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Thread: Clonazpam and tramadol

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    Clonazpam and tramadol

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I take tramadol for my back pain and have left over clonazepam for sleeping. I have a high tolerance unfortunately for tramadol but am wondering what effect tramadol and clonazepam would have together. (Just for anxiety.) When ever I do a search it brings up 'coma and death' but I'm sure I heard that benzodiazepines and tramadol are fine to take together? Many thanks in advance.

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    I think most doctors would be cautious of giving people 2 CNS depressants but tramadol and clonazepam have a largely unspotted extra possible issue. Clonazepam slows serotonin turnover and tramadol increases levels of extraneuronal serotonin so it COULD potentially be an issue. Only clonazepam (of benzos on the market) has been shown to do this but if you are concerned, ask your doctor. In fact, you might need these:

    Good luck.

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    I took 50mg of tramadol and .5mg xanax the other day and slept for 11 hours... I generally can only sleep for 6 hours if I'm lucky... so that was nice. Generally combining downers is a bad idea. What doses were you thinking of using?

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    Clonazepam goes very well with tramadol because is a good anticonvulsivant and avoid seizures from tramadol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafayte View Post
    Clonazepam goes very well with tramadol because is a good anticonvulsivant and avoid seizures from tramadol
    Sadly tramadol causes serotonin syndrome and since clonazepam slows serotonin turnover, it's is more likely that the 2 combined will lead to this serious state of affairs. Malignant hyperthermia is a real nightmare to treat. Did you even bother to read the links? If so, did you understand what they actually said?

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    i follow where this is going. I have used safe theraputic doses of tramadol w/ a benzo, simply for the seizure risk. I'll research it more, but a lowish dose of tramadol and a low dose benzo (besides clonazepam) shouldn't harm you. this isn't a joke however. I am saying comfort and keeping potential seziures at bay.

    What are your previous doses? This is HR here. Low Tramadol and lower benzo, if you must.

    I'm not a Tramadol fan. Be safe. This is not a get buzzed combo. it is okay or bad.

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