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    Acid 300ug - Experienced - Thought I Could Talk To Insects 
    It's been a while since iv'e posted anything. In my defense, this is a totally weird website, but I guess it does suit my large quantities of weird trips. My tripping frequency has also been drastically reduced by a number of factors, including this trip.

    I went to a weekly gathering of, well realistically a fair share of them are homeless, but it's officially just a bunch of hippies. Every now and then it's good fun. Lots of drugs, and people selling cool jewelry, and pipes and stuff. Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever gotten real acid from this place, and this was no exception. It was actually so impure, it made me sick late that night. Lasted for 18 to 20 hours kind of shit. Probably a DOX or something. That does not mean I didn't trip absolute balls.

    Me: Nomad, right?
    African american drug dealer: Nah, that guy over is nomad. (points to other black guy)
    Me: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be racist.
    Drug dealer: It's cool.

    And this is where i actually said something racist...

    Me: Well, do you have any acid?
    Drug dealer: Yea.
    Me: (Tries so hard not to laugh)

    How in the shit...

    Drug dealer: Hey, be carful. these tabs have a lot of acid on them.
    Me: (immediately eats 2) I'll be fine. Thank a lot.

    When you don't feel 2 tabs for a couple hours, you get the feeling you just took an RC. Then out of nowhere while riding home on a bike, you get the urge to go in random directions, get lost, sit down in a park, and quietly trip really, really hard. I began coming to some very strange conclusions, such as "those ants can smell what I'm thinking", and "I can't move from this rock forever, and I'm fine with that". Now, don't get me wrong, the experience was absolutely gorgeous at this point. Visuals that were very vibrant, morphing, and complex. The sky looked like a van Gogh painting. I still had this creeping anxiety that all the bugs, now aware that I was aware that they were spying on me would try to kill me.

    When I got my bearings enough to find my way home, I was still completely out of my mind, and though someone was going to try and kill me. I got quite sick around this point for seemingly no reason, and was extremely nauseous all night. My only guess as to why, is that the fake acid was fairly toxic. I drew a bunch of really cool stuff, and than threw away my notebook. God damn it, acid.

    The next morning, the floor was still crawling about, and I was rather spacey and depressed for the rest of the day. In the end, not the worst trip I've ever had, but not anything good either. At one point, I thought my ramen, was my dad's brain, so I panicked and threw it out.

    To rap things up, my friend is creating a music oriented youtube channel, and asked me to help advertise it, and this seems like a good way. At the time of writing this there is only one video:

    If you ask me, the animation is a bit grainy, and repetitive, but the music is pretty cool. Peace out, Bluelight.

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    Thanks for posting!
    Since you are sure you didnt take acid, then why did you try to even ball park a dosage? 300ug is very specific. Rarely on acid does one wake up tripping still.

    You are mistaking purity with the actual substance. Impure acid is not mixed with DOx. It is just mis labeled as acid when it is in fact a DOx. While we will never know what you took, it sounds like a DOx drug, the active period is long, the nausea, the waking up and still tripping.

    The nausea is not indicative of DOx drugs being a poison, or overtly toxic, it is just a side effect of strongly serotonergic drugs.

    Maybe for harm reductions sake, what did the tab look like? WoW, or a brand? Gel tab or was it paper?

    At least you seemed to have enjoyed it!
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