her right hand (her hands are so small and fun lol), while looking her straight in the eyes and slide my fingers between hers and squeeze them in like playful way. Then I just kinda do some wave dance with her hand, like doing up and down slowlyyyy in a wavy way while looking at her in the eyes... hmmm I can tell she was mine. Thumbsup But I always had mix feelings about this girl tbh, theres also a kinda language barrier, im fluent in english its just I got an accent and it doesnt feel natural to me. So instead of asking her out... I just leave her alone. I dont regret it though. But I shouldve asked her to come home for you know what... but sex is the last thing in my mind when rolling Glare

    Anyways, Still wander around, talk with a bunch of strangers like usual. Then I go to the right side of the crowd, and don't ask me how, but I find a guy thats like completly gone rolling hard just standing there agians the wall with her sober gf that looked bored out of her mind, while the dude was in his bubble of bliss ahah. Funny cause I know exactly how It feels like, I asked him "ur rolling bro?" yeh like Yah" with his eyes going super (@)__(@). So i give him a fucking sick lightshow... I end it with a BIG impact, I just blown his eyes out I swear he almost passed out at the end lmao! He was all like whats ur name man, omg ur sick!!! hahaha so i just brofist him. First time I did a lightshow to someone rolling hard, WHILE I was rolling too. Then I take out my pink fluffy bracelet I got from the last rave, and hand it to the guy, he touches it and damn shouldve seen his face brighten up in euphoria while he was rubbing it and grabbing it with his hands. I think Totally made his night! We were having a hard time hearing each other, so the girl (idk she looked weird and like bored out of her mind, with her arms crossed like wtf) just asked me whats my name (via her iphone), was nice to meet them. Then a bit later, lights turn on, the show is over already. Sad

    Now I'm in the waiting line, comming down, I can feel it. Then that first small 4feet girl just i guess reminded of me and idk... she falled for me, just the way she looked at me damn lol I could tell cause when she saw me in the line, she just go close to me for a hug lol and asked for my name, facebook blabla... in a kinda desperate way. I just told her like yah... you can find me on the facebook event page, look up for my name Jeff youll find me.... Now I still fucking waiting in the line, its been 20 mins, and I'm starting to feel very drained, I put my hands on my knees in an exhausted way... some fatfuck beside me started to mock at me and be like "haha ull suicide tomorrow" or some bullshit like that... basically a big hater, im sure he saw me with all those attractive girls and all those dudes having the time of my life, I hate jealous losers like them. Just ignored him as I usually do, I really dont care what people think of me... ill always be myself. I get my coat, I have a hard time to find a taxi and im starting to lose patience, I go sit down on a stair outside, feels nice to just relax abit. A group of dudes from the rave just comeup to me, and ask me what im on n shit, they thought I was pretty cool and chill, lol they def were interested in some, but I told them I wasnt a dealer. I'll prob see them at 420 rave if I go, whatever happens. but I won't be rolling.

    So yah, shit was madd sketchy out there, there was like a whole street gang of blacks there, selling drugs, a bunch cops show up, then some prob like gang leader just takes me and looks me in the eyes then realize im not the guy they looking for and is like "aight its not him, the get fuck off now" holy fuck he was intimidating like damn, not a guy to mess with.

    I end up finding a taxi like 30 mins later, I get home safe and in one piece. I crash hard, but I put together enough energy to pop my vitamins before a long lethargic sleep.
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    Cool story!! Those nights were so magic!!!

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