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Thread: dizocilpine freebase mk801 - First Time - *****experience

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    dizocilpine freebase mk801 - First Time - *****experience

    recently acquired (+)-mk-801 maleate as well as freebase from very reputable source. I was kind of hoping the base would be liquid so i could dilute it with a solvent like ether and smoke it like pcp (i miss my pcp days...). I opened the vial of freebase which was a powder and decided to sample that 1st. I will 1st say I know they both arent maleate cause base is considerably more potent and fast acting and has different taste.

    T:00 I put just enough to fit on the tippy tip tip of my skinny little pinky finger. Licked it off, tasted legit, like a dissociative might taste. Sniffed the very light dusting in cap, all in all I would say under 3mg. My assumption was one but on retrospect sinice it seems like it's a dense molecule so a little weighs alot my original assumption of 1mg could be as much as 4 or so, sorry about the irresponsible inaccuracy of this experiment but for safety sake i did have a sitter and it's not something one could easily OD on even though this is a 'harm reduction site' so i admit to my wrongs ahead of time thankyou...

    T5:00 1st alerts. Strong smell effect I get from dissociatives, especially DXM. Infact between all dissociatives I've ever done which include... PCP,K,NEK,tiletamine,DCK,2fdck,mxe,3hopcp,4meopcp, diphenidine,methoxyphenidine,memantine, and dxm,dxm would be possible be closest which may sound bad to some however if you took all the negatives of dxm away dxm would be the shit, and seeing as how this is orders of magnitude better all around i would put this at or near the top!!

    T0:15 Sublingual must be the way to go. Getting very relaxed and dissociated nicely...

    T0:30 Everything is just estimated now as i was in a fully dissociated state. I had assumed this being a full antagonist it would either be blackout inducing or amnesic or pcp like in that it would be confusing like not know what is means to think like an animal vs a plant. I was pleasantly to surprised to for the most part be in a OBE visial trip here I was in weird rooms, totally euphoric and elated, floaty and had most of my wits about me in the dizodimension. Also saw some of the most beautiful colored imagery ala DMT i've ever seen minus any fractals. Like looking at a scene of gemstone colors, It was still rather abstract and i'm writing this a month past experience so getting into much more detail now is hard.

    T3:00 Coming back to reality. Still very relaxed, dissociated and high. Feeling amazing, one of the best experiences I've had I will say. This one is a winner IMHO. It has the special magic the only the greats have. Surprised it's not been more prevalent in the scene, not sure why it has to be sooo expensive.

    Woke up next morning, still feeling it more than moderately, but feeling great, relaxed as hell, likened to a constant massage. Had to do a paid survey a town over. What should have taken 30min took almost 2hours because I would constantly drift off into an almost forced meditation. VERY hard to concentrate and stay focused. I would close my eyes and see more colorfull imagery. CEV:Creatures forming quickly infront of me, colorful changing landscapes with this intense drifting effect like those flat pieces of glass with liquid and sand that drift when you flip them. Absolutely beautiful. Also the best music effect since pcp, actually better i think. I would have the most amazing songs playing in my head. If only i had a way to immediately compose this onto a computer. Felt amazing the whole time. As great as the experience was it was longlasting and incredibly rich, there really for me was no compulsion to redose anytime soon but I still feel i was blessed to have this experience and highly recommend anyone who has the means to try it if you have the time.

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    Not too many reports on this one around. Thank you for sharing!

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