Thread: LSD + Shrooms + MDA + Speed - The most insane trip of my life (Trip Report)

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    LSD + Shrooms + MDA + Speed - The most insane trip of my life (Trip Report) 
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    Time: Summer 2013
    Dosage: 150mg MDA + 2.5g Shrooms + 110ug LSD + 50mg Amphetamine
    ROA: Oral MDA, Oral Shrooms, Oral Amp, Sublingual LSD.
    Venue/setting: Outside, electronic event, apartment, subway.
    Trip time lapse: 12 hours

    DISCLAIMER: This trip was very irresponsible and I do not recommend anyone to dose LSD without being in the right mindset and the right setting. This is for educational purposes and to en-light people on the danger of mixing drugs and dosing irresponsibly. This report is NOT for your personal entertainment.

    This is a sunny day of summer, I remember it like it was yesterday. My friend hits me up for an outside electronic event (Piknic ?lectronik) where our group of rave friends are already attending. Being the rave kid I was back then, I said SURE why not? I would rave all day everyday if I could. I jump into the subway and make my way there and meet up with my buddies.

    I eat a shrooms brownie? so yummy! Not long afterwards, I?m tripping nicely and acting a hobo sitting on some randoms cooler in the middle of the crowd begging for money with an empty can of god knows what. I?m just giggling and looking so FUNNY, the vibes are good, then I get the GENIUS idea to pop my MDA cap and buy a Speed pill of one of my rave buddies. Then, I tell my best friend I?ll drop LSD and he?s like NO don?t do it! The setting wasn?t very appropriate so I rebel and say f*ck it. I thought I would look suspicious dosing LSD in front of everyone so my dumbass goes and doses behind a tree? thinking I?m HIDDEN from the security?s sight. I also get the GENIUS idea to write on my front left arm in black sharpie ALL the drugs I just took? Afterall this is an unplanned Jedi flip right? so everyone stranger knows I?m f*cked up on a bunch of things? how cool is that right?! Of course, I?m already tripping on shrooms so I was like in plain sight. Whatever, I sublingual my first LSD blotter and try to find back my friends. I find them and tell my best friend I took my LSD.

    The LSD kicks in first, shortly before the MDA and I?m wandering around and find a water puddle? which totally mind fucks me and I ask strangers near by how can I overcome this HUGE obstacle right in front of me? Obviously the LSD is kicking in. 10 Minutes later, the MDA hits me hard and floores me on a picnic table? I get uneasy on the comeup, my friends came to join me and so did a few people who knew me. Shortly after the paramedics took notice of me and came to check me out. At the same time, I totally freaked out, looked my best friend right into the eyes and told him dead seriously to kill me. Outloud? and dead seriously : "KILL ME! KILL ME!" Now the paramedics take me by the shoulders and we SLOWLY make our way to their tents, while on the way he asks me ?What color does the ground look like? I tell him ?Huuuuhhh? Purple?. The paramedics monitored my heart beat rate, asked me what I took, I showed him my arm with all the drugs written down. Of course, they thought I was suicidal and told my friends I might go to the hospital. While I?m there, after a nightmare comeup with the first few hours of a bad trip spent with the paramedics, basically on suicide watch? I?m tripping hard? the paramedic checks my eyes and tells me my eyes are HUGE. I notice the tents satin walls have a bunch of one feet diameter spiral fractals, Then, mind blown: the paramedics hands literally TELEPORTED itself right in front of me like if it was moving at 5 FPS ? frames per second, astonished by what I believe is 100% reality I tell him ?YO DUDE YOUR HAND JUST TELEPORTED ITSELF!) ? he plays along to not freak me out. my best friend comes to see me with his then girlfriend. Then I?m like? WOWW YOUR HAIR IS BLUE. I was tripping to hard my best friend and paramedics hair color turned into a realistic deep blue. Once I left the paramedics tent by tricking them into acting sober, 2 of my close friends were waiting me outside and the trip turned out into a good trip afterwards and got way more intense... I found back my circle of friends and had the TIME OF MY LIFE, just gloving giving lightshows to random people which probably tripped me out more than everyone else hah. One my buddy?s gf was doing a silly dance while wearing like plane goggles? I busted out laughing my ass off HAHAHA I found that so hilarious! You know the typical LSD laughs out loud. Basically the Shrooms start to fade out by now, but I can still feel the LSD+MDA+Speed so I?m still going STRONG, the bass sounds amazing and puts me into a trance state of blissful joyfulness. I honestly never felt so joyful in all of my life. I danced my ass off till the evening until the show ends.

    On our way to the subway with my group, now this is where the LSD trip gets insane. At the ticket entrance to the subways, I thought 100% in my tripping mind that the tourniquet ticket barrier was actually the entrance to a ROLLERCOASTER. I was acting like an excited little kid and asking my friends ?WHICH RIDE IS THIS ONE??!!!? Lmfao. Things get even better: I took the escalator the wrong way and I swear I felt like I was completely weightless... FLOATING on the moon, which almost made me collapse out of amazement. On the same trip, while in the subway?s wagon, I start to dance on the pole grips as if I?m a naked bar dancer, that was funny. Now the crazy shit, once the wagons got off the station and went into the tunnel... I thought we were going BACK IN TIME for real I thought we were inside a TIME TRAVEL MACHINE! I?m literally yelling? ?HOLY SHIT GUYS WE ARE GOING BACK IN TIME!!? I can barely keep my balance because I can feel the effect of the time going backwards each time we enter the tunnel it?s totally INSANE. Also I made contact with the aliens in my trip, the lamps beside the bus stop turned into saucers and they were landing there to visit us... I told my best friend: ?WOW THE UFOS!!!! THE UFOS ARE COMMING GUYS!! GET READY THEY ARE COMMING TO GET US!? Holy shit man... I was tripping balls. Later on while walking in the streets, I got into an ego death I was 100% a RED FERRARI and I could control it's speed and shift down and up... I was actually making the car sounds like a 4 year old kid would totally insanely fun feeling. Later in the trip at my friend?s apartment, I thought I was 100% a DSLR CAMERA... and I could take pictures, focus, zoom and film and shit and it would register inside my hard drive brain. My friends thought I was acting HILARIOUS and they filmed me tripping my Camera-man Head off, they were filming me while I thought I was filming them... hilarious. Still at my buddies house, I saw a stainless steel door handle melt into liquid steel right in front of my face I couldn?t believe my eyes, I was just mind blown. I was tripping balls so my friend got sick and tired of me tripping my ass off and gave me a Hydromorphone and a Benzo to kill my trip, which didn?t work much to his astonishment? little did he know I was a benzo abuser and already had a good tolerance to them. We are now around 10hours into the trip. I?m starting to comedown. Some kind hearted girl gives me a car lift home, on the way home I see a man with a jackhammer breaking up concrete? of course I?m still tripping enough balls to FEEL the vibrations of the jackhammer and I kinda get an ego death and starts acting like a freaking JACKHAMMER, bouncing up and down. This is pretty much the last trippy thing that happened, and the trip starts to really mellow down slowly but surely as we get past the 12 hours mark and it's already 5 or 6 am in the morning.

    I get home and take a 2 mg Xanax bar, couldn?t sleep well at all and had insomnia if I recall correctly. The day after, I had an amazing afterglow which made me tear up a little bit. I ended up with a two months psychosis where I lost grip with reality and was stuck in loops of deep thoughts. It scared me away from ever touching psychedelics again. This trip truly was one of a kind, with a bad side and a good side. It gave me a meaningful afterglow and spiritual experience, it opened my mind and made me a more authentic, truthful and genuine person. LSD is something I truly believe everyone should do at least once in their life, not for the psychedelia, but for how it can change your personality for the better and open yourself up to true spirituality. LSD definitely had therapeutic effects for me.

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    Picnik electronique, so this happened in Montreal?

    I had a disaster trip in 2005 there. A small indoor psytrance rave, LSD+MDMA+speed combo. I ended up at the hospital and lost my car keys.
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    Sounds like you might have had an awakening
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    Hapomen22, that sounds like an amazing rollorcoaster of a time. I am glad you came out okay in the end.
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