Thread: LSD - Experienced - Shroom Ego Death followed by LSD Kundalini Awakening

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    LSD - Experienced - Shroom Ego Death followed by LSD Kundalini Awakening 
    LONG TEXT but worth it

    So here is my story:


    3 months ago took 3.2g of homegrown cubes on an empty stomach. During the come up, the thought of not having a trip sitter and being too out of touch, I sent myself into an endless loop of dying in my room, and someone discovering me the day after, and every new loop i would just be discovered dead in a new way. Most horrifying experience in my life (up until Kundalini when my realities started crumbling.)

    I have been trying to snap out of that loop for about 3 hours while profusely sweating, going between 2 extremes of hot/cold and wrapped in blankets. Then, U just hear this voice, but not really hear it but "feel it", and it screams: "Let go!" "Stop trying to control it!" "Let go!", and then in literally 1 second my trip turns around and I get this pure bliss. Just silence, like all of the noise of the external world is gone, and I think to myself: "Am I dead? Is this heaven?" (btw prior always been an atheist).

    And right with this silence comes the state of clarity. Every single thing in my life made sense to me. I got this infinite wisdom for that time. I am the wisdom, I am everything and everything is one. Any question i would ask myself, i would always have a perfect answer for it, like I was the answer for it. It was a feeling of eternal peace, the most blissful but at the same time the most natural state.

    So for about 2 month after that trip I've felt urges to meditate, eat more greens, and spend more "real quality" time with people rather than social media and memes. But I felt that something was definitely changed inside me but I cant explain what.

    LSD Social Construct Dissolution

    About 4 weeks ago, I dropped around 150ug of good quality LSD, and with my weird body it kicked in a lot later than i expected (since i also swallowed the tabs). This delay in set off, made me have to go to my wife's bday dinner with her coworkers while still tripping balls. Yeah, i know, poor planning. To not appear weird, i decide to just stfu and observe. As I'm observing all the table conversations and behavior, I start noticing repetitive patterns in behavior of people, and at that point their conversations start feeling like so fake like a fucking game, like the whole life is a fucking game.

    I was interrupted by my wife's phone lighting up, and I saw that she got a text from one of the girls sitting across the table. I dared to read the text, and this girl who was texting my wife was talking shit about the person, who was also present at the dinner. At that moment, I've suddenly experience such disgust towards that girl that it's such a low behavior to talk shit when the person she talks shit about is literally sitting there.

    And then all of a sudden some uncontrolled processes start happening in my head, the entire social constructs and conditioned forms of social norms and behaviors start deconstructing on their own, and I get to witness it all live.Very hard thing to explain in words. All this fakeness and bonds build on judgment, hate, and all of the "unnatural" bonds stop making sense and suddenly, I feel so disgusted with all of the low and cheap things I've done in my life, all the lies I told to people and myself. I became super aware of everything that seemed poisonous in human interactions.

    Kundalini Awakening 10 days ago.

    This is where weird shit begins. I forgot to mention that I'm also a stoner so i smoked 1.5g/day at that point. During the first 2 days while meditating stoned, I get this weird feeling that the meditation-lady voice tells me that I need to stop smoking weed. As being a paranoid stoner, I freak out and it spirals me into a full reassessment of my relationship with weed and convinces me that I'm an addict for that moment. The next morning to prove myself that i can, i decide to stop smoking for a month.

    The same day i go to bed at night and I can't sleep so i haven't slept at all that night. What happens next, I can only describe as a period of 72 hours I had to take off work to deal with this psychosis. Some weird shit happening deep inside my psyche. Shit was so extreme that it was beyond my control. I was sober during the whole experience and i will try to describe what happened (If that's really possible to describe) During that time i repeatedly went thru moments of pure bliss similar to around 150mg of MDMA, to moments of not being able to deal with these uncontrollable processes in my head, to moments of bursting in tears because at one second I became aware of all of the problems, suffering, injustice of humanity and i felt so disgusted with our race, and how much unnecessary suffering we are causing to each other and mother nature that made us possible. Remember, all of those new fundamental thoughts went uncontrollably and took over all of my previous views and believes on every single outlook i had on the world. It's like I've transformed from Hitler to Buddha in 2 days. Not literally Hitler to Buddha but I just use this example to explain the extremeness and bipolarity of "old me" and "new transcended me".

    I have been freed of everything I thought I knew about the world, my beliefs, all of the false opinions and identities I have created for my entire life. I've been given second birth, and it's a truly blissful state, state of absolute fulfillment and lack of desire that I know experience all the time. I can't really write more about my Kundalini experience since it's very personal and sacred but i hope you enjoyed the read.

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    I had two episodes of Kundalini arousal. One in summer 2005 with MDMA, and one without drugs during summer 2015. These were temporary experiences of bliss. There's probably something blocking me from staying in these higher levels for a prolonged time.

    But, I know that I changed. I'm less about owning stuff, and more about enjoying calm time outside in the sun. Also, I stay away from alcohol, I feel no desire for it.

    It's nice to read about other peoples K experiences
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