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    Marijuana - Experienced - pot brownie tripe report possibly laced 
    Hello this is my first post but I have been reading throughthis site for a couple years now, this post is a story about the my first tripever and also a question on whether or not you guys think it was just weed. Itwas about 3 years ago and I had experience taking pot brownies , 18 ? 20 separatestimes with decent doses (250 ? 300mg ) and I was super high but just in a weedway like paranoid , slight visuals with eyes closed and stoned as hell. Ibought from the same guys every time, and this time I planned on just getting stonedand watching a show I had waited to premiere for a while at that point. I boughta 250 mg brownie, same as before when I ate the entire thing and got super high,this time I broke it into a quarter piece and ate that so I would befunctional. I was on mars from 4 30 pm, 30 mins after eating this tiny pieceuntil 10 to 11 pm, through this trip I felt open eyed visuals, auditoryhallucinations, lost of personality and extreme time distortion. It startedwith trash can lids opening and closing as if they were talking to me, my brickwall was growing and shrinking before my eyes and the tree in my backyard was anupside down purple octopus with clocks on its tentacles waving back and forth. A while later I remember I started to panic,which I now understand was counterproductive, when I tried to fight it a voice wascommanding me to let go and die, it kept saying let go and die . I looked at afriends face which clearly melted down to the bone then fell to the floor in apile of skin and bones and blood, I still fought the voice then I was pulledout of myself so I was looking down on my body so I could watch the same thing happento me. After seeing this I let go and all that existed in any direction wascolorful complex geometric patterns growing and shrinking , I couldn?t evenarticulate what I was seeing because it wasn?t like anything I had heard ofbefore. At this point I believed I had died and all my friends were also dead, Ibelieved thousands of years had passed and I existed as electrical wave energywith other beings in that form floating through space and communicating throughthought instead of any language. It was the most peaceful experience I haveever been through. I heard the voice again but cant remember what it said, I wasinstantly back in to reality and understood I was in my backyard with my friendsand experienced no visuals anymore but I did have a intense euphoric and peacefulrush over me like all that existed was love and friendship. It took me the restof the night to remember aspects of my life like speaking English, who I wasand who the people around me. This wasthe most intense experience ive ever had so my question is do you guys think itwas just from a quarter piece of a 250 mg brownie or does it sound like somethingelse was in it? Just to add ive eaten an entire 250 mg brownie several times nowand got super high, to the point of not being able to function but still felt likeweed, this was an entire different feeling I don?t understand how it happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1nach View Post
    Damn... that guy had some good meth.

    We don't so substance id on bluelight though man, can't really help you with that part. But that sounds trippy as hell man.
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    yeah that's pretty accurate lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by bptubbs View Post
    Damn... that guy had some good meth.

    We don't so substance id on bluelight though man, can't really help you with that part. But that sounds trippy as hell man.
    that makes sense , I'm planning on having a few trips over the summer and posting here so I figured I should write down that experience somewhere
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    I had some tripe laced noodle soup at my fave Chinese restaurant

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