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Thread: (Weed, Methamphetamine/400mg, Shrooms/4 grams) - Experienced - Psychosis And Bliss

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    Needle (Weed, Methamphetamine/400mg, Shrooms/4 grams) - Experienced - Psychosis And Bliss

    So this event occured about 1 and a half months ago it was a hell of a trip

    - 7:00 pm -
    purchased 300 mg of Very very good Crystal from my normal link
    i had it planned to get shrooms that my friend at school was bringing to sell me. it was a quarter(7 grams)
    So i take the first line of meth prolly 30mg or so the link was about an inch long and pretty thin but it burned like a bitch when i snorted it then i smoked about 20 mg off some foil(had no pipe)
    I had a pretty good high going euphoria etc

    -From 7:05pm - 8:30pm-
    Watched vice documentaries and smoked some weed while the meth was still peaking

    -8:30 pm-
    Snorted like 20mg to make me peak again
    Continued watching docs

    -8:45 pm-
    i noticed i had only a lil over 0.2 left so i purchased another 100 mg
    Chilled and smoked a couple nicely rolled backwoods blunts(about 1g each) with the dealer and drank a 40 oz of olde

    -From 10:30 pm - 11:30pm -
    i was feeling drunk stoned and tweaking at this point i was getting a bit overwhelmed and paranoid about my heartrate going too fast so i laid down and chilled

    -11:30 pm-
    i was feeling the meth slowly coming down so i smoked about 20-30 mg off the foil and got a mad headrush now i was really in my zone(perfect level of high) i started coding a bunch of random pretty useful shit for me and my buddies and then i played a bit black ops 1 with my boy who was on adderall and a bit of coke(we rekt the oppz)


    i wanted to get a more intense high and an intense rush so i whipped out my needle kit and scale and prepared an excact 50 mg dose split into 100 units(top of the syringe)
    I wasnt ready to take the full shot yet but i was also fiending so i shot up 30 units of the syringe and boy that was enough i got a fucking krraaaaazzzy rush i couldnt walk or talk properly for like 30 seconds and after the rush faded the high hit me hard as well

    -From 12:30 am - 4:30 am-
    I just sat there listening to good rap specifaccly immortal technique and other psycho style rap artists and then i discovered a banger song it was natural born killers by dr dre and ice cube i kept this on repeat for like 30 fucking minutes i just loved that song. at aprox 3:00 am i got super fucking paranoid about the "witching hour" for some reason(3am is known as the witching hour when ghosts and demons are most active and all tht bs) and legit locked myself in my room with all the lights on then i smoked some poppers(weed and tobacco out of a bong) while listening to some music

    -4:30 am-
    i decided it was safe to do the rest of the syringe so i shot up the last of the syringe and i shouldnt have done the whole needle IVing always hits me too hard for some reason my heart was through the roof and i felt like i was gonna vomit when standing up if i tried to sit still iwould start having muscle spasms and heart palpitations i felt like i was on the verge of a seizure or some shit(nothing serious happened just went a little overboard) so i drank some rum and that really helped

    -From 4:30 am - 8:00 am -
    Yess School was starting so i got on the subway looking tweaked out of my fucking mind and everyone was looking at me like druggie when i arrived i was so happy to be off the subway

    -8:30 am-
    so i went to school and mr shrooomo is waiting for me right outside the school drinking a coffee and smoking a cig (obviously on meth aswell) he was bumping fucking bhad babie at max volume on his speaker (Lol not even joking) so he sees me and we smoke a couple cigs and then is like "I have the shrooms" in a loud voice and our school is across the street from a cop station legit 3 officers looked at us funny til we went inside but the officers didnt do anything so we went to the boys bathroom and i purchased the 7 gs. forgot to mention(i was paranoid of running into enemies so i brought a knife in my jacket pocket) and i tried to go to class still tweaked out as a motherfucker and it was mathclass and i legit kept putting my hand on my chest every 5 seconds to chech heart rate, my eyes were wider than the sun and one of my friends who was a beginner drug user said "jesus dude how much meth did u smoke last night you look like your about to die" and i replied "I cant die until i finish my dope" and then told him the aproxamate dosage i took(he doesnt do meth).

    -9:45 am-
    I started craving meth so i signed out of school for the day and went home the looks i got on the subway still had me feeling like i was a walking anti meth psa and i thought to myself "fuck it im gonna go into the washroom at my destination subway station and eat 1 or 2 grams"

    -10:35 am-
    I got to my destination subway station there was still a whole bus ride til i got home so i went to the boys washroom and ate what i eyed out as a little over 1 gram and then thought "fuck it" again and ate another .5
    So i go to the stop and wait for the bus it came fairly quick like 10 mins

    -from 10:45 am - 11:00 am-
    Smooth bus ride not crowded at all shroomos didnt kick in by the time i got home and i was coming down from the meth so i smoked a small hit

    -From 12:00 PM - 2PM-
    Shrooms took a bit long to kick in but when they did oh boy i thought i was skitzophrenic i legit had a good trip but i was thinking about violence i smoked 20 more mg of meth and almost everything i could see had intense visuals on it i had natural born killers on repeat and i got way to hyped and started screaming lyrics and then bashed my room door down with a baton for no reason lol(wish i was joking) my whole body was buzzing at times it was overwhelming but the hype music combined with the meth made me feel like a badass charles manson psycho murderer and i did another line and ate 2 more grams(i knew i could handle it i was feeling extremely confident)

    -From 2PM - 5:30 PM -
    Smoked and snorted meth repeatetly throughout this time period
    i rode the psychobuzz and i remember rocking back and forth on my bed with a knife with all the lights off, and then minor meth psychosis hit me shrooms made the "shadow people" much more realistic looking and they would walk around my house and i could legit hear there footsteps and i wasnt scared because i still thought i was fucking charles manson and freddy kruegers child and i charged the shadow people with a knife obviously they were just hallucinations and whenever i looked at them for too long, blinked while looking at them or moved too close they would disapear and id see very intense distinct patterns on the wall usually bright yellow or lime green and i looked at an abstract painting i had and it turned into a weird animal that looked kinda like a centipede(not realistic was obviosuly a visual it wasnt moving or anything) and auditory hallucinations started to hit me specifaccly whispers coming from doors and windows and weird random noises i cant explain with words. back to visuals a picture of bob marley smoking a joint i had it was like he was hitting the joint but never blowing out smoke the cherry on the end of the joint would turn brighter like he was toking it every couple seconds and the walls were kinda breathing as usual with shrooms i also looked at a piece of wood and the rings or whatever you call the paterns in wood started flowing like a river or a barber poll thing it was about 4:30 am and i was barely even tripping anymore and i knew i couldnt redose due to tolerance build up so i just chilled and smoked some bud which kinda put an ease on the shrooms comedown for some reason the meth was still peaking tho

    -5:30 PM -
    I had roughly 200mg of meth left so i decided to smoke some fatter hits i smoked 2 50 mg hits off the foil in the span of like 10 minutes so i was a bit overwhelmed by the headrush but once the initial rush faded i was feeling more euphoric then i did since i started the binge

    -8:30 PM -
    I was upset the meth was almost done so i made sure it would last me i had 100mg left so i packed 50mg into 100 units in a syringe and made 1 line and 1 hit out of the other 50 mg as i was kinda coming down

    -From 9:00 PM - 2 AM-
    9:30: I was barely even feeling the 2 50 mg hits anymore so i did the line and the hit and i had a nice not too intense high going then i listened to depressing music and thought about life and how fucked it would be to die alone for fucking hours(i was listening to : lil peep let me bleed, lil peep lil kennedy, xxxtentacion i spoke to the devil in miami lil peep i crash u crash xxxtentacion everybody dies in there nightmares and xxxtentacion jocelyn flores 2pac dear mama and my block and stan and spacebound by eminem) i got tired of being a depressed fuck at around 1:30 am Then i did the whole 50 mg needle and this time i guess i jacked up my tolerance so much to the point that that whole 50mg IV felt like a 30mg line and i rode that buzz

    -From 2am - 6:30 AM the comedown-
    i was peaking off the last few doses for a good chunk of time and the comedown came at around 5:00 i bared through the beginning of the comedown sober and just smoking some bud until i got the meth bugs and i was not bout tht noise so i popped some xanax a hydromorph and drank some alcohol and smoked some bud then once the xannie and hydro kicked in i took some mirtazapine to pass out i remember taking the pills at 6:30 although i dont remember anything after the pills kicked in after they kicked in i woke up the next morning feeling really satisfied

    i know half the people reading this are gonna tl;dr

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    Holy shit man you can handle your drugs I'll give you that. If i mixed meth shrooms and weed id be fuckin losing it and I'm 25 with plenty of drug experience lol

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