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Thread: (4-MeO-MiPT / 40 mg oral) - first time - Vestiges

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    (4-MeO-MiPT / 40 mg oral) - first time - Vestiges

    Age: 22
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Dosage: 40 mg oral
    Setting: My apartment

    T0:00- 40 mg dissolved in solution because I had eaten a large meal earlier and because I wanted it to come on faster, as it was later into the night.

    T0:15- The first notes are subtle- lightheadedness, nausea, and feeling warm and sweaty.

    T0:30- The physical effects steadily climb, with a noticeable absence of other effects. It feels as though I have not dosed with a psychoactive drug but rather I?ve just regular old poisoned myself. The nausea climbs higher and higher, I am now shaking and wracked with chills and tremors. My muscles feel tense and uncomfortable, like no position I put them in feels satisfactory.

    T0:50- While the predominant feeling is one of discomfort, some of the other features of the experience have begun to manifest, though they are still subtle and barely noticeable. Everything looks brighter and washed out and moving my eyes around leaves ghost images, lending to the overall mild overall blurring of my field of vision. Smoking some cannabis helps alleviate the nausea. I find myself having to urinate very frequently.

    T1:15- The same overall feelings of tension and discomfort persist. The spectral afterimages that follow the movement of my eyes and any movement in my field of vision work their way to the forefront of my attention. Cognitively, there is a strong, burnt sense of fading, like fabric losing its color under the bleaching sterile light of the sun. I can lull myself into trances, I feel still like a basking snake, I feel paralyzed yet stimulated deeper in my muscles and bones and nerves, and this contradiction is a source of further discomfort. There are odd colorful streaks at the corners of my vision, though they look more like glitches of my visual field than the usual prismatic imagery from psychedelics. They are poorly-defined and ruddy in color.

    T1:20- I feel so thirsty and I keep drinking but any water I attempt to drink just passes right through me. The other effects feel like stray afterthoughts, accidentally letting themselves be known- subtle blips of color, sudden flashes of tracers, all briefly stumbling their way into existence. They seem like they are on the threshold of edging their way into my perception, apprehensive and unsure about whether or not to manifest. They are fluttery, fleeting, and ephemeral. This is not like light threshold effects-rather it feels like the vestiges of a full-fledged psychedelic experience briefly dipping their fingers into this otherwise mild voyage. Even with my eyes closed, there is not much to perceive or grasp on to. I feel mostly functional and sober were it not for the shaking and discomfort.

    T2:00- This experience is so light and mild, all of the effects are nothing but brief flashes, disappearing before I can properly grasp ahold of them. It does not feel as though it has affected my emotional or cognitive processes much, other than a sort of robotic analytical perspective on everything and the same rambling thoughts and overanalyzing that comes with almost any substance I take. I feel a bit numb and cold and I am lying very still, the drug has occupied my nerves and muscles and set them down like a blanket of snow.

    T3:00- I?ve just been sitting around, reading about nothing, doing nothing, aimlessly browsing the internet. I don?t feel bored and I don?t feel like I?ve wasted my time though. I?ve been aimlessly pursuing thought tangents as most psychedelics and cannabis make me inclined to do. I read a lot about the ?Jackass? movies and skimmed through a whole ass documentary about Steve-O?s troubles with drugs? I think I did this after seeing a facebook post about it? Literally everything seems mildly interesting to me.

    T4:00- Experience has mostly passed, there is just a little residual weirdness in my head and my focus, things still seem 'off' in a foggy way.

    T7:00- Fall asleep with no problem.

    Conclusion: This substance isn?t particularly exciting or interesting, just a novelty. I had low expectations for it and they were barely even met. The drug primarily manifested as physical discomfort, with all the other effects being subtle and fleeting. I do not think I will try it again.

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    Hey, thanks for sharing, glad to see you posting more reports, since I really enjoy your reports.

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    Great report - thanks so much for sharing! It's nice to get more reports. I kind of suspected that pushing the dose would just increase bodyload without producing any psychedelic effects. I really don't think this is a psychedelic; with its non-planar pseudo ring structure (based on hydrogen bonding) it looks quite different 3D than either 4-HO/AcO-MiPT or 5-MeO-MiPT (which I am told are basically planar.) It me more like an antidepressant or anxiolytic of sorts at lower dosages.

    I'm still titrating up on vaporized dosages, but so far the effects seem to be no different. The onset is faster, but still very slow and subtle compared to other tryptamines that I've vaporized. I hope its effects become more apparent at higher dosages. As it is, it seems more an antidote for a bad mood than an empathogenic, psychedelic, or prosexual material

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    Fascinating! I really wonder what you call a substance like this. It's clearly not a psychedelic or empathogen, but some kind of unclassified and potentially unclassifiable psychoactive. Has any in vitro research been done on this?

    Thanks for writing this up!

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    I would still try the DMT analog in a heartbeat. I know the DET analog is said to be inactive, but I've been oddly interested in 4-meo-dmt for some time.

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    Only (practical) way to know if it's active is to synth and test it, but I doubt it will be interesting. Isolating out the tactile and emotional effects of 4-xxx-MiPT highlights some of what really shines about methylisopropyltryptamines. Preserving only the tactile elements of 4-xxx-DMT on the other hand sounds pretty undesirable. I've always been curious about 5-AcO-DMT, but since it's commonly believed to be metabolized into 5-HO-DMT first pass when taken orally, I doubt it will ever be made.

    I'm not sure what hydrogen bonding would look like with 4-MeO-DMT - I'd have to draw it out. I imagine it probably happens, and probably isn't planar, but I really don't know

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