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Thread: (LSD / 310 ug) - 2nd time - Eye Skin

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    (LSD / 310 ug) - 2nd time - Eye Skin

    My parents had left my sister and me alone in our house for the weekend. Saturday night we decided we should all buy blotter tabs and take them ASAP, in order to prevent us from being up all night (7 people). Everyone took different doses, I ended up taking 2 155 ug tabs. While I was on the comedown, I decided I should take out my contacts so they wouldn't dry out if I fell asleep. This was around 3 am. Unfortunately I was tripping too hard to take them out, resulting in me giving up and just leaving them on the counter to get ruined. I started by only taking out one contact. Going back and forth looking through my blurry and non blurry eye, I looked around the room. In my eye with no prescription I noticed the craziest visuals I have ever seen. Everyone's skin was made up entirely of black and white eyes. Their clothes were glowing brighter than anything else in the house. I can't remember much else from when I had no prescription in, other than how much crazier it was after I took them out. When I am sober and take out my contacts, everything I see is blurry and has no defined lines. On acid this intensified greatly and lead to me tripping harder than I ever have.

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    I've always wondered how the people don't see well should perceive the hallucinations.

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