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    LSD w/ Alcohol - First Time - Felt like a balloon 
    So I ran across a buddy who said he was doing acid, so I asked to buy some. I got 4 tabs. Last Sunday I decided to take one at noon before going to the lake. By the time I got there I was feeling pretty happy and very observant. I had not ate yet that day so I ate a few chips but I felt like I ate 4 bags of chips so I stopped. I understand now after reading, during the come up that nausea is common.

    Once I got to the water I could not stop laughing, my cheeks felt like they were going to explode. I was having a blast. I felt like a balloon, which I told everyone several times that day. I would not describe it as a high or a low, it was a 'sideways' feeling. I could not see, but feel other 'dimensions'.

    My cousin was drinking so I decided to have a few beers. While in the water I did not feel any 'odd' physical feelings like I seen others describe while swimming on acid. However the visual effects started happening around 2-3. At the edge of the lake there was some branches on the bay, I could see them very vividly, they were like HD quality. They moved a lot and I described them as kinda like dinosaurs eating sand. Not sure why. I knew they were branches but they did not resemble them at the time. I did not notice other visual effects unless the object was not moving. Small objects would move around randomly and larger objects would kind of pulse in a way. I was pretty sensitive to the sun so I was wearing sun glasses.

    I continued to laugh for hours, had one of the best times of my life. I would feel overwhelmed by the LSD at times but could always take myself down a notch by talking to my cousin. Time was very strange, when an hour passed it felt like 10 minutes, but 10 minutes after that felt like 2 hours. I had about 6 beers by 5:30 when we was going to leave. We went to the store and got some food to make at home, I got 40oz screwdriver drink.

    Once I got home I drank my 40 and chilled on the couch, I was not coming down but the excitement of the lake was gone and I was hungry. I took a shower and the visual started coming back hard, the water droplets looked to be moving extremely fast even though they were not moving at all. This is also when I discovered looking at my hands was a very trippy experience, the lines in my hands seemed to moved around and my hand would get bigger and smaller as if I was moving it away from my self.

    After my shower I could not be on my phone, it made my nervous so I stared at the TV, but did not really watch it. Just kind of chilled. I finished my 40 soon after my shower and ate dinner. Then I drank about 6 more beers between then(7pm) and midnight. I felt very 'whole' during the come down. After midnight I thought I would be able to sleep. Wrong. I was tossing and turning until 3am. Which sucked. I could still feel the LSD all the way until I actually fell asleep.
    With this being said, in three weeks I'm going to Florida and would like to use acid again on the beech. Should I take it early than noon so I'm not up till the next morning? Also should I take two tabs since I just used last week? My friend who sold them to me told me I needed to take 2 to get the 'full' affect. I think I had a pretty wild trip with one, but I understand there are levels to acid and I would like to experience the next.

    I usually work every day so it's rare I ever have days off to ever take acid. So after my Florida trip I will likely not take acid for a few months. I'm not sure if the alcohol really messed with the trip, I think it was still a very separate feeling of being drunk and being 'high' on acid. I have taken .7 of shrooms before and smoked weed and I would not describe it anything close to acid. Of course I mixed the shrooms with smoking weed and did not take much shrooms at all so it's not a very accurate evaluation. However the walls seems very vivid on shrooms and I felt kind of sick. I also could "feel" my bones, as if I could not ever before. Shrooms also made me go into thought loops, which sometimes were not fun.

    Which brings me to my next question, would I be better off taking shrooms on the beech and what's the general consensus for spacing out LSD and shroom trips? Overall the trip was extremely fun, I cant believe I never tried it before this. It's literally the only feeling I've gotten from a drug that I could not simply describe.

    Also curious if anyone has any experience doing acid with blow? I think that would be a very wild experience.

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    Also forgot to put, at the lake. I felt like I could stay out there forever. Like legit forever. Also I have been reading a lot of stuff on the site and find a lot of people suggest carrying a xanax with them in case things go bad during the trip. With the amount of fake xanax going around I think it is a bad idea to even suggest finding it on the streets. I know to many people who have OD'd from fake xanax.
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