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Thread: Heroin - First time IV heroin use (20mg)

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    Heroin - First time IV heroin use (20mg)

    Hello everyone! Last night I had my first experience with IV heroin (my first time with H entirely too). Just give you some back ground info... Im not "newbie" when it comes to opiates. Ive been using on and off for about 3 years now, using hydrocodone and Pharma grade IV morphine. I decided to try heroin, because i figured its not really much of a difference then morphine.

    Anyways, it took me several weeks to get everything into place: From getting all my sterile supplies, from getting the Heroin itself, and from getting all of the knowledge on what to do (here on BL).

    Last night was my first IV use of Heroin. Around 8pm I gathered all of my supplies and went into the bathroom to start the process. After drawing up the H, I put the tourniquet on and started looking for a vein...It took me several tries to hit a one because I was sooo nervous/shaking (probably from the anticipation). After I got a "flash" in the chamber, I drew back on the plunger to confirm..I was in the vein and it was a success. I pushed slowly...stopping every few 0.25cc's to make sure everything was going "okay" and when I finally reached the end, I grabbed my Narcan and ended up stabbing myself in the leg (just in case). I didnt push the plunger, it was there more for "safety"... If i felt like I was even going to nod out, id just give my self the injection. After waiting about a minute or 2 ... I felt that I was safe (thankfully)!

    The "high" was much stronger then the 10mg IV morphine I use (obviously), but for some reason... I was extremely disappointed in the "rush". I used 20mg of Heroin, but i actually got a better rush from the Morphine. I was shocked. The Morphine actually hit faster and felt better then the heroin (still talking about the rush), which I was thinking the exact opposite was going to happen. After, I went and laid down (I was about to play some video games), I felt extremely tired..I had complete euphoria and it took all of my will power to stay awake...I kept nodding my head (had no respiratory type symptoms). I wanted to stay awake because i didn't want to waste my first time using H. I went into the kitchen, got an ice pack and got some caffeine to keep myself awake. After about 20 minutes, that feeling went away and got that Morphine type feeling. I was wrapped in a nice warm blanket for several hours, all my anxiety and worries were completely gone...Nothing else mattered. Its the best feeling in the world (imo). Over the next several hours, I played some video games with some friends and just had a great time.

    Over all the high was really great. Was disappointed with the "rush" (seeing how Morphine gave a better one) ... I will definitely will use again. But i dont see my self becoming "addicted" to it by any means.

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    This isn't surprising, I believe I mentioned to you in your other thread that I prefer the rush from morphine to heroin. I've never used pharma grade diamorphine, so I don't know if the actual contents found in clandestinely supplied heroin have anything to do with it. I always just chalked it up to histamine release from morphine, it gives a much stronger pins and needles/itchy feeling which really hones me into the body high I am receiving. After that goes away there is no difference between the two, its just about which is more economical/easier to source.

    edit: And I know I have harped on this before, but no one "sees" themselves becoming addicted to anything(and dependance is more of a danger than addiction when it comes to opiates), and I think you have 2 things working in your favor in that regard. 1) being that you don't use with friends, often people will feed each other's use, both by supplying and encouraging each other to use more and because getting high becomes the slated activity of the day, especially when the two lack other interests in common, and 2) you are sourcing your dope from the DN, thats a great "firewall" to prevent one using on a whim or out of boredom, it becomes a lot easier to use habitually when your DOC is a phone call and 10 minute drive with that being said, its easier than you think to slide from chipping to habitual use, all it takes is one morning where you wake up feeling like shit but have a lot to get done so you convince yourself you need to dose, or something to go wrong at work or with family and you start using more often to cope, or you fall into a clinical depression and use to self medicate, it could be a plethora of things that cause you to elevate your usage patterns, but once you do and allow your tolerance to rise then WD can sneak up on you like a thief in the night, and once you start getting flu like symptoms but have commitments that you absolutely can not bail on it becomes an easy choice of whether to dose or WD. Keep in mind that in none of the scenarios I have just described did "addiction" enter into the picture, you can become dependant without ever becoming addicted.

    Addiction often proceeds WD, and addiction usually stems from trying to fill some void in your life, or treat some maladay, but it doesn't have to. I strongly urge you to seek some other drug to fill the role opiates seem to be playing for you right now and move on, you've tried it, you can check it off your list, the novelty should be wearing off, find something else to scratch that itch because even if you can keep this up for a very long time, each time you use the odds of it ending well go down considerably.
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    Heroin rush, to me, is undescribable. Love it way to much. I have quit using in last 9 months but it wasn't easy. I snorted it the first time and didn't see the big deal. All my friends were shooting but I'd never even messed with drugs much besides weed. I think I only tried bc I was drunk the first time. Well the next time I saw how all my friends who shot up looked like they were enjoying alot more. So I begged my friends to shoot me up but no one would until I said I'd do regardless. One caved and as soon as he pushed it in.. I can't even explain it. I never thought I'd get addicted though even then. My boyfriend and I used probably once every two weeks at first then once a week then it progressed to every day and pretty fast. I remember when I got my first withdrawals. I couldn't sleep and had restless legs super bad. I had no idea it was related to not using. I even called my mom and told her I had restless and probably couldn't go to work bc I couldn't sleep. After one night it went away. As I used more and more I realized why. It gets so bad. Be careful with heroin if that's possible. (Just saying for me it was a fast process to every day use) it gets out of hand so fast. My boyfriend overdosed last year and died. And my life has never been the same. Its really something to not take lightly. I'm not trying to sound preachy either. Sorry if it comes off that way.

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    If it was from a dry-amp, I didn't know 20mg was an available dose unit. The term Number 4 seems to have reappeared but I can tell you that it isn't like the near-eastern heroin 'bricks' that defined Number 4 in the 1970s. Back then, H was H, top of the heap and you didn't get any active cuts so you KNEW it could only be so strong... not so today. So many other things have been sold as H and I wouldn't trust the term 'Number 4' to be any kind of QC.

    MOST if not all young H users find dry amps 'too clean' or 'to dry'. It's worth less than an equipotent bag of brown (of dubious quality i agree). 30mg amps sell for ?5-?7 and usually to people who want to buy a box of them to cut into their cocaine.

    I have no way of knowing just what you got but be aware that economics & market conditions seem to be reusing a very old term for something a bit different. I can JUST remember the bricks with gold-leaf logos on them. The price of H hasn't changed but the price is dropping due to inflation. In 1983 ?10 bought 100mg (supposed to be) for ?10. Today it's STILL ?10 but you get 200mg of brown shite. I should add that a weeksworth of dole was about ?23 then... so ?10 was a LOT. People were enterprising. Everyone had some way of getting the money or the gear from aquisitive sources.

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